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Originally Posted by Thrift Store Scott
"Boutique Scott"? I might be a whole bunch of things, but pretentious isn't one of them.
I was thinking of eliminating the name "Scott" entirely, as I've never cared for it and I don't think it suits me. The world at large seems to agree with me because people call me "Steve" by mistake all the time. I'm okay with "Steve".
As I absolutely fell in love with Reno, Nevada the first time I visited there and I intend to move there someday, I was thinking of including "Reno" as well.
Thus far, I've come up with "SteveReno" and "RenoSteve". I personally prefer the former, but I'm open to suggestions and critiques.

Please, for goodness' sake! * DON'T * change your name to "Steve". *ANYTHING* but Steve. I'd be reminded too much of my sister's boyfriend (the one that annoys me by saying "1000%" all the time. ).

Seriously, Scott is great. But anything but Steve is fine, I guess.

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