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Done playing the first section. It was fresher in my memory than I'd thought.

I decided to go with the floppy version, since I had some difficulties downloading the CD version, and really wanted to just finish the first section today.

Does nobody else feel irritated that you can leave this section without the items in his cabinet? I always feel like I'm just taking some red herrings, but that if I don't I'll be missing some vital items.

And what's the deal with his laser machinery? Why am I allowed to turn it on/off, but then it serves no purpose at all to me as a player. It's weird.

But overall, I love the beginning. Sets the mood. The violent furnace scene comes so abrubtly. Can't wait to have the CD version so I can hear the voices again. Bliss.

Waiting for more comments on the first section. Get to playing everyone.
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