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Walkthrough for Thimbleweed Park (Hard Mode)

Thimbleweed Park
Hard Mode Walkthrough


NOTE: Thimbleweed Park is a non-linear game and many puzzles can be solved in different orders. You don’t need to follow this walkthrough exactly!  

Part 1: The Meeting

Boris completes his mission:

  • Open the gate

  • Talk to Willie

  • Look at Boris’ note to see his tasks

  • Look at the light over the sign. There’s no switch to turn if off.

  • Pick up the rock in the middle of the stream

  • Use the rock on the light to break it.

  • Walk all the way to the right to find the entrance to the sewer.


Part 2: The Body

Take a photograph of the body:

  • You can switch between the two agents by clicking the icons in the upper right corner. Notice that one is carrying the polaroid camera and the other has the film. To take a picture, first you need to Give the camera (or the film) one agent is carrying to the other agent.

  • For example, to Give the camera to the other agent, select Give and click the polaroid camera, then click on the other agent.

  • Now select the other agent (who now has both the camera and film) by clicking on the upper right icon.

  • Select Use and click the camera, then click the sample polaroid film pack.

  • Select Use and click the camera, then click the body to take a photograph.

  • Look at the body. There’s something in his pocket. You can Look at the body multiple times for more information.

  • Look at the notebook each agent is carrying for backstory. When the notebook is wiggling, it means new information has been entered into it.

Other things to do:

  • Explore the area to the right. Find and Pick up the object hidden in the bushes.

  • Examine the area where Boris “completed” his mission.

  • Find and Pick up the bottle near the sign.


Getting to town:

  • Select Open and click the gate at the left of this location.

  • Move the cursor to the top of the path and click to exit the bridge location.

  • Walk to the right on the highway to trigger the arrival of the pigeons. You can Look at / Pick up the items on the side of the road.

  • Talk to the pigeons to learn about the signals.

  • When the conversation with the pigeons ends, continue walking to the right.

  • Along the way, you can explore the cemetery if you want, or come back later.

  • Pick up the empty bottle along the roadside.

  • When you reach the end of the highway, click to enter the town’s Main Street.

  • Look at the store signs, including the first one to learn more about Willie.

  • You’ll meet the Sheriff, who will bring you into City Hall for a debriefing.


Other things to do:

  • Talk to the Tron machines in the Coroner’s and Sheriff’s offices for more information.

  • Look at the agents’ notebooks for a To Do list of tasks to accomplish. These tasks will automatically update. 

Fixing the broken hydrant (Main Street):

  • Leave city hall and go onto Main Street.

  • Talk to the Pigeon Sisters about the broken hydrant. They need a vacuum tube to fix the hydrant.

  • While you’re there, Look at their tool box. Notice the wrench with the blinking light. (If it’s not there, it will be in a few seconds.) Remember this for later in the game.

  • Visit Ricki’s Cakes on B Street.

  • Talk to Ricki and ask her for a vacuum tube to fix the hydrant. The code is WC-67. (This option only appears after you’ve talked to the Pigeon Sisters about it.)

  • Bring the WC-67 tube back to the Pigeon Sisters and Give it to them. Once the hydrant fixed, you can access A Street.


S&D Diner (Main Street):

When you enter the diner, Talk to Sandy about the body. Sandy will reveal that she may know something about the identity of the killer. This will trigger the Ransome flashback.

Ransome Flashback:

Ransome must prepare for his big stage performance, he must wear his clown nose and makeup, fix his hair, and find his joke book.

  • Pick up the Ransome the Clown doll’s nose. It will have to do since Ransome needs to go onstage.

  • Use nose for Ransome to put it on.

  • Explore the notes on Ransome's corkboard, he owes money to Carney Joe.

  • There’s also a strange note with some sort of code.

  • Explore the area around the circus poster, try picking it up.

  • Ransome needs the combination to the safe. Maybe the strange note is a hint for the combination.

  • Exit the trailer and talk with Ransome's lawyer.

  • Exit to the left to enter the circus grounds.

  • Enter the backstage area and examine the swear jar. Pick up the swear jar to collect the money. $138, not enough to cover the IOU.

  • Ransome’s makeup and hair gel are on the table. Pick up the makeup and then the hair gel to apply them.

  • Exit the backstage area and walk to the left of the circus grounds.

  • Talk to Carney Joe to find out how many kids he has. That’s one of the numbers for Ransome’s safe combination.

  • Look at the strange note to find hints for the other two safe combination numbers.

  • Return to Ransome’s trailer and Open the safe. Pick up the $1000 in it.

  • Give all the money to Carney Joe. He’ll give Ransome his joke book in return.

  • Return to the backstage area and enter the stage.

  • Complete Ransome's stage performance and the action returns to the agent inside the diner.


Other things to do:

  • Push the mime.

  • Look at the names of people on the Swear Jar List.


Alley (next to the diner):

If you walk to the back of the alley (optional), the agent will be hit over the head and abducted. You’ll lose control of that agent for approximately ten minutes, after which time they’ll show up in the sewer. In the meantime, you can keep playing as the other agent.


Escaping the sewer (if abducted):

  • When you wake up in the sewer, you can exit to left or to tunnel in the back wall.

  • Go through the back tunnel. There’s a ladder in this room. Climb up and you’ll see the QuickiePal store outside the grate. You can’t escape this way.

  • If you have the cellphone, it won’t work in the sewers, no signal.

  • Leave the ladder room, walk to the left through the room you woke up in.

  • Next, go left. This leads you to an area with a locked gate, there is no way to open this gate so proceed further to the left.

  • In this room you will discover a phone and some graffiti on the wall. 

  • The phone requires a dime and the graffiti gives an indication that someone is available to help you. Take note of the name on the wall and walk back to the room with the ladder (right, right, back).

  • Switch to the other agent.

  • While walking down the street, be on the lookout for a dime on the ground. It may be on Main Street, A Street, or B Street. Once you find it, Pick up the dime.

  • Walk down B Street until you reach the pay phone. Look at the phone book and locate the name from the sewer wall. Remember the phone number (names are alphabetical by first name).

  • Walk to the far right end of Main Street and click. You’ll end up in the QuickiePal parking lot (but first there will be a cutscene of the Sheriff in his office).

  • Look at the sewer grate in the parking lot. It will start a dialog between the two agents.

  • At some point in the dialog there will be an opportunity to give the dime to the agent. If you miss it, just Give dime to sewer grate or Use dime in sewer grate to drop the dime for the other agent.

  • Switch to the sewer agent, Pick up the dime, walk back to the payphone, Open it, and Use the dime with the phone.

  • Dial the number from the phone book, wait for the conversation to end, and then exit the room. The sheriff will unlock the grate and rescue the agent.

  • Return to the alley and Pick up the agent’s dropped notebook.

Bus Station (B Street):

The bus station is at the very end of B Street. Talk to Lenore here -- she has some information on the identity of the killer which will trigger the Delores flashback.

Delores Flashback:

  • The flashback begins with Delores in her room. Exit the room and make your way through the archway on the left into the main entryway.

  • Walk down the stairs and exit the mansion through the front door.

  • Walk to the bottom of the path to check the mailbox.

  • After George the Postal Worker arrives as you’re walking to the mailbox and gives you a computer magazine.

  • After George leaves, Look at the magazine.

  • Re-enter the mansion and return to Delores' room.

  • (At some point after this, the doorbell will ring -- go answer it.)

  • Use the computer to apply to MmucasFlem for a job. Unless you’ve worked for MmucasFlem, you probably don’t know the answers to the questions about their MMucas programming language. You can guess, but better find a book on MMucas.

  • Leave Delores’ room, go through the arch into the main entryway, and walk through the door that’s on the first landing of the staircase, the library.

  • Use the IndexTron 3000™ machine in the library to find where the book might be.

  • You’re going to have to go up the spiral staircase to find this section. Look at the sign on the staircase. Out of order.

  • Pick up the sign. If there’s no sign, it must no longer be out of order (excellent adventure game logic).

  • Walk up the stairs. Find the section and the MMucas book in it. Look at the book and read it. You’ve automatically picked it up so you can check again if you need to.

  • Walk back to Delores’ room and Use computer to continue the job application. Once you’ve answered the questions correctly, you find out...

  • The printer’s out of ink! 

  • Exit Delores’ room. Walk to the very right of the hallway and enter the furthest room (Chuck’s workshop).

  • Talk to Chuck and find out about making ink. He says you can make it by polycyclic hydrocarbons along with methyl ethyl ketone. For our purposes, soot may be a good substitute for polycyclic hydrocarbons and gasoline a substitute for methyl ethyl ketone.

  • Pick up the empty ink bottle from the desk.

  • Leave the workshop. You can either walk all the way back to the far left side of the great Mansion mansion hallway, or experiment with Opening its doors to find a shortcut.

  • Go outside through the front door. To the left is a woodpile and a can of gasoline. Pick up the gas can and the wood pile (to get a log of firewood).

  • Go back inside, Use the log in the fireplace. (Optional, Use gas can with firewood for some pyrotechnic fun.)

  • Delores needs to find a way to ignite the firewood. Go through the door under the staircase. This is the kitchen.

  • Open the refrigerator. There seems to be something behind the broken bottles of ketchup. Pick up the broken bottles of ketchup.

  • Look at the hot sauce to learn more about it. Fire eh?

  • Pick up the hot sauce bottle.

  • Go back to the fireplace and Use hot sauce.

  • Go back to the kitchen and wait for the fire to die down. Explore the cabinets and pick up whatever you find. You can also Use the faucet to turn the water on/off.

  • Go back to the fireplace. The fire has died down and all that’s left is some fireplace soot. Pick up some of the fireplace soot.

  • Use fine black soot in empty ink bottle.

  • Use gas can with ink bottle (with the soot inside). Voila! Ink!

  • Return to Delores' room and Use the full ink bottle with the printer.

  • Use Delores' computer again to print the completed job application.

  • Pick up the envelope on the printer. Need to find some stamps. There were some uncancelled stamps on the letter George the Postal Worker delivered for Chuck.

  • If you don’t have the letter George delivered (if you gave it to Chuck) go back to Chuck’s workshop and Pick up the envelope from the desk.

  • Take the letter to the kitchen, Open the microwave, and Use letter in microwave.

  • Did you find the empty glass in the kitchen cabinet? Use glass with faucet to fill it with water.

  • Use glass of water in the microwave. The glass of water and Chuck’s stamped letter are now in the microwave.

  • Use microwave. When it finishes creating steam from the water, Open the microwave and Pick up the letter. The stamps now fall off.

  • Use stamps on the letter to MMucasFlem.

  • (You can also now read Chuck’s letter if you want.)

  • Exit the mansion.

  • Open the mailbox outside the gate, actually the MailTron 3000™.

  • Use the letter to MMucasFlem in the mailbox.

  • When George delivers the letter, return to Delores' room and Open it.

  • Repeat this Open action to build up Delores' courage.

  • After Delores has opened the letter take it back to Chuck's workshop.

  • Talk to Chuck about the letter to end the flashback.


Vista (to the very right side of Main Street, past the QuickiePal and up the winding path):

If you attempt to proceed past the vista, the sheriff will stop you. To explore past the vista you need to locate a map.


Finding a Map

  • First try the QuickiePal. Unfortunately the sheriff seems to have removed all the maps from the map holder.

  • Walk to the Nickel News on A Street. Go inside and Talk to Natalie to find out about Chuck.

  • When the conversation has ended, attempt to interact with the map on the wall. Since Natalie won't allow you to remove the map, we need to find a way to get rid of her.

  • Try interacting with the PoliceTron 3000™ to hear that Natalie is waiting for a call from the sheriff's office about a potential news story. Remember the details, they’re important.

  • Switch to the other agent and go to the sheriff's office. Use the PoliceTron on the desk to make a false report that matches with what Natalie is expecting to hear. If Natalie leaves the Nickel, you have chosen the correct story. If not, try again.

  • When Natalie has left the Nickel, switch back to the agent inside the Nickel and pick up the map.

  • (If you try leaving with the wall map, Natalie will return and stop you, so you’ll have to make another PoliceTron call to get her to leave again.)

  • Use the map on the CopyTron 3000™. You’re going to need a nickel to operate the machine.

  • Did you Pick up the bottle along the highway? If not, go back and get it.

  • Take the bottle to the Leonard at the QuickiePal and Give it to him in exchange for a nickel deposit return.

  • Return to the Nickel News and Use the nickel in the CopyTron.

  • Pick up the map copy from the side of the CopyTron. If you want, you can return the wall map to its frame on the wall.

  • Return to the Vista and the sheriff will again stop you. Show him the map. He’ll let you pass.

  • Since he wasn’t able to stop you from getting a map, the sheriff returned the other maps to the QuickiePal. Have the other agent Pick up the rest (two of them to be distributed to Delores and Ransome when you next see them).

  • Seasoned Adventure Pro Hint: If you Use map, you’ll be able to quickly traverse most of Thimbleweed Park County, even moving between points inside of the town.

  • The map will also appear whenever you exit any of the other main areas in Thimbleweed Park, like the circus, Mansion mansion, factory, etc.


Part 3: The Arrest

Thimbleweed Park Hotel (Map):

Either Use the map or walk into the countryside from the Vista and go to the Thimbleweed Park Hotel. Walk through the front doors and you’ll find Natalie again. Find out what you can. This will trigger the Franklin flashback.

Franklin Flashback

  • Look at Franklin’s To Do list.

  • Walk Franklin through the front doors and across the lobby to the hotel manager.

  • Franklin can’t get a room without raising suspicion. You’re going to need a disguise. There’s a cool kid with a boombox to the far right of the lobby.

  • He won’t be able to hear you, so Use boombox to turn it off.

  • Talk to the kid. Find out what motivates him. Then convince him you’re cool and current on the latest and greatest.

  • After he thinks you’re cool, Give him one of your prototype bear pillows in exchange for his nose glasses. He’ll also throw in some used chewing gum as a bonus.

  • Use the nose glasses to put them on. Then Talk to the hotel manager and get a room.

  • If you ask about photocopying your prospectus, you’ll discover you need to find four sheets of paper.

  • Use the elevator and go to your room. Use the keycard to get in. This triggers a phone call cutscene.

  • You’ll need a way to keep the HôtelTron 3000™ from seeing you.

  • Use the chewed, sticky bubble gum on the HôtelTron.

  • Pick up the hotel stationery from the desk and Use it on the HôtelTron (or the gum).

  • That’s the right idea, but it alerts Chuck to something being amiss.

  • The hotel manager said the 10th floor was under construction, installing the HôtelTrons. Take the elevator to the 10th floor.

  • From the stand near the elevator, Pick up the standard room photo example.

  • While you’re on this floor, go into four of the rooms and Pick up a sheet of hotel stationery from each.

  • Go down to the lobby and Talk to the Manager. Ask him about photocopying. Continue by giving him your stationery and then the prospectus.

  • Return to your room. Use the standard room photo on the HôtelTron.

  • Use the telephone to invite Franklin’s associate up to his room.

  • Oh no!


BloodTron 3000™ Report Tasks

Getting a blood sample

  • If you need more information Talk to the BloodTron 3000™ in the Coroner’s office. Find out you need a blood sample from the body, and will need something absorbent.

  • Go to the QuickiePal Bathroom (outside the QuickiePal, on the left side).

  • Search around with your cursor until you find the light switch. Use light switch to turn on the lights.

  • Pick up the toilet paper.

  • Use your map and click on the bridge to the left of town.

  • Use toilet paper on the body to get a blood sample.

  • It’s dripping wet. The BloodTron wants its samples dried out. You can return to the QuickiePal bathroom and Use the dripping bloody toilet paper with the dryer.

  • If the agent doesn’t have an extra map, pick one up from the QuickiePal (or from the other agent).

Leave the circus

  • Use the map to go to the circus. Try to Open the gates or Use the clown horn. Ransome will come out and talk to the agent.

  • After the conversation, Ransome will be available as a playable character. Use the upper right icon to switch to Ransome.

  • Look at Ransome’s To Do list.

  • Open the microwave. Ransome’s pet hamster lives in there and needs to be fed.

  • Open the refrigerator. Pick up the cheese.

  • Pick up the pink postal notice from Ransome’s bulletin board.

  • Look at mirror to try and remove makeup again. Doesn’t work.

  • Leave the trailer, walk to the main circus grounds. There are popcorn kernels all over the ground. Ransome won’t pick them up unless he has something to put them in.

  • Pick up the popcorn bag on the popcorn cart.

  • Pick up a couple of kernels. A rat comes out and starts picking them up as well.

  • Follow the rat back into the big top tent and figure out where he’s taking them. He’ll come out of a hole, or go into one. Use the cheese on that hole.

  • Leave the big top for a few seconds and then go back in again.

  • Miraculously, the rats decided they’d prefer the cheese to the stale popcorn and leave a stack of it for Ransome to Pick up.

  • Take the now full bag of popcorn back to the trailer, Give it to the hamster.

  • Ransome can now leave the circus. Watch out for those old stilts near the exit (if you pushed the mime). 

  • If the agent is still at the gate and has an extra map, Give the map to Ransome. If not, just walk Ransome to the far left or right edge of the circus entrance area to enter the map.

Get the bloody wallet from Willie

  • As Ransome, Use the map and go to A Street. 

  • Walk to the post office and Give the postal notice to George the Postal Worker.

  • George will give Ransome a package. Open the package.

  • Walk out of the post office and to the right until you find Willie. Talk to Willie and offer him wallet. In exchange, Ransome will get the bloody wallet Willie took from Boris.

  • Give the bloody wallet to one of the agents.

  • The agent needs both the bloody wallet and the dried bloody toilet paper. Go to the Coroner's office and Use wallet in BloodTron.

  • Use bloody toilet paper in BloodTron.

  • The BloodTron will then print out the blood report. Be sure to Pick up the report.


FingerTron 3000™ Report Tasks

Get a fingerprint book, fingerprint kit and supplies

  • Open the file cabinet drawers in the Coroner’s office until you find the fingerprint kit. You will automatically pick it up.

  • Look at the fingerprint kit. It says it’s missing fingerprint tape.

  • Open the file cabinet drawers in the Sheriff’s office until you find the fingerprint book. You will automatically pick it up.

  • Go to the Post Office on A Street. Show George the Postal Worker your badge (Give badge).

  • Pick up a piece of sticky tape from the tape dispenser on the counter.

  • Go ahead and Pick up another piece of sticky tape. May need it later.

Find the murder weapon

  • Leave the post office, walk to the right to far end of the street and enter the Occult Bookstore.

  • Talk to Madame Morena and learn she will help with the investigation if you Give her some mushrooms from the sewer.

  • Use the map and walk to the Edmund Mansion mansion. Go through the gate and Pick up the gas can by the wood pile.

  • While you’re there, go to the front door and meet Delores. After the conversation, Delores will be available as a playable character. Later, Use the upper right icon to switch to Delores. For now, let’s continue finding the murder weapon.

  • Use the map and walk to the bridge. If you haven’t already gotten the chainsaw, look for it in the bushes between the stream and the opening to the sewers (which is blocked by a tree) and Pick up something odd, or if you’ve looked at it, Pick up Chainsaw of Disappointment.

  • Make sure the agent with the gas can also has the chainsaw. If not, walk the other agent to the bridge using the map and Give chainsaw to the agent with the gas can.

  • Use the gas can with the chainsaw.

  • Use the chainsaw on the tree in front of the sewer entrance.

  • Go inside the sewer, Open the light box near the entrance, and Use the light switch to turn on the lights.

  • Walk through the tunnel opening on the right. You’re now in the sewer under the Highway.

  • Keep walking to the right and you’ll be in the sewer under Main Street (there’s a sign on the wall).

  • Walk through the first tunnel opening on the back wall and you’ll be in the sewer under A Street.

  • Walk through the first tunnel opening on the back wall, and then the first tunnel you come to. You’ll be in a tunnel with a lot of water on the ground.

  • Keep walking to the right and enter the first tunnel you come to. You should now be in the room where Willie lives. It has a large cardboard box.

  • Pick up a mushroom.

  • Pick up the ice pick inside Willie’s box.

  • Optional: Give the mushroom to Madame Morena. Not much of a help...

Get a fingerprint from the murder weapon

  • Go to the Coroner’s office. You can either find your way out of the sewers, or simply Use the map as a shortcut. 

  • Use the fingerprint kit on the ice pick to dust it with fingerprint powder.

  • Use the sticky tape on the ice pick to lift the fingerprint.

  • Use the fingerprint from the ice pick (the sticky tape) in the FingerTron 3000™.

  • Use the fingerprint book in the FingerTron.

  • Pick up the Fingerprint Report from the FingerTron.

FaceTron 3000™ Report Tasks

Find official photographic ID

  • Make sure you have the keycard from the body. If you haven’t picked it up from the body, go to the bridge and Look at the body.

  • Go to the hotel and take the elevator to the floor that the room is on. Use the keycard in the door to gain entry.

  • Pick up the passport lying on the table at the far left.

Escape from the hotel

  • For some reason, you can’t use the map to leave the hotel. Check out the front door to see what’s up.

  • Spinning too fast? Mechanical problem or ghostical? Talk to the hotel manager and get a keycard for Franklin’s room (registered under his alias).

  • Enter Franklin’s room. Nothing there? When you leave his room, and after the cutscene, Franklin will be available as a playable character. Use the upper right icon to switch to Franklin.

  • Franklin has a new set of verbs, appropriate to his ghostly nature. Try experimenting with them.

  • Look at Franklin’s To Do list.

  • Click on the door to walk through it (ghosts don’t need to open doors).

  • Take the elevator down to the lobby.

  • Go to the drinking fountain and wait for someone to approach. Use your ghost verbs to scare the person. If no one comes, then switch to the agent in the hotel and bring him/her to that drinking fountain.

  • As Franklin, you’ll need to scare two different people there. Once that’s done, the ghost on door duty will leave the door and you can either Use the map or walk through the doors.

Get the Identity Report

  • Go back to the Coroner’s office.

  • Use photo of body in the FaceTron 3000™.

  • Use Boris’ passport in the FaceTron.

  • Pick up the identity report from the FaceTron.

ArrestTron 3000™ Tasks

  • Now that you have the three Tron reports (Blood, Fingerprint, and Identity), go to the Sheriff’s office.

  • Use any of these reports in the ArrestTron 3000™. Oops, it doesn’t seem to be working. If you Look at the top of the ArrestTron on the left side, there seems to be a vacuum tube missing.

  • Switch to Delores. Walk her upstairs to Chuck’s workshop. Pick up the large vacuum tube on a box against the left wall. Look at the tube and Delores will find out it’s an AT-25 tube.

  • Pick up the receipt on the desk. It’s for a tube puller, which Delores will need to install the tube in the ArrestTron (as well as for removing other vacuum tubes).

  • Pick up the journal on the desk. Read for more insight into Chuck.

  • While you’re there, Open the check register and Pick up the check stub.

  • Delores won’t leave the mansion until she’s talked with her sister, Lenore. So walk Delores into the mansion library. Lenore isn’t pleased.

  • That didn’t go well. Maybe we could try again? Talk to Lenore.

  • Oh well.

  • Use the map to go to B Street. Walk into Ricki’s tube store and Give her the receipt and she’ll give you the tube puller.

  • Go to the Sheriff’s office and Use the AT-25 ArrestTron tube in the ArrestTron.

  • Switch to the agent(s) with the reports and Use each report in the ArrestTron.

  • The sheriff will come, take the report, and arrest Willie.

  • Interrogate Willie. He cracks and confesses, the agents leave town.


Part 4: The Will

Reading of the Will

Get into ThimbleCon

  • Switch to Delores. Go to the library, Use the phone book under the telephone and look up Brant Bailiwick’s phone number. Call him on the phone. He’s preparing for ThimbleCon.

  • Go to the hotel lobby and either Talk to the manager or Look at the ThimbleCon signs. Free tickets!

  • If you call the radio station to win some tickets, the phone will always be busy.

  • Use the map and go to the radio station. There’s a PhoneTron 3000™ to the right of the station building.

  • The plan: Remove the tube from the PhoneTron and put it back in to cause the phone system to reboot. Then quickly get to a phone and call KSCUM (phone number is in the phone book). 

  • There are several options:

    • If you gave the cellphone to Delores or Ransome, then they can make the call.

    • If not, then Franklin can zap a hotel room door open and Ransome can go inside.

    • Have Delores do it all by using the map to quickly return to the mansion library phone.

    • If the agents have returned and one of them has the cellphone, they can make the call.

  • Answer the trivia questions. If you get them all right, you’ve won the tickets. If not, repeat the steps by having Delores reset the PhoneTron again and call KSCUM again.

  • Go to the hotel lobby and Talk to the manager to pick up the tickets.

  • Walk to the mezzanine level of the lobby and Give the tickets to the dragon door guard.

Agents return

  • At some point, Ray and Reyes return to the hotel, in a very convincing disguise.

  • Once each gets to their room, have them Use the phone to get their message then leave the room to go to the lobby.

  • Once the cutscene is over, have each agent Open their packages.

Get Brant to the library

  • Have Delores Talk to Brant and he’ll tell you the check stub isn’t proof that the reading of the will costs have already been paid.

  • Use the map and go to Main Street. The bank will remain closed until the agents have returned (about 10 minutes after they’ve left -- use the time to explore more of Thimbleweed Park).

  • Once the agents have returned, have Delores go inside the bank and Talk to Mr. El Paulo, the bank manager. Give him the check stub and he’ll give you the cancelled check.

  • Go back to ThimbleCon and Give the cancelled check to Brant.

  • Go to the mansion library and Brant will read the stipulations of the will: Decode will, Thimbleberry pie, meet in the tomb...

Decode the will

  • Take binary will up to Delores’ room. Pick up the Graphics BASIC software to the left of the computer and Use it in the computer.

  • Use the will in the computer.

  • That decoded it from binary to hex. You’ll need to find Chuck’s favorite number to decode it further.

  • Go to the Nickel News office and read the newspaper headlines on the top of the stacks of papers until you find one that has Chuck’s favorite number listed. Remember that number.

  • Go back to Delores’ room and again Use the will with the computer.

  • When prompted, answer questions about Chuck’s number.

  • Go back to the library and Give the will to Brant

Thimbleberry pie

  • Use the map to go to B Street. Go to Ricki’s tube shop and Talk to her. Ask her to bake a thimbleberry pie. She can’t but gives you thimbleberry picking gloves.

  • Use the map and go to the trailhead.

  • Notice people walking through the puddle (needed for later).

  • Steel your nerves and walk into the forest. Trust the Force and continue walking. The fifth room you come to has a thimbleberry bush in the middle.

  • Pick up thimbleberries and walk through any exit to return to the trailhead.

  • Use the map and return to B Street and Ricki’s store.

  • Give Ricki the thimbleberries and she’ll give you a pie.

  • Return to the library and Give the thimbleberry pie to Brant.

Open the tomb

  • Use the map and go to the cemetery (off of the highway into town).

  • Walk through the cemetery until you get to Chuck’s tomb. The gate can’t be opened from the outside, but there’s an unreachable switch inside. What we need is someone who isn’t stopped by simple bars… Franklin?

  • Switch to Franklin. He can’t leave the hotel through the front door. Take him into the elevator and Talk to Clara.

  • You find out her weakness is ice cream cake. Go to the ThimbleCon and Talk to Vergil to get some cake for Clara.

  • When you go back to the elevator, Clara won’t want the cake because it’s not ice cream cake. Use Franklin’s special Chill power on the slice of the cake and Talk to Clara again.

  • Clara will now let you go to the Penthouse. Zap the Penthouse button.

  • There’s a secret room with red runes on it. Franklin is repelled by the runes. Maybe one of the others can walk through.

  • Back to the elevator. Talk to Clara again. If you didn’t find out before, she lets you know there’s a special book you need, and Vergil mentioned something about an offering from the funeral.

  • Also find out what Clara’s favorite TV show is. Take the elevator to the 10th floor where there’s a TV sitting in the hall.

  • Switch to the actor at the cemetery. Pick up a flower from one of the wreaths near Chuck’s tomb entrance.

  • Use the map and go to A Street. Walk to the end of the street and into the Occult Bookstore. Push the ladder so it’s in the center position.

  • Walk up the ladder, and then walk up the second floor ladder.

  • Keep climbing.

  • Keep climbing.

  • Keep climbing.

  • When you get to the very top, there’s a glowing book on the top shelf. Pick up the cursed book, the Book of the Dead™.

  • Climb down the ladder.

  • Keep climbing.

  • Keep climbing.

  • Keep climbing.

  • Use the map to go to the hotel.

  • Switch to Franklin on floor 10. Zap the TV. Keep zapping it until Clara’s favorite program is on.

  • Switch to actor in the lobby and go inside the elevator.

  • Select the 10th floor. When the doors open, Clara will hear her favorite TV show playing and leave the elevator.

  • Take the elevator to the Penthouse.

  • Open the door with the runes and walk in.

  • There’s a hidden light switch near the door. Use it to turn on the light.

  • Use the Book of the Dead™ on the podium.

  • Use the flowers on the podium.

  • Switch to Franklin and have him Float into the secret room.

  • (If Delores is in the room, you can have Franklin Talk to Delores. Even though she won’t hear him, it’s cathartic for Franklin, and he gets to check off an item on his To Do list.)

  • Have Franklin Look at the Book of the Dead a couple of times. This opens a portal to the cemetery.

  • Float Franklin through the portal.

  • Float Franklin into the tomb. Once there, have him Zap the switch on the wall.


Part 5: The Reading

  • If Delores has already given both the fully decoded will and thimbleberry pie to Brant, a cutscene will begin with Brant reading the will.


Part 6: The Factory

Get inside the factory

Get the factory key

  • Delores now has a T-shirt. Look at the T-shirt.

  • Switch to Reyes and take him to the bank on Main Street.

  • If you haven’t done so already, Open the package Reyes got.

  • There’s a key on the wall. Try picking it up. Bank manager Mr. El Paulo won’t let you. 

  • Mr. El Paulo seems to get a lot of phone calls and obsessed with being pranked. Let’s give him a real one.

  • Take another character to the pay phone on B Street and look up the phone number of the bank.

  • Switch to Franklin and take him into any of the hotel rooms. Have him call the bank and try to keep Mr. El Paulo on the phone.

  • Once the bank manager is distracted, switch to Reyes in the bank and Pick up the key.

  • Use the map to go to the factory. Use the key to unlock the padlock and go inside.

  • There’s a glowing time clock at the corner of the factory with a number 2 on it. Look at it.

Pocket watch repair estimate

  • The close-up of the device shows it has a digital time display and a space for something round with two knobs.

  • Exit from this screen and Use pocket watch in time box. It fits perfectly. Just need to get the watch fixed.

  • Walk to the left and go through the big arch. Then walk to the left and find the security office. On the way there’s another time box, this one with a 3 on it.

  • The map on the wall shows four red lights, each one positioned at a corner of the factory. Two of them correspond to the two boxes we’ve seen.

  • Pick up the papers on the floor. Pick up the handbook they were covering.

  • Look at the handbook. There’s a phone number to call, as well as mention of a PF-001 tube.

  • Call the number in the handbook. It tells you what time time box 1 needs to be set to. Remember this for later (you can always call the number again if you forget).

  • Look at the photo on the desk.

  • Have Reyes visit Willie in jail and Talk to Willie. If you’ve talked with him before, or read the sign on the burnt out store on Main Street, you know he used to be a watch repairman.

  • Give watch to Willie. He won’t fix it without jewelers tools.

  • Go to ThimbleCon and Talk to the guy with the red Star Trek shirt, Sexy Riker, and find out that he uses jewelry tools.

  • He won’t loan you his tools, but wouldn’t mind a hamburger.

  • While in ThimbleCon, walk to the right and Look at the yellow sign that says Big Prizes on it. Repeat Looking at it until you’ve read all the prizes.

  • Go to the S&D Diner on Main Street and try to order a hamburger for Sexy Riker.

  • You find out they won’t make one until all four of the hot dogs are eaten first. Each of your four living characters must eat a hot dog (no one is willing to eat more than one).

  • After that, order a hamburger.

  • Give the hamburger to Sexy Riker. Not surprisingly, he becomes ill and rushes off to his room.

  • Follow him out of ThimbleCon and notice which floor the elevator stops at.

  • Take the elevator to that floor and figure out which room he’s in (the door will be ajar).

  • When he leaves, have Franklin Zap unlock his door. Then have Reyes go inside and Pick up his tools.

  • Have Reyes return to Willie and Give him the tools. Willie won’t repair the watch with that music blaring on the radio. He needs theremin music.

Enter the Ransome look-alike contest

  • Only way to get the theremin record is to win the third place prize in the Ransome look-alike contest. Maybe Ransome could win it?

  • Switch to Ransome and have him Open his wall safe in his trailer. No need for a combination this time.

  • Pick up the joke book and the four pages that are in the safe.

  • Pick up the comic book that’s under Ransome’s mattress. Look at it. A rare first edition.

  • Oops. One of the pages flew out the window.

  • Use each of the other three pages with the joke book to put them back inside.

  • Leave the trailer. The missing page flew upwards. For a better look, Ransome can Use his old trampoline.

  • Push the trampoline to the left. Repeat until it won’t move any further.

  • Have Ransome walk up the steps of the trailer on the left and Use the trampoline.

  • He won’t jump without a spotter.

  • Switch to Delores and bring her to the circus. Have her stand on the right side of the trampoline.

  • Switch to Ransome. Again have him Use the trampoline.

  • He’ll begin jumping on it. When he’s high enough, he’ll see the missing joke book page stuck on a TV antenna. Click on the page to pick it up.

  • You can click on the ground for Ransome to dismount faster.

  • Use the final joke book page in the joke book.

  • Have Ransome go to ThimbleCon and walk through the curtains at the far right.

  • Guess what. Ransome wins third place. Have him Give the theremin record to Delores or Ray.

  • Before Ransome leaves ThimbleCon, he should Talk to Ken Thien, the vendor selling comic books.

  • Ransome should trade his first edition Ransome the Clown comic for the Colossal Dungeon Cave Quest II hint book.

Change the music on the radio, fix the watch

  • Switch to the character with the theremin record. Let’s say it’s Ray.

  • Have Ray go to the radio station and then go inside. The door to the control room is locked but there are two turntables in there and a big switch.

  • Switch to Ransome. Have him go to the radio station, then walk all the way to the right to the radio tower.

  • Have Ransome climb up the tower. At the top is a similar switch. Before he pushes it make sure:

    1. Ray is waiting near the radio control room door.

    2. Reyes is standing next to Willie and has already given Willie the tools

  • Have Ransome Push the switch.

  • Cassie the DJ will notice the station is off the air and she’ll leave the control room to find out what’s up.

  • Switch to Ray. Have her Open the control room door, then Use theremin record on the left turntable.

  • Have Ray Push the large switch to the left.

  • When you can, switch to Reyes. Have him Give his broken pocket watch to Willie.

Set the factory time boxes

  • Have Reyes go back to the factory with his fixed watch.

  • Go to the far left corner of the factory and Use pocket watch in the time box with the 1 on it.

  • On the close-up screen, set the watch to the initial time you heard when you called the phone number listed inside the handbook. Click on the watch’s top knob to adjust the hour, the right knob to adjust the minutes.

  • If you get the correct time, the green light on the time box should turn on.

  • Exit the screen. Notice that one of the red lights over the main factory doors are now green.

  • Go to time box 2 on the far right of the factory. Use the pocket watch in the time box. This time only click on the right knob to adjust the minutes. They will advance by 5 minutes to the correct time for this time box.

  • Exit the screen, go through the arch, and repeat the process with the time box 3 on the far left.

  • If you now go into the security office, three of the four red lights have turned green.

  • Walk to the far right. There is no visible time box 4. Must be behind the electric truck.

  • Push the switch on the truck. Nothing happens. The battery must be dead. Try pushing the restraining bolt over the battery. You’ll need a wrench.

Find a wrench

  • Do you remember the wrench you saw near the beginning of the game? In the Pigeon Brothers’ tool box? Still have their business card?

  • Have the person with the business card go to the hotel lobby. Let’s say it’s Reyes.

  • Have Franklin go to the front desk in the lobby. When the hotel manager says, “I wonder what the guest is up to now.” and starts looking at the computer monitor, have Franklin Look at the computer. Remember the room number shown on the screen.

  • Take Franklin into that room and do whatever he can to scare the guest several times. Eventually the hotel manager notices and calls a maintenance company for help, but they’re busy.

  • Switch to Reyes and Give the Pigeon Brothers’ business card to the hotel manager.

  • Switch to Franklin and cause more havoc in the guest’s room.

  • After the Pigeons arrive, switch to Reyes and go up to the guest’s room. Pick up the wrench.

Charge the battery

  • Have Reyes go back to the electric truck behind the factory. Use the wrench on the restraining bolt.

  • Switch to Ransome. Have him go to the back of the factory and Pick up the battery.

  • Switch to Delores. Have her go back to her room in the mansion and Pick up the trophy on her book shelf.

  • While there, also have her Pick up the red gel decoder on the bottom shelf.

  • Next, have Delores go to Chuck’s workshop at the far right of the mansion hallway. 

  • There’s a light flashing behind the painting on the wall. Push the painting and Pick up the key hanging to the right of the safe.

  • Look at the key. It says “Offiss” on it.

  • Try to Open the safe. There’s a fingerprint reader on it. Later we’ll need a fingerprint from Chuck.

  • Have Delores go to the back of the factory. Use the trophy with the radioactive waste dripping from the storage tank. 

  • Give the trophy with the radioactive waste to Ransome.

  • Switch to Ransome. Have him go to the trailhead and wait until no one is walking through the puddle.

  • Have him Use the trophy with the radioactive waste in the puddle. It begins glowing green.

  • Have Ransome leave the trailhead for a short time. Hopefully when he comes back, someone will have walked through the radioactive puddle and left footprints.

  • While he’s waiting, have Ransome go to the corner of Main Street at B Street. There’s a guy in a pizza costume named Chet. Talk to him.

  • Keep talking until he runs off and leaves a pizza flyer behind. Pick up the flyer and Look at it. There’s a code a the bottom you’ll need.

  • Return Ransome to the trailhead.

  • Have Ransome follow the glowing footprints into the forest. Be sure to follow carefully. One wrong move and he’ll lose the trail and will have to start over.

  • Eventually he’ll end up at the pizza truck in the clearing.

  • The fence is electrified. Use battery on the fence to charge it.

Go to the Seckrit Meeting

  • Have Ransome Use the keypad and enter the 6-digit code from the pizza flyer.

  • The gate will open. Walk to the truck, Open the door, and go inside.

  • When Ransome exits the elevator, he can Talk to Chet again.

  • Walk Ransome to the left of the bunker.

  • After the meeting, Pick up a goodie bag.

  • Open the goodie bag. There’s a foil-wrapped brick and a floppy disk.

  • Unwrap the foil-wrapped brick. C4 explosive! This should come in handy.

  • Leave the bunker via the elevator.

Move the truck

  • Have Ransome Use the map to go to the factory.

  • Use the battery in the truck.

  • If the lever is in the On position, the truck will move. If not, then Push the lever.

  • Switch to Reyes. Have him set the time on the fourth time clock.

  • All four lights over the factory door should now be green.

Open the factory door

  • Have Delores Look at the DoorTron 3000™ that’s to the left of the main factory door.

  • Have her Look at the tube socket on the top of the DoorTron. It needs a PF-001 tube. The same tube that’s pictured on Delores T-shirt.

  • Have Delores go to Ricki’s tube store and Give her the T-shirt. Ricki will build her a PF-001 tube from the schematic on the T-shirt.

  • Take Delores back to the factory front door and Use the PF-001 tube in the DoorTron 3000™.

  • If all four lights above the door are green and the tube is installed, Push the red button to the left of the doors. The doors should open a little… enough for a finger hold.

  • Bring Ransome, Ray, and Reyes to the doors.

  • Have Ransome Give the floppy disk to Delores. She’s the only one who knows much about computers.

  • Have Ransome Give the hint book to Delores.

  • Have Ransome Give the aluminum foil to Delores. But he should keep the brick of C4.

  • Have Ransome, Ray, and Reyes Push the factory doors.

  • Each time someone pushes, the doors open a bit more. When all three are pushing, have Delores squeeze through the opening.


Part 7: The Madness

Disarm the killer guard robots

  • Have Delores climb down the stairs on the right.

  • When she gets to the factory floor, have her walk to the left. She can’t get past the guard robots.

  • Have her Open the panel that’s on the left wall of the corridor to the robots are guarding.

  • Have her Look at the open panel. There’s a close up of three jumpers. She’ll need a manual for the SR-01 security system to learn how to reset the jumpers and disable the robots.

  • Use her map to go back to the mansion, and then go into the library.

  • Use the IndexTron 3000™ to discover where the book is located.

  • Return to the factory and follow the instructions in the manual to put the robots in maintenance mode to disarm them.

Get into Chuck’s Offiss

  • Have Delores walk through the factory corridors until she gets to a hallway.

  • There’s a big blast door there. Delores can try Pushing buttons but nothing happens.

  • Have her Use the offiss key in the door. It’s Chuck’s office!

  • Pick up the hat.

  • Pick up the glass. Have her Look at the glass. A possible source of fingerprints.

  • Pick up the second volume of Chuck’s Journal from the desk. Look at it for more backstory.

  • Use the floppy disk in the computer.

  • Chuck’s nuts!

  • Use the computer. No go, none of the passwords work. Need Chuck’s password book from his safe.

Blow the blast door

  • Have Ransome come into the factory hallway. It’s up to him to open the blast door.

  • Have him Use the C4 on the door.

  • Have him Use the candy dispenser in the C4.

  • Hold your ears.

  • (For extra fun, have Ray, Reyes, and Delores stand to the right of the door before Ransome blows it.)

  • Have Ransome go through the blown blast door and walk to Certin Death.

  • Not gonna happen.

Shut down the factory computer

  • Give the glass to the agent with the fingerprint kit. Let’s say it’s Ray.

  • Have Ray Use the fingerprint kit with the glass. No more fingerprint powder left. And if Ray Looks at the fingerprint kit, there’s no tape in there either.

  • Know any place where there’s some fine black powder?

  • Have Delores go back to the mansion and Pick up some soot from the fireplace.

  • If neither Ray nor Reyes has an extra piece of sticky tape, one of them will need to return to the post office and Pick it up.

  • Have Delores Give the soot to Ray who can Use the soot on the glass.

  • Then Use the sticky tape on the glass to lift the print.

  • Give the sticky tape with the fingerprint to Delores.

  • Delores then needs to return to Chuck’s workshop in the mansion and Use the fingerprint on the fingerprint reader.

  • When the safe opens, she can Pick up the password book that’s inside.

  • Look at the password book to get the actual password.

  • Use red gel decoder with hintbook to get the secret debug word.

  • Use the computer again. Select the password.

  • Select Adventure (Chuck mod)

  • Select West, West, North.

  • Select the secret debug word.


Part 8: The Escape

Turn off the robot arms

  • Computer should now shut down for a short time. Long enough to make it through the robot arms room.

  • After Chuck finishes his threats, have Delores walk through robot arms room and when she gets to the far right side, Push the red button.

Escape the lasers of doom

  • Delores should walk to the right. She’s now in the laser room.

  • Only way through is to protect her head from the searing heat of the lasers. She can try Use hat but that doesn’t work. Something reflective?

  • Use aluminum foil on the hat. 

  • Then Use the foil-covered hat.

  • Walk to the far left.

Turn off the fan

  • Delores can’t make it past the spinning fan.

  • Look at the sign to the bottom right of the fan. Remember the number

  • Switch to Franklin (the only one who still has access to a working phone).

  • Have him Use a phone in the hotel to call the number. That turns off the fan.

  • Switch to Delores. Have her squeeze past the stopped fan.

  • The room she’s now in with the immense PillowTron 3000™ is overheating.

  • Switch to Franklin and have him turn on the fan again by calling the same phone number.

Disable PillowTron 3000™

  • Switch to Delores. In a few seconds the room will cool off enough to climb the ladder and Open the hatch… into Chuck’s office.

  • Switch to Ray. Have her climb down through the now opened trapdoor.

  • Have Ray Use the strange tool (she got in her package) in the slot to the right of the PillowTron door. Ray will not go inside of PillowTron (can you blame her?).

  • Switch to Delores and have her climb down through the opened trapdoor.

  • Have Delores enter PillowTron.

  • After her dialog with Chuck, have Delores Push the large vacuum tubes.


This is the end of this walk through. There are a few more steps for you to take to complete the game, but we want you to experience them yourself, hint free.


Other things you can do:


During the game, here are some additional things you can try:

  • Read the agents’ notebooks.

  • Talk to George the Postal Worker (post office), Willie (outside the post office), Leonard (QuickiePal), and Madame Morena (Occult bookstore -- to the right of Willie’s location).

  • Check out the QuickiePal bathroom. Change toilet paper from “under” to “over” in the game settings. Pick up toilet paper.

  • Edmund Mansion mansion library: Read crowdsourced books.

  • Call numbers in the phone book (using mansion library phone or agent’s cell phone).

  • Find Chuck the Plant.

  • Try to grow Leonard’s plant (QuickiePal).

  • Read the greeting cards (QuickiePal).

  • Pick up specks of dust.

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