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Max limits is an interesting concept.

So much depends on the hardware the game is running on. We don't have much "scaling" technology in the engine (making the game look better on better hardware). On my dev machine, I could have a WHOLE lot more detail and everything would run just fine. But I've got a pretty nice machine <grin>. The CSI games run and look good on some pretty modest hardware. We're talking GeForce2 MX here. Plus, as the graphic features get more complicated, so does the production process, which makes the games take longer to produce.

The engine is more about getting a consitent experience across a lot of hardware than making something super cool for a few. So we'll keep adding features as we go along, but for now, it's giving alot of people (with a lot of different hardware) a pretty good experience.

You'll probably always be able to find a "shiner" game than a typical Telltale game. But it probably won't run on as many machines and it won't be delivered every couple of months!
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