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Originally Posted by Giligan
This factor can be attributed to the fact that we, and the celebrity him/herself, takes celebrities too seriously.
Actually, it's more the fact that, in other careers (at least ones I'm personally familiar with) personal conduct and honesty matter.

If you act like a jackass, or lie, then sooner or later you get fired or it comes back to bite you on the ass. I've seen this happen. The only time it doesn't happen is when you're the boss, in which case you tend to have a near-impossible time hanging onto employees (which I've also seen happen).

As for Trep's question, I'd strongly prefer about 90% honesty myself. (There are some occasions where the truth is far more damaging than a lie, though I prefer simply omitting the truth to outright lies in those instances.) But, let's face it, most people are ill equipped to handle truths they don't like. So we have to go around spouting little white lies (if not larger ones) frequently... not to mention wasting time having to work around people's dishonesty. (I could probably write an entire essay on how much easier life would be if people didn't try to fool one another.)

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