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Originally Posted by Terramax View Post
OK, how many AGs released this year commercially?

Myst V: End of Ages
Secret Files: Tunguska
Barrow Hill

OK, you get my point. But how many have any of you actually bought?

So far I've only bought Ankh. The rest of the AGs have been older ones on Ebay or Amazon. Do People buy them as soon as they come out, wait for the price to drop, or simply not bother until years after, as they're too busy playing AGs of years before?
If I buy it straight away depends on the game. Most of the games I got I've bought a few years after they were released. But there are some exceptions, like the Broken Sword series. I got Myst V now, but I waited about a year after it was released. Now I'm trying to complete my Myst collection, so I had to get that one too.

If the game is really great, I buy it right away. Else it can wait. I will also buy it right away if I feel it's important to support those who made it(gives them more cash if I buy it early). Like, I bought Dreamfall right away, since Funcom isn't that big of a company compared with many other companies in the world and they need the money. Same with Revolution Software. Unfortunately it looks like not much is left of the Revolution Software I used to know, so I don't know if I will buy it as soon as this time, when they released their next game. I will also buy Telltale games right away. Sam'n'Max forever!