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Originally Posted by imichaelj
Attic had hinted at continuing the Das Schwarze Auge series at some point, but I'm fairly sure they're out of business by now.
They are. AFAIKR Guido Henkel said in an interview, that he left Attic, because the company wanted to continue making DSA games like forever. It must be said, that they made next to no money from them, despite the fact that they sold a crapload of copies of these games (at least in Germany). Most of the profits apparently went straight to the license holders (Schmidt Spiele/Fantasy Productions AFAIK). He then signed up with Interplay/Black Isle, while they were making PS:T and then left a PC gaming industry he thought he didn't fit into anymore. The times they were changing ($$$), and apparently even Torment got a little fuc%ed up by the men in suits (ahem). Especially after Baldur's Gate became such a success. I think he's now developing mobile games... Dunno. You might google for some interviews with him. I like this guy's attitude.

Here's also a nice Shadows Over Riva (the last DSA/ROA game) review from Gamespot:

To get back on topic: Planescape:Torment is of course an exceptional game. Still, there's a bit more. The closest thing to P&P thus far is Neverwinter Nights (human dungeon master, adventure construction kit, etc.), Icewind Dale is a fun dungeon crawler, and from what I've heard Temple Of Elemental Evil features the best implementation of 3rd edition D&D rules to date.
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