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Originally Posted by Melanie68
What do you know about clinical trials? They have to be approved by a committee of people (that includes scientists and non scientists). Unfortunately they have never been perfect and probalby still aren't. First of all, a patient has to agree to be in one and they get a consent form that is supposed to fully inform them of everything that will or may happen. But unfortunately, not all consent forms are perfectly drafted and sometimes clinical trial doctors may gloss over the unpleasentness of the clinical trial. Also, it depends on what phase the drug is in. Is it a Phase I, II or III clincal trial. I'm sure people don't enter lightly but they still don't always think about the possible bad effects (it's called human nature). As well, it shouldn't have been her decision to get a second AIDS test. That should have been a knee jerk reaction by any of her doctors who saw her first positive test. Not her fault.

ok so these are the incidents you are saying MAY have happened, which amount to it not being her fault.

1.) not being sure she has the disease, but still not getting a second opinion
2.) volunteeraly entering a drug trial
3.) not reading the fine print and understanding the risks
4.) deciding to continue a drug trial, when it is clearly having ill effects

Those were her choices to make, and she chose badly, but her making poor descisions does not automatically make the people trying to help her responsible...
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