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Originally Posted by Lucien21
X-Men 3

Really, Really, Realllllllly disappointing.

Was bored half the time and the big action sequences were naff especially the moving the Golden Gate Bridge SFX (which sucked).
Hey! It was moved by Magneto! How can that suck?

I don't get the second or third X-Men movies (I haven't seen the first, so I don't know if the same applies to it) - they have potential, potential they do use to greatness in some scenes... and then other scenes are so horribly clichéd and overdone FX that it makes your eyes bleed.

I wasn't disappointed as much as confused.

Scenes I loved in X2 and X3:

X2: Magneto pulling out one of the security guard's blood. Well, the iron in the blood, anyway. Pricelessly cruel.

X2: Magneto pulling out the pins out of the handgrenades.

X3: Angel trying to cut off his wings right near the beginning. I <3 the desperation and shame.

X3: Hell hath no fury like a deserted woman. (Well, I saw it in german, I'm not sure what the quote is in english)

X3: Magneto pummeling the cars. Yay! Pancakes! Okay - I'm easily amused. c.c

X3: The hilarious moment where the family in the car closes the doors.

X3: That Rogue actually took "the cure".

X3: Magneto sitting alone in a park near the end and looking depressed (and obviously not because of his "lost" powers, because they were still sort of there). Might just be me, but I got the impression he's missing Xavier.

Scenes I hated in the movies:

X2: Xavier being manipulated as he is, rather than differently. I thought the chap was only able to project illusions? Powerful illusions, yes, but an illusion would just give Xavier different variables to consider, not twist his morals? I'm a bit confused about that one. Meh.

X3: Magneto not caring for Mystique's transformation - he doesn't care much for humans, but I'd have expected him to be vastly more furious that one of his 'children' had been turned human. That'd be like having your girlfriend turned into a cockroach or something. c.c You'd be furious.

X3: Magneto caring less than he usually does if mutants die. It's out of character. Yes, the greater goal and all - but that was a little too cold.

X3: Jean. No amount of sexyness makes up for lack of acting. Or, well, parts to act.

X3: Magneto not having lost his powers. That was four ****ing doses! Christ. Yes, he's powerful, but he should have lost them. I would have wept and mourned, because his powers were so damn awesome - but it would only have been fair.

X3: Xavier not being dead. Whilst it was kind of clear from the wink (atrocious!) that he wasn't all gone, the rest of the movie made it almost believable - unlike with Jean, there was a gravestone, etc. And it would have been a "wrong", but pleasantly courageous move. "Wrong" because X-Men are X-Men - you can't just take Xavier away from them and have them be the same. Pleasantly courageous because Xavier is the core figure.

And a couple of others (in both categories), but I've just ordered food and my stomach is rumbling like mad, which isn't motivating me to picture the whole of either movie again. Heh.
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