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Saw X-Men last night... I was sad when I left the theatre, they ruined it, X1 and X2 were almost perfect and this one... so hollow.

What the hell was Phoenix the second half of the movie? Following Magneto with sleppy eyes?!? I don't know nothing of the original Dark Phoenix storyline in the comics but even I can tell this was extremely wrong, specially after a great set-up in the first 2 movies.

And what about Angel? His presentation was good, but then... 4 lines the whole movie?!?

And Rogue?!? That pointless love triangle?!? (Kittie Pryde was cute... )

And Wolverine doing stupid one-liners ("Try growing back these")

And Cyclops... his fate is understandable but that scene had no emotional punch...

Beast was ok, I guess, and Ian McKellen as Magneto is great, and the Cure was a great premise, but all these plot and subplots could hardly be told in 2 movies... But no, they had to stick everything in a 1h45m movie... I hate Fox!!!

Maybe they didn't call it X3 because it's a alternate reality and Bryan Singer will come back to finish his job...

I guess not. The crime has payd off 44 million opening day - second best ever... Damn.
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