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Originally Posted by Mira
Since I got back from Russia last month, I've only managed to catch Batman Begins in the GSC Cinema. It was really good and I really enjoyed it since I'm a Batman fan since I was a kid, and Nolan had managed to capture the right essence for a Batman movie and none of those silly campy stuff. Other than that, I watched Spanglish which I thought was really good and Thai horror Shutter for the umpteenth time with my sister, both on DVDs. Last I heard, Hollywood is doing a remake on Shutter. I guess they're really running out of ideas on making a good horror, if they're stealing ideas from us Asians . Hungry Ghost Festival is fast approaching, which means there'll be more Asian horror fest hitting the local cinemas and more long-haired female ghost flitting about and old Chinese grandmothers forbidding children playing hide and seek in the evenings.
I saw Spanglish a couple of weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. The DVD comes with instructions on how to make that awesome sandwich he makes partway through the film... I can tell you now, 'tis The Best Sandwich In The Universe. I guess you don't eat pork and ham (nor Spam), so try making it with Bacon Quorn or another ham substitute (or turkey or something). 'Tis delicious!

As for Asian horror, it's waning on me now. Only so many longhaired female ghosts I can take. Besides, Ju-On was the best horror I've ever seen and cannot be replaced!

What's Shutter?
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