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And now, Americans, it's time to address the situation in Iran.

Question: Why can't we just take Iran's oil?

Answer: Bleeding-heart liberals.

They're scared that if we just take the oil, Russia and China will back them up in a war.

Question: Will Russia and China actually back Iran up?

Answer: If we do take action, no.

Russia can't afford to do shit. If we do take action, they'll back out.

As will China. You really think they'll stand against America? You think they'd blow trillions of dollars they get a year from western trade? Obviously not. They'd back out as well.

Question: Do we even need to get oil from the Middle-East?

Answer: No, you ****ing idiot.

The gas prices aren't completely controlled by these countries, dipshit. A lot is just economics. Everything has gone up in terms of prices. Everything. Even gas. And that's the main reason. Eventually, and soon, gas prices will reach to about $4 a gallon, for maybe a week. By then, consumers will pretty much get fed up and stop buying no matter what. And that's when investors will get nervous and drop prices. It'll work its self out. Quit worrying, you gits.

And I base this on next to nothing. I'm just spewing a lot of bullshit here.