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Underworld: Evolution. 3/5 (better than the original)
Syriana. 4/5 (at times too convoluted)
Brazil. 5/5 (awesomeawesomeawesome!!111oneoe!)
Beef 1, 2 & 3. 4/5 (good stuff for hiphop afficionados)
Breakfast on Pluto. 4/5 (great portrayal of sixties London)
Kinky Boots. 4/5 (amazingly funny and touching)
Crash. 5/5 (a bit late, but holy shit, what a movie)
Good Night and Good Luck. 4/5 (esp. the cinematography)
Lord of War. 3/5 (decent 'drama', but fails to deliver on several aspects)
Memoirs of a Geisha. 4/5 (Probably horribly inaccurate but who cares! Michelle Yeoh & Ziyi Zhang! )
Mrs. Henderson Presents. 4/5 (pretty funny and touching at times)
Oliver Twist. 5/5 (Polanski. Ben Kingsley.)
Into the Blue. 2/5 (one point for its popcorn value, one point for Jessica Alba)
Sin City. 5/5 (best. comic. adaptation. ever.)
Pride & Prejudice. 4/5 (lovely atmosphere, story and an almost perfect performance by Keira)
Rize. 4/5 (awesome doc.)
The Chronicles of Narnia. 3/5 (entertaining LOTR for kids)
The Constant Gardener. 5/5 (Great build-up through flashbacks, Fernando Meirelles; go see City of God as well)
The Island. 3/5 (decent action flick but fails to address the moral questions it poses and turns into an action flick)
The Matador. 4/5 (entertaining, funny at times, seems like Pierce got his groove back)
The Myth. 3/5 (three points for Jackie Chan, none for story)
Three Times/Zui hao de shi guang. 4/5 (Interesting premise & flawless execution)
Transamerica. 4/5 (interesting story & good acting)
Walk the Line. 4/5 (Good acting by Phoenix & Witherspoon, but too much textbook directing)
Wedding Crashers. 2/5 (Painfully unfunny)
The Cave. 0/5 (bad pacing, totally not scary, worst ending ever)
The Descent. 5/5 (extremely scary, extremely awesome, good acting, which is surprising considering it's a horror flick. Best horror since decades)
Death In Gaza. 4/5 (not even in thesame league as Checkpoint)
As Tears go By. 5/5 (possibly Wong Kar Wai's best)
Banlieue 13. 3/5 (amusing action flick, interesting depiction of the Parisian suburbs)
Batman Begins. 4/5 (the best of the batman flicks)
Brokeback Mountain. 4/5 (touching story, but I don't see what all the fuss is about, "Saving Face" is much better as a love story)
Capote. 5/5 (Philip Seymour Hoffman.)
Elizabethtown. 2/5 (falls short on all fronts, awfully)
Flightplan. 3/5 (nice twists and turns, but sooooo not likely)
Everything is Illuminated. 5/5 (Funny as hell, brilliant performances)
Howl's Moving Castle. 5/5 (Pure magic, perhaps even better than Spirited Away)
Four Brothers. 3/5 (entertaining popcorn flick)
Hustle and Flow. 5/5 (very satisfying, with a nice 'raw' feel to it. Terrence Howard)
In Her Shoes. 4/5 (lovely performances, theme. Not a chick flick per se)
Jarhead. 4/5 (great depiction of the first Gulf War)
Casanova. 1/5 (doesn't even compare to Fellini's film, and so not funny throughout)
Saving Face. 5/5 (great love story)
Star Wars 3. 3/5 (Great special fx, badly paced. Hayden Christensen)
The 40 Year Old Virgin. 4/5 (Steve Carell is funny as hell)
The White Countess. 4/5 (Great performances, setting)
Thumbsucker. 3/5 (Decent coming-of-age flick with a twist)
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. 4/5 (Lovely animation, story, voice-acting, too bad John Depp would never do an AG )
Wallace and Gromit In the Curse of the were rabbit. 5/5 (Awesome)

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