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Originally Posted by Lucien21
All of the CSI games have concentrated on just the crime aspects of the TV show and put you in the shoes of a newbie.

Why don't we get to control one of the CSI characters and have a complete ongoing story like a TV episode rather than the case structure?

Or maybe the ability to switch between characters a la Bone 2.
Beyond the crime itself - there are a few other critical components of the show we focused on. Among them: how evidence tells the real story, how the CSI works together as a team...

Also, there are tied in storylines across the game - characters we meet throughout the game reappear later, and the CSI working on the case get reassigned - so we continue where we left off, which is a step in the direction we're talking about.

There are benefits and drawbacks to actually controlling licensed characters. There is an immersive quality of using 1st person, which invites players to work on par with the characters they recognize.
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