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Originally Posted by Mira
Why do people move threads?
Because we're bored.

Why people get threads moved?
Because they're bored.

And why do threads move?
Because sometimes they grow legs and just want to try them out.

And why some people get mad when threads get moved?
I have no idea.

I can understand when a wrong thread ends up under a wrong category it should be moved. But when a thread is moved in the middle of a discussions (or whatever related to it?).

I'm confused! Please explain!
Sometimes a thread is moved into Chit Chat because the conversation has gone way off topic (or has been way off topic all along). That way the silliness (or whatever) can continue. If off-topic chatter ran rampant on all the other forums... well, that would suck. So we try to prevent that by moving threads into Chit Chat when it becomes necessary. (The alternative would be to force people to stay on topic all the time, but where's the fun in that?!)

Sometimes a thread is moved for housekeeping reasons. If it's a hint request and it's in the wrong forum, even if it's already been answered by the time a mod gets to it, it's moved into the hint forum so the next time someone has the same problem, the solution is easy to find. Same with any thread that's posted in the wrong place. Or one that starts out as a discussion about one thing (say, adventure games) but quickly turns into a discussion about something else (like general games). Occasionally we might split a thread and move part of it into another forum if a discussion about another topic springs up in the middle of a thread. That's often more trouble than it's worth, though.

In general, if something gets moved it's just because we're trying to keep the forums neat and tidy. No one should be offended or feel guilty or anything if their thread is moved to another place.
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