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Default First impressions

First impressions


- loved the quirky description of certain objects, most notably if you click to look on the press in the first room of that factory, the guy says "it's grunting and wheezing... like an asthmatic dinosaur in mating season"

- It managed to do something really unexpected in the first ten minutes of the game. Namely killing the character you would assume is going to be chasing the main character for the game only to die at the heros hand in the end (I've played way to many adventure games and read far to much bad science fiction)

- The robot sidekick is just funny

- Exteremly user friendly controls

- the background music is highly effective


- the voice acting seems to be pretty poor quality to the point that it detracts from the game

- the introduction to the story, IE everything up to the first stopping point, seems to rushed and poorly exectued.... although it is only about ten minutes into the game, so that could become more complete (i certianly hope so)
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