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Walkthrough - Nick Bounty: The Goat in the Grey Fedora







Watch the intro, as Nick and his friends are enjoying a game of poker.  Then Nick starts reminiscing about his last case.  


Katherine ‘Kitty’ Ledbetter walks into your office, and asks you to find a ceramic goat statue that is kept in her uncle’s office.  She tells you that her uncle passed away last week, and she remembers this statue from her childhood.  She gives you a photo of the statue, along with her uncle’s address, then she leaves.  

Let’s explore your office.  Look at SPY KIT in your bookcase, and pick it up to get SPY CAMERA, ROPE CUTTERS, and C4 EXPLOSIVES.  Look at RULER on your desk, and for a bit of fun, chew on the RULER.  Now pick up the RULER.  Look at PHOTO OF GOAT STATUE in your Inventory.  When you’re ready, leave your office.  



Travel to Residential Area.  



Kitty’s house is all locked up - she’s not home at the moment.  Looks like you’ll need to come back later.  Leave the area.  



Go to the Business District.  



This company is owned by your client’s uncle.  When you arrive, the secretary is busy on the phone.  Look at bowl of PRETZELS on the desk.  Eat some PRETZELS, and take some PRETZELS.  Talk to Secretary, and work through all the dialogue with her.  When she asks you to use the secret language of litigation, use the following options.  

    -    Habeas corpus

    -    Ex post facto

    -    Modus operandi

She believes you are a lawyer now, and lets you into Mr Ledbetter’s office.  

In Mr Ledbetter’s office, take TAPE from his desk.  Look at copy machine, and Copy Face.  Look at PICTURE OF YOURSELF in your Inventory.  Look at safe in the back wall.  Try to open the safe, but it’s locked.  Use C64 EXPLOSIVES on the safe.  Hey wait a minute… this is just play dough!  That’s all you can do in here for the moment, so leave the office.  

Show PHOTO OF GOAT STATUE to Secretary, and she tells you it probably went to one of the pawn shops in China Town.  Leave the building for now.  



Travel to Chinatown.  



Go to the News Stand.  

Look at all the magazines on the rack.  Try to buy MODERN SCUPLTOR magazine, then work through all the dialogue with the Girl Puppet.  She won’t sell you the magazine until after the ‘show‘.  Make sure you ask her if you can be in the show.  She agrees… as long as you have a stick puppet of yourself.  In your Inventory, combine RULER with PICTURE OF YOURSELF, and then combine that with the TAPE.  You know have your very own STICK PUPPET.  Give STICK PUPPET of yourself to Girl Puppet.  The pair of you now perform a romantic play.  It’s Casablanca, with her own unique twisted ending.  When the play is finished, take MODERN SCULPTOR MAGAZINE.  Now look at MODERN SCULPTOR MAGAZINE in your Inventory to learn how to appraise sculptures.  Leave the News Stand.  

Go into the Pawn Shop.  

Inside the Pawn Shop, look at Stuffy Englishman.  Talk to him, then show PHOTO OF GOAT STATUE.  He tells you that a ‘Mr Trosser’ is very interested in this kind of thing, but he won’t tell you Mr Trosser’s address.  Look at Mailing List box on the desk.  Use your SPY CAMERA on the Mailing List box… only to discover that the camera lens is glued on, so you can’t take any photos.  Oh well, Stuffy Englishman might as well just throw it away, since it’s no use to you.  Talk to Stuffy Englishman again and work through all the dialogue.  When you ask about the Mailing List, he gives you a MAILING LIST INDEX CARD to fill out.  Return the completed MAILING LIST INDEX CARD to him.  He can’t read it, so has to ask you what is says.  Pick anything for you name.  Talk to Stuffy Englishman again, and ask for MAILING LIST INDEX CARD back again, since your mother’s maiden name has changed!  Now leave the Pawn Shop.  

Enter the Chinese Shop.  

Inside the Chinese Shop, talk to Old Chinaman.  Show PHOTO OF GOAT STATUE to Old Chinaman.  He’ll make a ceramic goat just for you, but it will take some time.  Look at BLACK LIGHT BULB on the shelf on the back wall.  Pick up BLACK LIGHT BULB to buy it.  Look at ABSTRACT BLOB in the front right corner.  Pick up ABSTRACT BLOB to buy it.  Look at ABSTRACT BLOB in your Inventory to realise it’s just a WAD OF SILLY PUTTY.  In your Inventory, attach WAD OF SILLY PUTTY to MAILING LIST INDEX CARD.  Now leave the Chinese Shop.  

Enter the Pawn Shop again.  

Give MAILING LIST INDEX CARD (complete with WAD OF SILLY PUTTY) to Stuffy Englishman.  He still can’t read your writing - tell him your name is Nick Tronty.  Your card will be filed next to Mr Trosser, who is interested in goat statues.  Again, talk to Stuffy Englishman, and ask for your MAILING LIST INDEX CARD back again.  Your little plan worked - Mr Trosser’s index card go stuck to the back of your index card, so now you have his address.  

Watch the cut scene at the law office.  

Leave the Pawn Shop.  

Leave the China Town district.  



Go to Private Hills.  



Watch the cut scene with Mr Trosser.  He believes his goat statue to be a fake, so he agrees that you can take it… if you can find it.  

Walk through door on the left, into the living room.  

Look at goat statues on shelves on the left.  You can’t tell which statue has been added most recently.  Note that there are 2 lamps in this room.  Look at lamp on the right, and look at the LIGHT BULB in this lamp.  Try to unscrew the LIGHT BULB, but it’s too hot.  Turn off lamp on the right, and then unscrew the LIGHT BULB.  Place your BLACK LIGHT BULB in lamp on the right, and then turn the lamp back on.  Look at goat statues on shelves on the wall - you’re still not entirely sure which statue has been added most recently.  Look at lamp on the left, and turn it off.  Okay, look at goat statues on the shelves again.  This time, you can cross-reference markings on the statues with your MODERN SCULPTOR magazine, and you automatically take the correct statue.  

Watch cut scene in the Pawn Shop.  

Look at KITTY’S CERAMIC GOAT STATUE in your Inventory.  Walk right, into the hall.  

Mr Trosser calls for help from upstairs, since he can’t seem to move.  He asks you to fetch his friend Sam from Rick’s China House.  Leave the mansion.  



Go to China Town.  



Enter Rick’s China House Restaurant.  

Talk to Sam, and choose any dialogue option.  Now talk to Sam again, and work through all the dialogue with him.  When you tell him about Mr Trosser needing help, he’ll agree to go after lunch.  Look at bowl of peanuts on the right.  For a bit of fun, eat peanuts, and flick peanuts.  When you’re ready, leave the restaurant.  

Watch the cut scene as you get whacked, then interrogated.  



Your attackers leave you tied up in a warehouse, with a bomb set to explode.  Things don’t look good for you, Nick.  

Look at the ropes that are binding you.  Look at BAG OF STUFF above your head.  Look at CORNDOG on the floor at your feet, and kick the CORNDOG.  You kick it into a nearby cannon.  The cannon fires, shooting at the BAG OF STUFF above you, releasing all your Inventory items.  Unfortunately, it also shoots the lights out, so you’re left in complete darkness.  Fortunately, you have all your Inventory items back.  Use ROPE CUTTERS on the ropes that bind you… DAMN, your ROPE CUTTERS broke.  Use MATCH on the ropes that bind you.  You’re finally free from the ropes… but you’re also on fire!  Okay, don’t panic Nick.  Drop and roll!  After the fire goes out, search darkness on the left for the BOMB, and pick up the BOMB.  Search darkness for the big crate, and open big crate - you unwittingly release a bunch of gladiator monkeys!  Search darkness on the right for a scoop tractor, and use scoop tractor.  You unearth an ancient civilisation.  Search darkness for a Giant Kraken.  Give BOMB to Giant Kraken.  He swallows the bomb, and explodes.  Search darkness for gaping hole in the ground, and climb down through the gaping hole, and escape from the warehouse.  

Watch the cut scene as you decide the GOAT STATUE is more trouble than it’s worth.  All you want now, is to return the STATUE to Kitty, and get paid for a job well done.  



Travel to Residential Area.  



Enter Kitty’s home.  Hmm, where is she?  

Look at Newsletter on the table and read newsletter.  Look at Feminist Book on the table.  Look at Newspapers on the table.  Look at Candy Dish on the table, and eat some candy to realise it’s Rock Salt Candy.  Look at Diplomas on the back wall.  Walk left through the archway.  

Watch cut scene with your attackers.  They steal the GOAT STATUE from you… then smash it on the floor.  It seems they mistakenly thought you had the famous Maltese Falcon Statue.  When they realise their mistake, they’re rather embarrassed, and they leave.  But at least they tell you that Kitty is safe.  Look at Broken Goat Pieces on the floor, and examine Broken Goat Pieces to find a SHINY BRASS KEY.  Leave Kitty’s house.  

Leave the garden.  



Go to the Business District.  



Oh, the Secretary has gone.  Enter Mr Ledbetter’s office.  

In the office, look at safe on the wall.  Use SHINY BRASS KEY on the safe to unlock it.  You find Deeds Of Ownership to a salt distribution plant, and you suddenly realise that this is what Kitty was REALLY after.  She didn’t care about the goat statue at all - she just wanted to key to safe, so she could claim the Deeds Of Ownership.  You HAVE to put a stop to her.  But she needs to think you’re still on her side.  Leave the office.  

Leave the building.  



Go to China Town.  



Enter the Chinese Shop.  

Talk to Old Chinaman.  He has your REPLICA OF KITTY’S GOAT STATUE ready, complete with KEY inside… except this KEY won’t work!  Leave the Chinese Shop.  

Leave China Town.  



Travel to Residential Area.  



Watch the cut scene as you give REPLICA OF KITTY’S GOAT STATUE to Kitty, and she gives you a cheque as payment.  



You lie in wait for Kitty, ready to expose her treacherous plan.  She pulls a gun on you, so you hide behind the desk.  Use STICK PUPPET of yourself, and act out a sexist scene to antagonise her.  Repeat this several times, until she runs out of bullets.  

Now sit back, and enjoy the final cut scene.  


Congratulations on solving the case, Nick.  


The End!  



This Walkthrough was written by Freaky Hobbit.  

GAME INFO Nick Bounty: The Goat in the Grey Fedora is an adventure game by Pinhead Games released in 2017 for Mac and PC. It has a Comic cartoon style and is played in a Third-Person perspective.

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