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Originally Posted by stepurhan
Anyway, I see it as our duty. The forums are in serious imbalance. It's up to us as fine upstanding forumites to up the heterosexual flirting quotient around here. There's enough of the other sort already.
Well, if it´s for a good cause we´ll better continue our flirting. I had planned to be all middle of the road and not writing anything flirty again, but you´re right, we´ll have to balance all the gay flirting for sure. Perhaps there are more around to join this new hetero flirting campain!

God morgen Lena. Hur är det? Ni är mycket bra, min pepparrot.
Let me translate this, it´s hilarious.
Good morning Lena. How are you? You are very good, my horseradish.

bra = good.

So there wasn´t anyone mentioning any bra at all!
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