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Thanks for organising this, Snarky.
My first impression was that I really liked the music. It was not what I expected (I thought it would be more like BASS ) The music has a haunting quality, and is very atmospheric. I also like the background whispers, creaks, and footsteps. The graphics are crude, but as long as things are identifiable, I can live with that.Thank goodness for the descriptions of the items.
I was hung up at one point
I had 'pushed' the tree, but didn't realise that someone else (Jim) had spoken. It didn't occur to me to 'speak' to the tree.

Once that part was over, it triggered the meeting. I'm hooked on the story.
One other thing
Did anyone else think that the 5 holes are graves? I suppose they are te result of Phil's digging for treasure, but they look like graves to me.
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