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Originally Posted by Naveed
You obviously spent lots of time coming up with it, and are extremely proud of your work.
It didn't take that long at all, actually. A little over a half-hour. Much less time was spent on this than one of my often sub-par reviews. And I see nothing at all wrong with being proud of a piece of my writing, which I think is a personal best.

You want people to discuss it, argue with you...

Quote: that in the end people claim your superiority not by force but through reasoning.
No. I'm willing to listen to anyone that wants to tell me what they think and am prepaired to accept any valid points they present.

It is quite evident the number of your replies in this post, because in a sense for you it is a great piece of work that needs to be discussed and so on... blah blah
No, actually almost all of my replies in this thread was about off-topic shit with Temp.

Anyway, I will not post anymore, because I always finds these debates and point of views quite pointless considering what is so true about arguing on the internet:


Okay, have fun with thinking that pic is hilarious while I be retarded by participating in a fair and balanced debate.