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Originally Posted by squarejawhero
Athlon XP3000+, Geforce n6600GT (it's an upgraded version of the typical 6600GT), 1.5Gb PC2700 DDR, Asus 17v8x rev 1.4, Audigy 2. Not particularly high-end, but it has done the job smoothly on games from FEAR to Quake 4.

Even on low it struggles, and tbh I can't see why it should as I've got no probs with better looking games. I may give up on it, copy the assets, and upgrade later on next year to play it. Shame really, cost me money!
Are you sure it gives the option of lower settings in the gamer's edition because they explicitly put the system requirements on the page and your system is below that. I think that it only comes with very high resolution textures and forces Pixel Shader 3 pipeline for rendering at all settings.
Monkey Island 2 : LeChuck's Revenge is the best game of all time.
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