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Originally Posted by Ninth
When a thread goes off-topic, why not let it where it is? I mean, what's to be gained by moving it in Chit Chat?
Keeping things tidy.

If a thread starts out being about Monkey Island and turns into a conversation about sex, leaving it in Adventure is both inappropriate and pointless. And before anyone goes "Why would a conversation about Monkey Island turn into a conversation about sex?" just think about it for one second. It happens all the time around here.

So we have two options: tell everyone to stop talking about sex (in which case we'd be accused of being oppressive , and people would probably keep talking about sex anyway), or move the thread to Chit Chat so the conversation can continue.

Sometimes it is viable to split a thread up and move only the off-topic part, as Dobee suggested, but often that's a lot more trouble than it's worth. If a thread is moved, though, it's never at the expense of the original topic. One off-topic post does not relegate a thread to Chit Chat. But if no one's posting on the original topic anymore and people seem to be enjoying the off-topic direction the thread's taken, moving it allows what could turn into a long (and fun ) thread to stay alive.
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