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Walkthrough - VirtuaVerse

VirtuaVerse Complete Walkthrough - 100% Steam Achievements Guide - by Fruits

General Information

Hello and welcome to my complete, 100% Steam achievements guide for VirtuaVerse. I will try to cover everything I found out in my own playthrough. Do keep in mind, that this guide might get slightly updated, as a handful of the puzzles in this game might have several solutions.

VirtuaVerse is a point & click adventure game, and like many traditional point & click adventure games, it is very prone to what I call "bottlenecking". One specific element that is holding the player back from making progress. In this game, there are many bottlenecks, and I'll try to emphasize all the points that seem to be the most problematic.

As for achievements: you will get 29 out of the available 33 achievements by simply following the game's story, so I wouldn't take note of every achievement that you get along the way. There are three "secret" achievements: "Karma Boost", "Hardware Engineer", "Scammed!" and "Weird Fantasies" and I will make sure to explain to them how to get them in the guide.

Throughout the guide, I will use "Talk with". When I use that, it means that you need to talk about all the available conversation options with that person.

I am not the owner of any of the media (images, videos, gameplay) in this guide. All the rights to VirtuaVerse belong to ThetaDivision. This is merely a guide made by a fan.


The game start with the main character (Nathan) in his apartment.
Your goal in this part is to make it out of the apartment.

Pick up the Hoverboard (next to the bed).
Pick up the Noodles (next to the sink) - this one might not be irrelevant, but do it anyway.
Pick up the Meds (next to the Noodles).
Speak with the Strange Gizmo, go through all the options to learn a tiny bit about the world around you.
Go up the Elevator.
Look at the Mirror (read the message in lipstick).
Open the Coin Returner (under the left arcade cabinet) to pull out some coins.
Pick up the screwdriver on the right.
Pick up the Ultra Glove of Power on the right, under the Screwdriver.
Try picking up the Hardware next to the Ultra Glove of Power, and a Jumper will fall down on the floor. Pick it up.
Pick up the Broom.
Use the Screwdriver on the Coin Returner (under the right arcade cabinet) to get the PlaySafe card.
Go down the elevator, then go left to the Balcony.
Try using the Keypad (it wouldn't work).
Use the Broom on Jay's Poster (the left poster above the bed), to find out what the code is.
Use the buttons on the bed to open the drawer. Use the Screwdriver on the drawer to hold it in place.
Pick up the Credit Card out of the Jacket that's in the drawer.
Take the Screwdriver back.
Go left to the Balcony, and interact with the Keypad again. This time, it should take you down.
Go all the way to the right, and interact with the Bike. This should take you to Pill Street.

Pill Street

We have a few things to do in Pill Street, but generally speaking, our goal is to fix the AVR headset.

As you arrive at pill street, go right and talk with the Merchant.
Keep going right, and talk with the Smuggler.
Interact with the Terminal (left of the Merchant) and try withdrawing money using your Credit Card. Note that the machine does not work.
Leave the Terminal and go to the Backstreet (it's the street that is further back).
Talk with the Bouncer. He won't let you in.
Take note of the Address Sign right across the street of where the Bouncer is standing.
Go back to the Main Street, and use the Terminal again.
Click on Food, and order any pizza you want (my best friend picked Solid Salami so you can go with that) to your home address. Pay with your Credit Card.
Go back home and go left all the way, to pick up the pizza, then on your bike again, and back to Pill Street.
Use the terminal again, click on food, order a pizza again, this time to Chestnut Street 1 (the address where the Bouncer is standing).
Go back to the Backstreet, watch the mini-cutscene, and then go into the shop. You'll get the Bouncer fired.
Speak with the Shopkeeper to learn that you need a battery and new lenses to fix your AVR Headset.
Still in the store, on the shelves where it says "New New", pick up 3 things: Old Mobile Phone, Holographic Statue, and Screwdriver Kit.
Use the terminal to the left, and withdraw some money with your credit card (as far as I know, the amount of money you withdraw doesn't matter).
Leave the store, go back to the Main Street, and this time go to the Alley (it's the right turn in the main street that isn't as further back as the Backstreet).
Enter the Restaurant, and speak with all 3 people there (some of it is kinda gross).
Leave the restaurant, and go right towards the Back Alley.
Give the Pizza we picked up earlier from our apartment to the Beggar, to get the "Karma Boost" achievement.
Talk with the Beggar.
Note how when we arrived he threw away a pair of glasses. We need them, so try taking them out the dumpster and the Beggar wouldn't let you.
Pick up the Fire Extinguisher on the right (this is probably useless but do it anyway).
Go back to the Main Street through the Alley, and speak with the Smuggler. Ask him to buy a cartridge.
Use Meds on the Smuggler to get the Heavenly Cartridge.
Go back to the Back Alley and use the Heavenly Cartridge on the Beggar. Unfortunately, he doesn't like it. Speak with him again, and go back to the Main Street.
Speak with the Smuggler again, ask him for a stronger Cartridge, then speak with the merchant about the activators.
Speak with the Smuggler again to let him know about it.
Notice how the Merchant keeps using his computer. This is because he's using a dating site (despite being married). We'll use this to our advantage.
Before that, go to the vending machine (between the Alley and the Backstreet), use some of the coins we have (the icon will be of both paper money and coins, you can use that), and buy a drink called Spicy Juice.
Use the Terminal, and click on Dating. Use your PlaySafe card ot access it.
Scroll down and find a guy called Sam, 36 (2nd from left at the bottom). This is the Merchant.
Chat with him, and click on "Print" at the bottom right of the screen (this one might be buggy according to some people, but I didn't have a problem with it).
Go right and talk with the Merchant again. He'll give you the activators.
Go right and talk with the Smuggler. He will give you the 4GB Dope Cartridge.
Go back to the Alley. Speak with the Beggar, but he won't try the new cartridge, so we need a way to distract him and putting the new cartridge there without him noticing.
Go back to the Alley, and enter the restaurant.
Our goal here is to cause some trouble. Notice how the silent guy on the right is only picking up blue plates, and also that he told us before that he hates spicy food.
Sit on the stool next to the thick-boned fellow.
Wait until a blue plate arrives (it will be a plate of Maki), and use the spicy juice on it, to temper with it.

Watch the short cutscene, and go back to the Alley and back to the Back Alley.
Use the 4GB Dope Cartridge on the Cartridges (they're piled to the right of the Beggar).
Talk with him again, and he'll enjoy the new Cartridge.
Open the Dumpster, and you'll get the Disposable AVR Goggles.
Go back to the Main Street, use the Bike and go back to the Apartment.
Use the Elevator to go up to the 2nd floor.
Use the Screwdriver Kit on the Hoverboard to get the battery.
Use the Screwdriver Kit on the Disposable AVE Goggles to get the lenses into your AVR Glasses.
Use the Battery on the AVR Glasses, and you'll get them to work!
Go down the Elevator and watch the cutscene, to see that you screwed over yet another person.
Use the Bike to go to the Slums.

The Slums

Our goal in the slums is to find out if the underground groups of the city can tell us anything about what happened to Jay.
Notice how you can turn your AVR Headset on/off, we'll be using that a bit throughout the game.

Upon arriving at the Slums, go to the Squat.
Speak with everyone. The Writers won't speak with you in human language, so you need to find a way to speak with them. That means that our goal is to get a Blade tattoo and a Blade badge. There's a dude who's getting a tattoo, and a tattooist. When speaking with the tattooist, there's no need to ask him for a specific tattoo. Simply talk with him about all the other options.
Look at the Wire (it's on the ground, to the left of the tattoo machine).
Touch the Touchscreen (it's part of the Tattoo machine) and try messing with it. The Tattooist wouldn't let you change the drawing.
Go out to the slums, and turn your AVR Headset off.
Notice how there are QR codes on the wall there. Use your Old mobile phone on a handful of them (4-5) of them, but most importantly make sure you use it on The Blade's QR code, and Onslaught's QR code.

Activate your AVR Headset, and click on the Electric Box (which is to the left of the Squat's door). It's locked.
Look at the wires that connect the Electric Box to the inside of the Squat.
Click on the Electric Box again. This time it will open up.
You're going to need a Touchscreen, so leave the box for now, go to your Bike, and go back to Pill Street.
On Pill Street, go to the Backstreet to the shop where we got the electronic equipment, Talk with the Shopkeeper and get a Touchscreen. Go back to the Slums.
Save your game here if you care about achievements (just in case).
Use the Electric box.
Use the Touchscreen on the Touchscreen Mount.
You'll need to set the cables in order. The correct order is (from top to bottom): Black, Yellow, White, Red.

If you manage this on the first try, you'll get the "Hardware Engineer" achievement!
Once it works, click on "Change Drawing". Change the drawing to the Onslaught's QR Code.
Watch the cutscene to witness yet another man you screwed over.
Use your Bike, and go back to Pill Street.
Use the Dead Prospect to pick up the blade's badge.
Go back the Slums, and use the Electric Box. Change the QR Code back to The Badge's (I'm not sure if this is necessary or not, but do it anyway).
At this point, you must have noticed that there are random people walking around the street. If you interacted with a 3-4 group's QR codes earlier, you should be able to chat about those groups with one of the scene-looking girls who walks down the street (pictured below). Sometimes you might have to wait a few minutes until she shows up. Learn from her about random stuff that happens with those groups.

Go back to the Squat.
Talk with the Tattooist, and get your Blade Tattoo.
Go out of the Squat, get on your Bike, and go back to Pill Street.
In the Main Street, interact with the Storage Entrance (the door where the guy just got shot), and show them your badge and tattoo.
Talk with that guy and you should get some equipment: Pens, Solvent, Liquid Proof Protector Spray and an AVR Drawing Tool.
Leave this place, go to your bike, and go back to the Slums. Enter the Squat.
Speak with the Writer Girl about all the options. If you have all the information about the different groups, eventually the guy (Peg-Legged Writer) will start talking with you normally.
They'll need a proof that you're friends with Jay, so show the Peg-Legged Writer the PlaySafe Card.
Watch the cutscene, and they will rush to the club. Leave the Squat.
Go right to the guy (Boatman) who listens to the radio with really loud music. Try talking with him, but he won't hear you.
Go left to the Wooden Hut, and open the Window Shutter. Notice how the main character's notes that this hut seem unstable.
Use the Solvent on the Wooden Hut to burn it.
Go to the right and talk with the Boatman. Help him out.
Talk with him again, and he will take you to the island where the club is.

The Club

Our goal in the club is to find Jay.

Go right, and talk with the kids who sit next to the Campfire. They're odd. After finishing the chat, keep going right.
Enter the Cubus Club.
Talk with Elegant Clubber, and with everyone else in the room.
Go to the Bar (2nd entrance from the left).
Talk with everyone besides the Bartender for now, then go to the Toilet (the door next to where the Drone Racer is standing).
Look at the poster of the alien queen at the left side of the room.
Use the Urinal (probably useless, but do it anyway).
Use your Heaps of Coins on the Condom Dispenser to the left. You should get the "Scammed!" achievement!
Go back to the Bar, and go to the Corridor.
Go right to the Main Hall, and watch the short cutscene. You'll immediately talk with the Guard after it, so talk with him about all the options. He won't let you in.
Talk with everyone in this room (BDSM Couple and Weird Guy Trio).
Go to the Darkroom (the entrance to the Darkroom is at the left side of the room).
Use the green door to the right (Darkroom III Door). There will be some fun time, and you should get a pair of Panties. Go left to leave the Darkroom.
Go left to the Corridor.
Talk with the Elegant Clubber again. Tell him you need help. We need to get the Access Card by paying with cryptocurrency.
Go back to the Bar.
Talk with the Robot Bartender.
Buy every single drink for him.
Use the Blood Mario on the girls (this is probably useless but do it anyway).
Use all the other drinks on the drone racer to get him drunk. This way, he'll let us use his drone! Additionally, he will give us a Crypto Wallet.
Go back to the Robot Bartender, and buy another Frozen Margarita.
Leave the bar and go all the way left, leave the club and go back to the kids next to the bonefire.
Race them, and you'll see that your drone is too slow.
We're going to need to upgrade it, so use the Jumper on the Drone, and set the jumpers to look like this:

(in case you're wondering how to find the right configuration - you can get a manual that has the fastest configuration from the Merchant that helped with the headset back in Pill Street. However, going back there is not required).
Talk with the bonefire kids again, and you'll notice how your drone is overheating.
Click on the Racing Drone in your inventory again, and this time use the Frozen Margarita on the Coolant (the circular looking component on the top right of the Drone's hardware).
Race with the kids again, this time beat them. They will add a lot of money to your cryptocurrency wallet.
Go right and back into the Cubus Club.
Use the Crypto wallet Full of Money on the Elegant Clubber. You'll get the AAA Pass.
Use the AAA Pass on the Scanner to the left of the left door in this room (Control Center, the one that says Staff Only when you're wearing your AVR Glasses).
Look at the 3D Printed Chair, and then talk with The Nerd. Learn that he has a major fetish for aliens, and especially the purple queen that we saw earlier in the Toilet. Answer the trivia questions however you want, it's inconsequential.
Leave the room, and go to the Main Hall.
Enter the Darkroom.
Go right all the way in the Darkroom, and use the Touchscreen. Set the Touchscreen to the model of the green alien. Click on the green door (Darkroom III Door) again, and have some more good time.
Doing the same thing with the Viking character, will give you the achievement "Weird Fantasies"!Go back to the Main Hall.
Talk once again with the BDSM Couple, tell them about the fun time with the green alien creature. They'll tell you that there is some guy who sells blueprints for those machines, so we'll need to contact him.
Go back to the Corridor, and enter the Bar. Go to the Toilet. Look at the phone number on the top left of the room.
Use your Old Mobile Phone (left click and not right-click). You'll get the Blueprints.
Leave the Toilet, go back to the Main Hall, and back to the Darkroom.
Use the Touchscreen, and click on Upload on the bottom left. Use your phone to upload the alien queen blueprint.
Set the touchscreen to the alien queen, and have some fun time with her as well by clicking on the green door (Darkroom III Door).
Go back to the Corridor, and back to the Control Center.
Talk to The Nerd again, tell him about the new entries in the Darkroom.
Once he leaves, use the Great Console to ruin the lives of some more people.
After a short cutscene, go right to the Corridor, and right to the Main Hall. Keep going right until you reach the Hacker Room. Watch the cutscenes.

The Blade HQ

This is the shortest segment in the game. Our goal here is to find out what's going on with Jay, and how to proceed from here.

Start by talking with everyone (Jay, Ramirez, and the two Gang Members) about everything. You'll get a Floppy Disk.
Use the Lorraine 500 (it's the keyboard in the middle of the room). It needs a Monitor.
Pick up the Ladder to the right of the Lorraine 500.
Use the Ladder on the Closet.
Pick up the Monitor that's on top of the closet.
Use the Monitor on the Lorraine 500. You still need a cable.
Go left, and use the Box.
Scramble the cables a bit and click on random cables (make sure you try to pick up cables and not just the mess of cables). If it doesn't work the first time, keep scrambling them until it works. This might take a bit, but eventually, you'll find the right one.
Use the Monitor Cable on the Lorraine 500.
Use the Lorraine 500.
Use the Floppy Disk on the Floppy Disk Drive (to the right of the monitor).
Watch the cutscene.
Talk with everyone again. You'll get the Closet Key.
Use the Closet Key on the Closet. Open the closet.
Pick up the Dial-Up Moden (it's on the 2nd floor from the top of the closet).
Use the Dial-Up Moden on the Lorraine 500.
Use the Lorraine 500.
Watch the cutscene, and talk with everyone again. Go left and leave the Blade HQ.
On the way to the bus, talk with the Online Services Broker.
Upon reaching the bus, talk with all the band members (there are 3 - bassist, guitarist and a drummer).
Click on the right side of the bus to travel.
We have 2 destinations here: Satnajoskull and Nuwaka. We will be starting with Nuwaka (the destination on the right).


Our goal here is to find the Cypher Master and talk with him about the source code.

Start by going to the right. Go to Town.
Talk with Preacher. You might have to talk with him twice if the conversation resets. Talk with him about everything.
Go to the internet point to the right of where he's standing.
Talk to the Netrunner and try using the curtain.
Look at the Printer to the left.
Use your Heap of Coins on the Toy Machine, then use the Toy Machine.
It'll drop a Harpoon, so pick it up.
Go right, and use the Curtain.
Use the Computer, but it's updating.
Go right and talk with the Sys Admin. Talk about everything with her. You should get a VHS, and a paper should be printed for the printer (if you looked at the Printer before talking with her).
Go left, and pick up the Printer Paper (it's on the Printer).
Go back to Town.
Go to the Garage and watch a short cutscene. Talk with the Mechanic about everything, and you should get his Business Card.. Leave this room for now.
Go right and talk with the Wood Artist. Talk with her about everything.
Use the Panties on the Fuel Pump (it's to the left of the Wood Artist). Go right, and talk with the Audiophile Villager. Talk with her about everything (this one might be useless).
Talk with the kid that is building the machine.
Go all the way to the left towards the Bus, and turn right to the Jungle. Keep going right until you reach an area to the right of the waterfall.
Use the Marsh to get a Rusty Saw.
Use the Valve, to find out that the fuel tank is out of gas.
Go into the Hut.
Use the VHS on the VCR. Watch the movie (this is probably useless, but do it anyway).
Leave the room and go outside, then go left towards the Waterfall again, then left to the Jungle again.
Use the Rusty Saw on the Branch. This is somewhat of a pixel hunt, so refer to the picture below for the exact location of the Branch.

Use the Branch with the Wet Panties.
Go right to the Waterfall.
Use the Torch on the Flame.
Go left, and use the Torch on the Wasp Nest.
Go up the road, and look at the Fruit to the left, at the Monument to the right and at the city in the distance.
Go right and leave this place, and go left and all the way back to the Bus. Enter the Tour Bus (don't travel), and look at the Comics that the drummer is reading, all the way to the left. Note the comics number (Issue 2107).
Go to the right, and use the TV. Ask to watch an episode of Laserman 3000V, and make sure you're watching episode 2107.
Go right, and pick up the Happy Food. You should get a Laserman 3000V figurine.
Go left, and talk with the drummer. Show him the figurine, and then spoil him the end of the comic.
Leave the bus, and go right to Town.
Talk with the kid and show him the figurine, but he doesn't want it - we need to find a cooler figurine with a shield and a different color. Our goal here is to turn our lame figurine into a cool one for the kid.
Go back to the bus, and use the Bathroom Door. The singer is there having a bad time.
Pick up the Guitar Cable to the right of the Bathroom Door.
Go left, and pick up the Comic. This should give you an idea of what the shield looks like, as well as the figurine's color.
Go right, and travel back to the Blade HQ.
Make sure you have your AVR headset off, and look at the Online Services Broker's Jacket (make sure you're pointing at the jacket and not at him).
Talk with him about everything, and show him the mechanic's Business Card.
Watch the short cutscene, and go back to the Bus, and back to Nukawa, and back to Town.
Go to the Garage.
Use the Keybox (to the left of the room), and pick up the Office Key. Use the Door to close it, and then use the Key to lock the mechanic inside.
Use the Directional Switch to ruin yet another person's day.
In this room, pick up 3 things: the Pincers (on the white board at the back), the Fuel Tank (on the right - red with a skull drawing), and the Paint Bucket (at the far-left side of the room).
Use the Pincers on the Leash (to the left of the dog) when he's stretching it, letting him loose, which will chase the person who is using the Internet Point away.
Leave this room, and talk with the Wood Artist.
Go left into the Internet Point.
Talk with the Sys Admin again.
Use the Computer, which is now free to use, and sign up to the church's AVR. Go to the right, and talk with the Sys Admin yet again.
Leave the Internet Point, go right and talk with the Wood Artist again.
Use the Fuel Tank with the Fuel Pump.
Go left out of town, and back to the jungle and to the Waterfall.
Once you reach the Waterfall, use the Paint Bucket on the Waterfall Pond, and then use the Laserman 3000V figurine on the Paint Bucket.
Go to the zone to the right, and use the Fuel Tank on the Mega Boiler. Use the Valve.
Pick up the Electronic Component (to the left of the Hut's entrance).
Look at the floating book, it has some ASCII writings, which translates to that you need to put some sort of sacrifice on the altar.
Use the Holographic Statue on the Skull Table, and ring the bell to the right.
Talk with the deity that showed up, and she will tell you that you need a special fruit to talk with the Cypher Master.
Leave the Hut, and go back to the Bus, all the way back to the Blade HQ. Speak with Jay, and she will give you a Man-In-The-Middle Kit, and a Remote Control. Exit the Blade HQ, and go back to town.
In town, go right and place the Man-In-The-Middle Kit on the Plant (it is to the right of the Wood Artist, under the mask).
Use the Remote Control in your inventory and watch the short cutscene.
Talk with the Wood Artist, and use the Laserman 3000V Shield on the Black Laserman 3000V figurine.
Talk with the kid, and he will leave and let you use the Kannon machine.
Use the Kannon machine, and the fruit will drop right next to you.
Pick the Fruit up.
Leave the Town, and go back to the Hut in the jungle, past the Waterfall.
Enter the Hut.
Ring the bell, and this time the deity will let you see the Cypher Master.
Talk with him about everything.
Leave the place, and go back to the Bus. Travel to Jakharrak (top right of the map).


Our goal here is to find the video game box, that contains the source code.

Start by going inside the bus, and pick up the Ducttape (it's on the shelf to the left of the guitarist).
Go out, and go right.
Go to the Hut (closest location to the Bus).
Go into the Hut itself, and talk with the Android.
Go back to the Hut, and pick up the Electric Component.
Go out again.
Pick up another Electric Component to the right, next to a broken monitor.
Use the Bone to the right, but it won't move.
Go back to the Map, and go to the Crashed Plane (directly down from the hut).
Talk to Solitary Traveler. He's missing an eye.
Go right, and note that the plane is unstable.
Use the Car, and note how you can't move it.
Leave this area, and go to the Lighthouse (to the right of the Crashed Plane).
Go Upstairs.
Try going Upstairs once more at this floor, but it's blocked.
Look at the Cleaning Robot (the little bug that's hanging out outside).
In your inventory, use the Cable with the Harpoon, to create a Bat-Harpoon.
Use the Bat-Harpoon on the Cleaning Robot. This will take you to the 3rd floor of the Lighthouse.
Open the CAbinet at the left side of the floor, and pick up the Pills (they're a bit difficult to see). Pick up the Wood Pole as well.
Interact with the Barricade, but you can't do anything to it.
Use the Rusty Saw on the Barricade, and go upstairs.
Go to the left, use and look at the antenna.
Use this as a reference to make a similar antenna out of the components that you have (simply interact two components in your inventory with one another).
Go all the way down, and pick up the Damaged Robot to the left (the Cleaning Robot we used earlier).
Go back to the Map.
Go to Sphynx-Bot (directly above the Lighthouse).
Try going towards it, it will shoot a laser at you. Talk with the Sphynx, and this area.
Go to the Hardware Graveyard (at the top of the map).
Go right, and talk with the Android that is tied to a pole.
Keep going up, and pick up a shovel.
Interact with the Electronic Component, but a robot will snatch it from you.
Go left back to the map.
Go back to the Hut.
Use the Shovel on the Bone to the right.
Pick up the Skeleton.
He will drop a Scanner, so pick that up.
Look at Skull (to the left of the Skeleton). You will notice its right eye is glowing. Use the shovel on the Skull to break it and retrieve an AVR Chip.
Go back to the Map, then to the Tour Bus, and back all the way to the Blade HQ.
Talk with Jay.
Go to the left of the base, and use the computer. Listen to all the sound files to find out what happened to the Archaeologist.
Leave the base, and go back to the Bus. Travel back to Jakharrak.
Go right to the map, and go to the Hut.
Use the Antenna Pole (it is under the Antenna) on right side of the hut. Use it a couple of times until the main character notes that he hears some noise.
Go inside the Hut, and look at the monitor.
Leave the Hut, and go back to the map.
Go to the bus, and enter the bus itself.
Use the Bathroom Door, and give the pills to the singer.
Pick up the Mirror.
Go to the map, and go to the Sphynx-Bot.
Place the Mirror on the Laser Hole that's on the ground.
Look at the Fallen Head (formerly the Sphynx) and pick up the Eye of the Sphynx.
Go to the Crashed Plane.
Give the Eye of the Sphynx to the Solitary Traveler. He will enter the Car.
Use the Car, to push it towards the airplane.
Use the Radar.
Use the Antenna on Plane Roof.
Leave this area, and go back to the map.
Go to Hardware Graveyard.
Use the Cleaning Robot on the Mole Hole.
Use the Ultra Glove of Power on the Cleaning Robot.
Use the Cleaning Robot on the Mole Hole again.
Control the mole and take it all the way to the right, then all the way back to the left to leave. It's wet there, so it can't pick up the antenna.
Use the Liquid Proof Protector Spray on the Cleaning Robot.
Use the Cleaning Robot on the Mole Hole yet again.
Pick up the Electronic Component, and use it with the other Electronic Component you have to make another Antenna.
Use the Radar, make sure it's bleeping, then talk with the tied up robot again. Ask him to hold it for you, but he can't since he has no arms.
Use the Wood Pole on the Antenna.
Use the Ducttape on the Wood Pole + Antenna.
Go left and go back to the Map.
Go to the Hut.
Use the Screwdriver Kit on the Android to get an Android Arm.
Go back to the Hardware Graveyard.
Use the Arm on the Android, and then the Ducttape + Wood Pole + Antenna to hold. Talk with him too.
Leave this area and go back to the map.
Go to the Hut.
Enter the Hut, and look at the monitor on the left. It will pinpoint the location of the source code!
Go back to the map, and go to the location of the source code (left of the Crashed Plane).
Pick up the Game Box.
Leave this area, go back to the map, back to the Tour Bus, and all the way back to the Blade HQ.
Talk with everyone.
Leave the Blade HQ, go back to the bus, and travel to Satnajoskull.


Our goal here is to find the Technomancers. This is a very short segment with only two puzzles.

Upon arriving at Satnajoskull, go right. Make sure you're AVR glasses are on.
You'll see a ghost who will you give weird riddles. You are going to need the ASCII table in order to solve these riddles (if you don't have it at this point, refer to the Nuwaka chapter of this guide).
He is going to ask you a few riddles which are basically just simple math (only additions and subtractions). Try to translate the riddles to numbers, and then use the ASCII table to find the right symbols.
For example, for the following riddle: "One Knight bows low in the presence of the king. He claims that three lands rightly belong to him. The king feeling merciful on this day does say: I'll grant your wish, but not today".
In math terms: 1 Knight, 3 Lands. 1+3 = 4. So the answer is the ASCII symbol corresponding the number 4.
Another example: "One Buccaneer challenges his rivals. He fights Eleven of them with his bare fists. Six guards arrive and start to shoot their rifles. They catch just three of them as the rest of them flee".
In math terms: 1 Buccaneer, 11 of them, 6 guards, then 3 run away (so it's minus 3). Which means:
11+6+1-3=15. So the answer is the ASCII symbol corresponding the number 15.
In case you are struggling with a puzzle that starts with "Mostly there's men", the answer is 32.
One puzzle apparently has to do with Ursa Major. This puzzle alludes to star constellation. The answer to this one is 7.
Upon completing this trial, keep going right into the cave.
Keep going right, until you reach a room with a keyboard. Interact with the Keyboard.
The answer to this puzzle is found in the video we watched earlier in the Blade HQ (the one on the floppy disk). You need to look at the weird visuals and find the symbols that are hidden within it. If you want to rewatch it, watch the video of the Blade HQ section of this guide (the exact time in the video is 02:05).
The correct sequence is:

After the door opens, go right, and talk with the Technomancers.
Leave the area, go left all the way back to the Bus, and back to the Blade HQ.
Talk with Jay and Ramirez, and watch the cutscene.

The Sea and the Underwater Missile Base

Our goal here is to find the secret missile base, and get the missiles ready to launch.

Start by talking with Captain Vildenburg. No need to tell him to set sail yet.
Go to Below Deck by clicking on the red ladder.
Pick up all the books (4 in total), the Bottle, the Fisherman Jacket and the Fishing Cord. You can also look at the marks on the wall. When you leave this room, your inventory should have 8 items: floppy disk, a bottle, a knife, fishing cord, and 4 books.
Leave the deck and talk with the captain, and set sail.
Our first stop will be the underwater missile base, which is always located at the bottom left part of the map. On the map it looks like this:

Upon arriving there, use the submarine, and dive all the way down to the Underwater Missile Base.
After entering it, go right to the Aquarium. You'll see a huge octopus on through the window that is going to cause us some trouble.
Keep going right, and you'll reach a kitchen.
Use the Fridge to open it, and take out the pot.
Pick up the towel (to the right of the fridge).
Go to the room to the right.
You'll need two shrimp cans here. One on the floor (just click on any open shrimp can that's sitting on the floor), and one is on the table (the leftmost shrimp can on the table, this one is unopened).
Use the Missile Command Center in the middle of the room. You'll need the floppy disk to use it, so use the Floppy Disk in your inventory with the Disk Drive (it's to the right of the chair, next to the table).
Use the Missile Command Center again, but the octopus friend we saw earlier is blocking it.
Go left all the way to the Submarine, and up all the way to the ship.
Talk to Captain Vildenburg again, and tell him that an octopus is blocking the way. He will tell you that you need to create a bait. Refer to the book that we have about fish (The Great Fishing Compendium) to know what we're going to need: Crab, Shrimp and Fish.
Talk with Captain Vildenburg again, and we're setting sail towards a location on the map that has small dots (you might have to travel around map of the sea a bit to find it - its location is randomized). This is what it looks like:

Upon arriving there, interact with the fishing net. Pick up the fish, and interact with the fish. You'll get a Fish and Fish with Eggs.
Use the Knife on the Fish with Eggs, and use the Eggs on the Bottle.
Talk with Captain Vildenburg again, and set sail again. This time, we're going to go to a location on the map that is to the top-right of the underwater missile base. On the map, it looks like this:

Go left on the ship to the submarine, and open the cargo bay. Use the Bottle with Eggs on the Cargo Bay.
Enter the Submarine, and start diving down.
Keep going down, until you see a crab to the left. Try to catch him, but he'll run away. Simply interact with the rock above him, and then catch the crab while he's eating the eggs.
Keep going down until you reach the body of a whale. Pick up a Lead Wire and a Hook, then go all the way back up to the ship.
Take out all the items that are in the Cargo Bay.
Use the Fishing Cord on the Hook, and Jay will say that she doesn't know how to tie a knot.
Talk with Captain Vildenburg, who will show you how to tie a knot.
Use the Fishing Cord on the Hook again, and it will tie it.
Talk with Captain Vildenburg to set sail again, and go to the Underwater Missile Base.
Get on the submarine, and dive all the way to the base again. Go to the kitchen room we visited earlier.
Use the Pot on the Stove.
Use the Stove to start up the flame.
Use the Lead Wire on the Pot.
Use the Towel on the Pot to pick it up.
Use the Empty Shrimp Cream Can on the Pot to get a Can of Molten Lead.
Use the Hook with Cord on the Can of Molten Lead to get a Hook with Cord and Plumb.
Use the Hook with Cord and Plumb on both the Crab, the Fish and the unopened Shrimp Cream Can, to get a very special bait for the Octopus.
Go to the left all the way back to the room where the Submarine was.
Open the Cargo Bay, and put the bait in it.
Go on the submarine, and interact with the octopus. Watch the Cutscene.
Go all the way right to the Missile Control Center room (the room with all the cans), and use the Missile Command Center.
Go left to the Aquarium (the room where we first saw the Octopus) and use the Control Station.
Watch the Cutscene.

The Spacestation

Our goal here is to shutdown the space station's server from within and put an end to the VirtuaVerse plan once and for all.

Start by going left, talk with the Ticket Lady.
Go right and use the Gates. Watch the cutscene.
Go left and enter the Museum (the room to the far left).
Take all the hardware components on the window to the left (although the only one you need is the Ancient GPU, but take all of them anyway).
Go all the way right, and look at the picture of the astronaut with a red suit. His name is on the suit, but you can't tell what it is.
Open your inventory and use the Radio to start the DDoS attack.
Watch some cutscenes, and get out of the museum and into the room that's to the right of the museum to watch some more cutscenes.
Leave that room, open the emergency box that's to the right of the museum, and pick up the Axe.
Go into the Museum.
Use the Axe on the Space Suit to pick it up.
Use the Axe on the yellow-ish window that has different components, and pick up a Handle.
Go left and out of the Museum, then go back to the room that's to the right of it (the one with the sliding door).
Use the Knobs and watch the short cutscene.
There are three access points to the space station. We're going to start with the one that is in the middle but on the bottom of the station (that's the only one that is open).
Use the Floating Robot to the right, and talk with it.
Go right to the next room.
Talk with the Robot again.
Try going right, but there will be an invisible obstacle. Use your Radio to contact Jay and Ramirez.
Use the AVR Drawing Tool to erase the layer of fake reality on the right side of the room to see the heart.
Use the Radio again and tell Jay and Ramirez about the Heart.
Use the AVR Drawing Tool on the left side of the room, and use the Handleon the Locker.
Pick up the Soldering Helping Hand.
Go up, and then go up again until you reach a room with a chair.
Use the AVR Drawing Tool to on the chair, then sit on it.
Leave this room by going down, and make your way all the way until you get out of the spacestation.
Go to the tourists space station, then go to the Museum.
Keep going right in the Museum, and use the Soldiering Helping Hand on the picture of the Astronaut in a Red Suit to get his name.
Go back all the way to the room with the chair/throne that we were in earlier.
On the right of the control panel that opened up, change 'Lab' to Open'.
Keep going down all the way then left, until you reach outer space again, then enter the spacestation entrance that is to the left.
Go right all the way and talk with the flying robot (Zaymon) again.
We have two missions here: to load a syringe with the energizing liquid, and to get rid of the chip that we installed earlier in our brain. We'll start with getting rid of the chip.
Use the AVR Drawing Tool on the right side of the room (where Zaymon is), and open the drawers (you can only open the top and bottom drawers). Pick up a Syringe and some Liquid from those drawers.
Erase the left side of the room (under the white board), and pick up a vial of Anesthetic.
Go right, and use the Anesthetic on the Medicine Slot that is next to the large tube-looking machine.
Use the Tube Door, and your chip will be removed.
Go left all the way to the Greenhouse.
In here, pick up three things: Mushrooms (on the right side of the room), a Red Plant (in the middle of the room), and a Space Fruit (this one is a pixel hunt - the Space Fruit is in the mouth of the carnivorous plant). To pick up the Space Fruit, use the pincers, and make sure you interact with the fruit and not with the plant.
Go right all the way back to the room with Zaymon.
Use the Liquid on the Liquid Mixer.
Use the Mushroom, Red Plant and Space Fruit on the Liquid Mixer.
Use the Syringe on the Liquid Mixer.
Go left to outer space, all the way to the room where the heart was.
Use the Drug Syringe on Heart.
Go down to the room that opened up.
Look at the Motherboard.
Use the Ancient GPU on the Motherboard.
Go up all the way to the room where the chair/throne was.
On the left side of the control panel, click on H307 to make sure the system works through the Secondary GPU.
Leave the control panel, and was the cutscene.
Go to the server room (it's the last entrance to the spacestation that we didn't use yet, that just opened up).
Use the Radio.
Use the Big Red Button.
Watch the cutscene.
Go to the right.

Congratulations! You finished VirtuaVerse!

Steam Achievements

In case you are in this guide simply for the details about the achievements, note that by simply following the story you will get 29 out of the 33 available achievements.

The other 4 secret achievements can be found in parts 2, 3 and 4. All of them are marked in bold in the guide, so refer to that if you're struggling to get them.

The achievement in part 2 (Pill Street) is called Karma Boost, and it's achieved by giving a pizza pie to the Beggar.

The achievement in part 3 (The Slums) is called Hardware Engineer, and it's achieved by managing to connect the cables to the touchscreen in the Electric Box next to the Squat on your first try.

The 2 achievements in part 4 (The Club) are called "Weird Fantasies" and "Scammed!". "Weird Fantasies" is achieved by using the Darkroom with the viking-looking man. "Scammed!" is used by using your coins on the condom machine that is located in the Toilet.

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