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And we've reached 18/36. Congratulations!

Found (13)

01. The Beast Within, The Opera [KriD]
02. The Curse of Monkey Island, A pirate I was meant to be [KriD]
05. The Neverhood, Main Theme [AFGNCAAP]
08. And Then There Were None, Chapter Start [ski]
12. The Moment of Silence, Launcher music [KriD]
16. Conquests of the Longbow, The Pixie [AFGNCAAP, Ledz]
22. Leisure Suit Larry 6, The Swimming Pool [Ledz]
28. Discworld Noir, The Archeologists' Guild [KriD]
30. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Antlantean Canals [Ledz]
31. Faust, Chapter 3 [AFGNCAAP]
32. Syberia, Komkolzgrad [KriD]
34. Fahrenheit, Say Goodbye [AFGNCAAP]
36. Monkey Island 2, The End [KriD]

Still missing exact place / event (5)

10. The Pandora Directive [KriD]
13. Prisoner of Ice [AFGNCAAP]
15. Grim Fandango [Huz]
23. Day of the Tentacle [KriD]
35. Gabriel Knight 3 [KriD]

A few more hints (see also post #43)

The extracts were chosen from the files sitting on my hard drive, which reflect the games I've liked, or at least played. It's therefore not surprising that there are 11 detective games, 7 French games (+ 2 from Quebec!), 7 Sierra games, and 5 'hybrids' (in a relatively broad sense, which would include, say, QfG and Fahrenheit, but not Conquests of the Longbow) in the list.
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