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Running a business requires that we make some decisions that don't always add up the best experience for absolutely everyone. We chose the DRM method we did after evaluating a lot of options, and it's working pretty well for us so far. We're really putting a lot of effort into making sure that the experience is a good as possible, but we simply could not have started Telltale if the business model was different.

I agree with you in principal, but I enjoy things like iTunes and XM too much to shut them out of my life. It's a compromise, but so is buying physical media. If all your game collection get stolen, you'll need to by new ones. ( I know, my house was broken into years ago and all my CD's we're stolen, and it cost me a pretty penny to rebuild )

All I can say is, the times they are a-changin, and TV, music, movies and games are all racing online. But it might not be for absolutely everyone. I still have a phonograph at home, but I've moved all my records to my iPod.
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