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Originally Posted by Crunchy in milk
Isn't the sequal out in September or October?

Not much of a wait for more of the same with new graphics. NWN is only worth it for a few classy player made modules IMO. Even then only a minor few (Twilight and Midnight in particular). I see a lot of praise for the Aieland saga and The Tethyr series of modules but having played those I found them rather dull if not downright bad.

Yes, it is. And we still don't know what exactly will be in the Limited Edition.

Anyway, I think you are talking about the Aielund Saga by Savant. (This advert has been brought to you by loyal Aielund fangirl Jazhara7, player of Shariveillin Seveen. ).

I can recommend some more. Penultima and Penulitma Re-Rolled, (Semi-parody, but with a good story) The Hex Coda (more serious, and interesting. Has custom soundtrack, too.), and Elegia Eternum and Excrutio Eternum by Stefan Gagne ("Twoflower") are all great fun to play, and are something different from what you usually find in modules.

City of Wonders is a beautiful module in an original world. This module is so beautiful, it made me cry like the ending of a great book would make me cry. It's hard to explain, you just have to play it. And be sure to also download the introduction and ending movies, or it won't make much sense.

Threat of Dreams and Threat of Dreams 2 are two wickedly dark modules. It looks as if the author is going to re-make them for NWN 2 though, and also make the final, third module for NWN 2.

If you don't mind slightly more adult topics (Serious ones. Handled very well in the module) Kunoichi and Kunoichi 2 are great. Please note that you have to play a Human Female in this module, or else it won't make sense.

That's all I can think of for now (i.e.: I'm too lazy to look up more of my favourites right now.)

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