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Default Sam & Max: Culture Shock - Impressions

The game is almost out but I didn't see a thread for it yet. Evan posted his review today. It's a great review and I almost entirely agree with it, at least based on the hour or-so I have played it so far. I'll probably end up pre-purchasing the entire season on November 1.

Culture Shock is really quite good. It's not an epic globe-trotting tour-de-force, but it's a fun and funny Sam & Max game. I haven't been this steadily entertained by a PC adventure game in a long time (by which I mean Sam & Max seems to be fun at a consistent rate instead of fun for brief periods of time in between lots of aggravating puzzles and/or boring exposition).

Possibly the best thing about this game is the little details. There's a lot of completely nonessential stuff you can find. You can also tell there's a lot of potential for changing some of those small details in each following episode, which I hope Telltale will do.

Anyway, post links to reviews or your own impressions here.

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