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I'd trade mine (ACHTUNG: they're German) for a copy of Wizardry 8.

Why haven't I bought this game yet? I have played Bradley's Wizards&Warriors some years ago. Has some of the best dungeons I've ever seen. In one your party is turned into pig-like creatures and you have to find a way out of your misery. Nice puzzles, too! One day I might check out his latest game, Dungeon Lords, though it's supposed to be pretty buggy..

Last year I stumbled upon a Pool Of Radiance remake/module for Neverwinter Nights.

It's straightforward (a city, some areas surrounding it and some quests waiting for you to complete), and was some hack&slash fun in multiplayer. That's so cool about Neverwinter: The next D&D adventure is just a small download away.
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