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Dear AG blog,

I am writing this to share my frustration over a lot of things I find wrong and questionable in this world we live in today.

Why are the gas prices dropping down 42 days before the mid-term elections? Is it okay to manipulate people's votes by manipulating gas prices?

Why are there people who think that their religion is the only truth, and that other people should die just because they don't share their beliefs?

Why are there people who pollute the air we breath by driving FUV's and min-vans to protect themselves and their children (read soccer moms), whereas by doing so, they are screwing up the future of the very same children they are trying to protect.

Why can you try to impeach a president for adultary, but you can't impeach one for killing 3000 American soldiers, 100000+ Iraqis, spying on his own citizens, torturing POW's and breaking the geneva convention, drilling for oil in Alaska, cheating in elections, and hiring incompetent twits in every field of the government.

Why can't people be Neo-greens instead of neo-cons? Recycle, drive small cars, eat healthy food, and just do their very small part in the whole scheme of things.

Why do good games sell 5 copies, and crappy ones sell millions?

And why oh why is Trep so hot?*

* This last comment is a good thing in this world
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