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A lot of my favorite games were so good because they did creep me out. My favorite game of all-time is The Temple of Apshai. There have been versions after the one I played, but the one I remember was on the Commodore 64.

It used the C64s ability to make small little pixelated graphics Apples couldn't make which were pretty good for the technology at the time. You could see individual ribs on the skeletons.

Anyway, the experience took about 25 minutes to load through the casette deck. So you popped in the tape, left and waited to hear the familiar sound of a gong being hit with a weird wind flute like sound. This meant the games was loaded and you were buying equipment from the dwarf.

Then, you'd enter the dungeon...and when monsters would appear, would make a sound that I remember to this day, this strange otherworld alarm that would turn into a sound not unlike the Jaws theme, that would play as they got closer and closer to your character (if you killed the monster, a triumphant little sound would play)...

Playing this game in the dark, especially if my parents weren't home, would put me on the edge of my seat with fear.

That being said, Doom II creeped me completely out in the later stages with the miscellaneous pieces of flesh and Amber: Journeys Beyond definitely was a game late at night would have me looking around.

I don't have huge experience with adventure games, if anyone knows of any games that truly freak you out, and can compare to a Lucio Fulci or Dario Argento film, please post them. I'd love to play them.
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