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I was EXTREMELY impressed with "Frasse" and think that it's an EXCELLENT freeware game, so I got my wife to play it (she plays MANY Quest/Adventures, and is extremely 'good' at them).
She has a very original mind and always does things very differently from me (and many others!!).

She got the bird earlier in the game than I did, and before getting Frasse & Gurra to mount the tree and obtain honey from the bees!
She then tied the bird with the rope in inventory … and then she got stuck and asked me what to do next.

I had just finished beta-testing dozen Indies in the past couple of months, so I thought I’d replay the beginning of “Frasse” up to that point (and kept a save-game there) and help out.
“You have to get some honey to complete the anti-sneeze recipe” I replied.
But wait a minute … AFAIK, you have to get Gurra up to the branch of the tree … AND FOR THAT to the best of my knowledge YOU NEED THE ROPE.

But the rope is attached to the bird! How can I untie it?
I tried everything on everything but so far haven’t succeeded.
Since 17 beta-testers checked this game I must be missing something, since otherwise (most unlikely in view of the testing) this is a classic dead-end (one of the more serious game bugs)!

Could somebody please help out and tell me how to proceed … obviously without forcing me to restart the game (or resort to an earlier save… on the assumption that there is even one available!) which of course is the objectionable pitfall of any dead-end!
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