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Damn, I haven't posted here in ages, but here goes...

As most of you know, my experience consists exclusively of SLUDGE, considering that the last time I tried AGS, it was DOS-based and ugly.

Why I use SLUDGE:
- The games tend to have a more professional quality to them in appearance, mainly due to the prettier fonts, higher resolutions (though AGS has apparently progressed in that regard, methinks), the fact that less people use it, etc.
- I like the scripting language. Being a computer science student learning Java and C/C++, the fact that the language is very similar to Java/C/C++ is definitely a plus.
- I generally like coding to begin with, since it gives a lot more flexibility than a GUI interface would. The huge diversity in the interfaces of SLUDGE games should speak for itself.
- The engine is pretty much complete and needs very little, if any, improvements. (that is, if all you want to do is make a classic 2D adventure game. If you want to create the next Grim Fandango or whatever, you'd be better off looking elsewhere...)
- The logo is cute, and the name of the engine closely resembles SCUMM. (hence me being able to include a SLUDGE Bar in my upcoming game)
- It runs quite well in Linux using WINE.
- I got to beta-test it.
- After registering, you're basically free to sell your games without having to pay anything extra. (especially since the FMOD licencing has been taken care of and all)
- I've already paid the registration fees, and still have half a game left to finish in it!

Things that bug me about SLUDGE:
- The sprite bank editor only allows you to add one sprite at a time, which is NOT good if you have many frames for a sprite.
- You can't switch between full-screen and windowed mode within the game itself. (in other words, you have to set the mode before the game starts, from a menu of sorts, meaning more work for little old me)
- The edges of sprites can't be anti-aliased.
- I'm just a picky person. Overall, SLUDGE is an excellent engine for my needs.
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