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Originally Posted by AudioSoldier
No game currently in development looks as good as UT2007, but the greater visuals present in a commercial adventure title will only enhance my playing experience. I feel fan-made games, unless remakes, are a waste of time. I'd rather invest a few dollars in TLJ, gain the superior plot and technical giblets, than waste my time on a proletarian fan-game that relies on some shoddy old engine and is filled with badly written English and piss-poor dialogue.
Let me focus on the "shoddy old engine" -point.

What do you MEAN?! Old? AGS is updated all the time! WME is updated all the time! Sludge is, too! And every other engine! And how are they "shoddy"? They're fast! They don't crash! They're easy to use for the developers! In fact SCUMM is more shoddy than AGS!

If you mean that game makers want to make their games low-res, well... It's not the engine's fault. Many developesrs prefer low-res, because it lowers the file size for internet distribution, for example. They also like the retro look. I'd like to see more high-res games, btw. AGS can handle 800*600 (at least), WME 1024*768 or higher.

And finally.

Originally Posted by AudioSoldier
I think they don't have the confidence to approach a publisher, or are flatly turned down.

Who would publish a low-res game these days? Who would publish an adventure game? You can clearly see that most commercial ags haven't been very succesful. And amateur game developers want to make the games free for everyone.
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