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~~ PolloDiablo ~~
I agree with everything you said above and particularly "some nice surprises and [VERY] original puzzles"!!
~~ Len Green ~~ ... I am probably only about half way through the game, but I have already noticed just a few mistakes which detract a little from the generally excellent English. I recommend correcting the errors so that the texts are 100% instead of only 90%.
~~ Trumgottist ~~ ... Certainly. I'm grateful when errors are brought to my attention so that I can fix them. You said that you've found some additional errors besides the one you mentioned - if you can recall those, I'd appreciate it if you'd tell me about them.
There were a (very) few English mistakes in the first half of the game, but I paid no attention to them and hence did not trouble to write them down!
Since my last 'English error-report', I've progressed a fair bit (without looking for or noticing any English mistakes)!
Until a trivial one here .............................
"I don't have anything that I need to put on fire" ~~~~~~ should be:-
**** "I don't have anything that I need to set on fire"
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