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Originally Posted by Jackal
Let me rephrase then. Lose the blatant disrespect, and use the proper standards, or the failing is yours. Your standard clearly seems to be "look as good as bigger budget commercial games". That being the case, you're right. You're wasting your time playing them. By all means, pay your money for the esthetic enhancements. But it's not a game's fault for failing to meet standards it never sought to achieve.

Incidentally, who here is touting fan games as the "next big thing"? I must have missed it. Perhaps you're confusing that with "not shit", which really aren't much alike.
A lot of people were extremely keen for KQ9 to be completed. I simply didn't -- and still don't -- think it'll be much good. At least, I'm positive it won't be the worthy successor to the Kings Quest series everyone expects it to be and I don't believe it warrants the hype it has been receiving, or the endless howling for it's development process to be resumed.
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