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Originally Posted by Snarky
"Badly written English and piss-poor dialogue"? How does that even remotely describe Two of a Kind or Cirque de Zale?

Many people consider TLJ one of the greatest adventure games of all time. Saying that amateur games are a waste of time because they don't reach the same level of quality is like arguing that you're wasting your time any time you're watching a movie that isn't The Godfather (or Citizen Kane, if you prefer).

How many commercial adventure games came out this year that are clearly superior to the best amateur games produced? Half a dozen? Hardly any more than that.

The question isn't whether the best amateur games are as good as the best commercial games. They're not. The question is whether the best amateur games are good enough to be in the class of games "well worth playing". I think they are. You keep slating amateur games in general terms, but I'd like you to explain what was so bad about the games you've played.
I've found them absolutely un-engaging; soulless repeats of adventure games gone by. It's time to move on: Indigo Prophecy has shown as such. These fangames are just a testament to the stagnant state the genre is in.
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