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Originally Posted by vimes
I haven't read alot of thing about this new CSI but I understand that it follows the serie : CSI dept are never wrong, they always end up accusing the right guy. Did you consider taking liberty with that and give the player an opportunity to misinterpretate the evidence, accuse an innocent person and going away with it only to be shown the truth at the end of the game?

That being said, was keeping the original characters a constraint and were you allowed to take liberties with them (graphically and in term of characterization)? Do you think that what happens in the universe of the game could have consequences on the serie?
The show goes to great lenghts to make the CSI feel like heroes. In the game, our goal is to make the player feel like a hero... Fortunately, as you play through each case, there are many times things look a certain way initially, but we find out thru smarts what the real truth is.

For CBS, it is important for us to match the show as much as possible. So we updated all of the characters to their season 6 looks. We even changed Greg's hair midway through development because he was changing it on the show!
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