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Originally Posted by BerserkerTails
Most of Sierra's games: I've been getting more and more fed up with the LucasArts snobbery on the boards as of late. Besides the Gabriel Knight series, it seems quite a few people are out to constantly bash Sierra's adventure games, and for the same two reasons: You can die, and you can get stuck. Personally, I like both aspects, as it makes me play the games much more thoroughly. I look at everything, try to pick up everything, etc... And save often.
Heh. I pretty much fit this view, in the sense that I dislike the games for the same reasons that you like them, but I'm not quite sure how that equates to LucasArts snobbery. I'll perfectly happily admit that I think LucasArts made some of the best adventure games ever - and in that sense I don't believe that they're overrated - and I do believe that the Sierra games are cut way too much slack for flaws that would be criticised if produced by any other developer (deaths without warning and mazes always feel like bad design to me, whoever the developers are, and are reasons why I hate games like Stupid Invaders and The Mystery of the Druids). This isn't snobbery, though, any more than it would be to think that these games collectively are better than, say, Myst.

You're going to hate me for it, but I'm going to put the fifth and sixth King's Quest games down for the most overrated adventures, and for reasons that I've stated many a time elsewhere. As for underrated games, In Memoriam deserved greater commercial success than it found, and I quite liked Normality. And Loom certainly deserved to do better...
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