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Well the whole story is rather convoluted. Caleb likes Gwen but Gwen won't give him the time of day, so Caleb's roommate Kyle (Jim Verraros - the gay guy from the first season of American Idol) tells Gwen that Caleb is gay - under the principle that women like gay men. Sure enough it works, Gwen starts chatting with Caleb, and he decides to play along. Unfortunately it backfires when Gwen decides to set Caleb up with her best friend Marc (Ryan Carnes), who it just so happens Kyle has a crush on. Kyle convinces Caleb to go along with it as he believes he has a plan which will end in them both getting what they desire.

Absurd? - Yes. The entire thing is ridiculous, which is precisely why it works.

Insulting? - No. The people at The Advocate apparently liked it, and it won awards at two Gay & Lesbian film festivals, if that's any indicator of it's non-offensive nature.

Originally Posted by Thrift Store Scott
what gay guy would go out with anyone more than once who didn't "put out"?
Who says he didn't "put out?"
What concerns me about that comment is, who "puts out" after only one date? I hope there isn't actually some expectation of that, as I certainly wouldn't, just seems a little slutty to me. I want to get to know someone before they're getting their hands in my pants.

Originally Posted by Thrift Store Scott
And what straight woman would date a guy who'd previously dated her gay male best friend?
Well the ending is rather contrived, but when the woman discovers the truth she is so flattered that someone would go to all that effort for her, that she agrees go out with him.

I liked it, it was just a fun lighthearted film that made me giggle.
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