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Originally Posted by Reid
Hey everyone,

I recently started playing The Last Express. I'm having difficulty hearing the character dialog however because I am hearing impaired. I can hear some words here and there, but it's a great struggle. I'm really excited to play this game but I feel like my lack of hearing is getting in the way of having a great experience with it. I just finished my first fight and I heard something about gold... I'm just really lost at this point as to what is going on in the game.
Can't help you with your problem, sorry. Is playing the game together with a friend an option? But if it's any consolation to you, at that early point in the game (the fight with Milos in your compartment, right?) you hardly know anything yet. Have you met Herr Schmidt in the dining car? He talks about "Ze Gold" too, even demands to see it.

Only French and Russian conversations are subtitled, because those are the two foreign languages Robert Cath speaks. So as far as the other non-English languages are concerned, you're fortunately no worse off than the average player. I can understand German, but it's terribly frustrating to eavesdrop and not understand a word of what for instance the Slavs in the compartment are saying, except that they're talking about your dead friend Tyler.
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