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Originally Posted by Once A Villain
Mine's 123". What projector and screen are you using? You and I should continue to inform people about the greatness of projectors and screens. It's cheaper than a really nice HDTV, it looks just as good (arguably better for sports), and it's a lot bigger!

EDIT: By the way, DLP projectors usually have a Smart Stretch function. It creates a 16 : 9 image from a 4:3 image WITHOUT screwing everything over proportionately. Works very well.

Sharp XVZ-10000. I love watching movies on that screen. It's a lot more fun than watching on a 65" screen, but I prefer to watch most of my content on the 65" screen, so I can still have that feeling of awe to some extent when I go down into the den and watch a movie like Lord of the Rings or something. The worst thing that can happen is for me to become "used" to having such an awesome setup, IMHO.

Especially since my screen pretty much fills up the entire wall. It just can't get any bigger or else I won't have any room for the front satellite speakers to be set up unless they were behind the screen somehow.

I'll definitely check out the smart stretch function though.

I agree that as the desirable screen size gets better, buying a projector and screen becomes a better value. And you avoid burn-in which is associated with CRT and plasma technologies.
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