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Finally! Let's talk tech!

Our game engine (The T3 Tool) is special in that it's got a huge focus on writing, acting and authoring. One of the reasons we don't have shadows yet is a reflection of my commitment to enabling designers and artist more than "eye candy". I firmly believe this is why we've been able to put our so much quality content in such a short amount of time.

Graphically, the CSI game uses the "full" feature set. Not all those features we're available for Bone, so Bone is simpler. Sam & Max uses the "full" capabilities as well.

Some of the shader work in CSI is really beautiful. Check out the subtle lighting effects on the desk in the gallery office in case 1. It's awsome! All the previous CSI games we're completly pre-rendered, and our realtime environments look as good (if not better).
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