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Originally Posted by Erwin_Br
Also, and I'm not too sure about this, but I think I read somewhere that AGS has certain limitations, for example a maximum amount of objects, strings, etc...

It's very unlikely that you would ever need more of those, but MAN, that tells something of the way the engine has been programmed. Sounds... DOSsy. Also, the highest supported resolution is 800*600. 256 colors mode has a strange palette system.

AGS does support OGG.

Also, AGS is WAY slower on high resolutions than WME, Agast or Sludge. Well, I don't know about Sludge, but I'd think so, because AGS isn't optimized for speed at all the last I tested.

I don't know if Sludge supports hardware acceleration (AGS doesn't), but WME and Agast do, and it shows. Those engines are fast.

Can the conversation system in AGS be rewritten? LucasArts mode is very bad.
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