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Originally Posted by squarejawhero
Very true. I also think people are mixing up the term art with good writing, which is only part of what makes up a game. I'd argue that the more artistic games, like Ico or its recent sequel, are more abstract in plot. Something like Vib Ribbon or Electroplankton are more artistic, to me, than Silent Hill.
I actually wasn't mixing up anything, I was just agreeing with a point that was made in this thread... Squarejaw, I think you know my tastes well enough by now to know that I don't fully equate writing with artistic quality, it just depends on the game. I agree that two of the greatest examples of "games as art" would be ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

Still, a lot of games out there are very intensive in the way of expository dialogue as opposed to telling the story more visually in a visual medium. That's already a flaw. That flaw is made even larger by the fact that most of the writers can't write in the first place. It's a double whammy of badness. They can't write, yet they write too much. That's what I meant.
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