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Originally Posted by squarejawhero
I guarantee 100% f*ckup rate on the English voiceovers as ever.
Yup. I was quite interested in this game until I saw the horrible box art and terrible press release on (which reckons it's out at the end of the month.) Here are some choice excerpts;

In the depths of the Ancient Steppe appeared a weird town.
So it's weird, is it. Top choice of adjective there, mate.

were it not for a sudden outbreak of some enigmatic, lethal and inescapable disease
They even make it sound like a plot device.

Three outsiders arrive in the contaminated town. The first was a highly-educated Bachelor
Way to change tenses!

which begins to mercilessly slaughter the denizens inhabiting the area
Yeah, cause inhabiting is what denizens tend to do.

Seriously, why do publishers, who spend lots of money promoting their game, not at least hire a proofreader, or at least someone who can write better than a stoned monkey?
(Already hates your game)
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