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Walkthrough - Nick Bounty: A Case of the Crabs





Watch the intro, as a local seafood salesman enters your office… and then drops down dead, with a knife in his back! You HAVE to find out what happened!

Let’s explore your office. Look at Arthur Griffen (the dead man), and look at KNIFE in his back. Get the KNIFE. Look at the box Arthur dropped, to learn where it came from.

Look at CRAB that’s crawling around the floor, and get the CRAB. Get LIBRARY CARD from your desk. Get FINGERPRINTING BOOK (the white book) from your bookcase, and look FINGERPRINTING BOOK in your Inventory. It’s too long and boring for you. Use KNIFE with the FINGERPRINTING BOOK, and you end up with FINGERPRINTING LEAFLET, instead of that big, boring book. Look at FINGERPRINTING LEAFLET in your Inventory - it shows 5 steps for getting fingerprints.

Step 1 - Make sure the victim has hands. Look at Arthur’s hand. Look at FINGERPRINTING LEAFLET in your Inventory again. Step 2 - Get an inkpad. Hmm, you don‘t have an inkpad yet. Leave your office for now, and travel to Shiny Barnacle Shipping Docks.


Look at Bill, then try to talk to Bill. But he practically ignores you. Look at the pile of crates on the left - they’re just like the crate Arthur brought into your office. Use your KNIFE on the top crate to force it open, then look at crab in the crate twice, to realise it’s counterfeit. Now get a TOY CRAB from the crate, then look at TOY CRAB in your Inventory.

Look at crate of squid, and look at crate of sea sponges. Get a SEA SPONGE from the crate. Use your CRAB with the squid. The squid gets scared, and squirts ink onto the dock. Use SEA SPONGE with the squid ink on the dock to create an INKPAD. Look at FINGERPRINTING LEAFLET in your Inventory again. Step 3 - Swab the victim’s finger with ink.

Now it’s time to make Bill talk to you. Use CRAB in his bucket. That got his attention! Now work through all the dialogue with him.

End conversation with Bill, and leave the docks. Travel back to your office.


Use your homemade INKPAD with Arthur’s hand to make his hand all inky. Look at FINGERPRINTING LEAFLET in your Inventory. Step 4 - Press the finger firmly against the fingerprint card. You don’t have a fingerprint card, so you’ll have to improvise. Use LIBRARY CARD on Arthur’s inky hand to get CARD WITH FINGERPRINT. Look at FINGERPRINTING LEAFLET again. Step 5 - Enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. You’ve now completed all 5 steps to get a fingerprint.

Leave your office, and travel to Jim’s Shack O Crabs.



Notice how Jim seems to be spooked by that rat. Try and talk to Jim, but he’s too pre-occupied. Looks like you’ll need to get rid of that rat for him.

Leave the Shack for now, and travel to Blue Crab Café.



Look at Lonely Guy Flyer on the wall. Try to get the flyer, but it’s stuck. Use KNIFE with the Lonely Guy Flyer to get SMALL PHOTO of the Lonely Guy.

Look at the gate - it’s locked.

Look at the Big Ass Neon Crab Sign above the café. Click on the café entrance doors to approach it. Look at Membership ID Card Scanner. Pity you don’t have Membership ID for this place. That’s no problem. Use SMALL PHOTO with CARD WITH FINGERPRINT to create FAKE
ID CARD, then use FAKE ID CARD with the Membership ID Card Scanner to gain access to the café.

Inside the café, Sandy, the waitress, greets you cheerfully. Work through all the dialogue with her. She confirms that they are indeed selling counterfeit crabs. End conversation with her, then walk right into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, talk to Gutman, and work through all the dialogue with him. Not very chatty, is he? End conversation, then get CHEESE from the counter. Look at victrola, then try get the victrola, but Gutman will stop you. Look at pot of fish stew on the cooker if you like. Now click on door on the right.
As you go through the door, someone threatens you at gunpoint, and marches you to meet ‘The Boss’.


Watch the cut scene, as The Boss gloats that he can get away with selling his counterfeit crabs. And as for the murder of Arthur Griffen… you don’t have any evidence. Then he throws you out of his office.

Okay then, you’ll just have to GET the evidence. Look at Wilbur the Thug, and talk to him, but he won’t let you back into the office. Look at bins on the right, then get bins, to acquire CAN HALVES.

Walk left to leave this area, then travel back to the Blue Crab Café.



Notice that the gate that was previously locked… is now unlocked. Walk up through the gate, into the alley. In the alley, look at empty crate on the left, and move the empty crate. Look at BUSINESS CARD on the ground that was hidden underneath the crate - it must have belonged to that thug. Get BUSINESS CARD, and look at BUSINESS CARD in your Inventory to learn the thug’s phone number.

Look at fusebox to the right of the door, and use CRAB on the fusebox to open it. Get WIRES from the fusebox. Now use WIRES with CAN HALVES to create LISTENING DEVICE. Look at Aerosol Nights Movie Poster on wall on the right. Now click on the door to enter kitchen in the café.

In the kitchen, note that the victrola isn’t playing anymore. Get the VICTROLA, then walk left to leave the kitchen.

Walk left to exit the café.
Leave the area, and travel back to Jim’s Shack O Crabs.



Jim is still here, and so is the rat. If you can get rid of the rat, maybe Jim would talk to you. Use CHEESE with the TOY CRAB to make a TRAP, then use TRAP with the rat. The rat takes the bait, and is scared off by the toy crab. Now talk to Jim, and work through all the dialogue withhim. Notice how Jim uses the same kind of language as what you saw on the BUSINESS CARD. Hmmm, use BUSINESS CARD with Jim. Jim immediately calls Wilbur the Thug.

Walk left to leave the shack, then travel to The Boss.



Since Wilbur the Thug is busy with his phone call, he won’t interfere with your plans to gain evidence against The Boss. Look at window next to the door. Use LISTENING DEVICE on the window to eavesdrop on The Boss having an incriminating conversation. You still need proof of this conversation. Use RECORDING VICTROLA with LISTENING DEVICE
to create HIGHLY ADVANCED SPY EQUIPMENT, then use HIGHLY ADVANCE SPY EQUIPMENT with window next to the door. Now you have the evidence you need, you decide to dispose of the SPY EQUIPMENT, but you keep the RECORD to use as evidence. Click on the door to enter The Boss’s office.

You bravely confront The Boss… but he shoots your RECORD. To make things even worse, The Boss is threatening to shoot you. Luckily, his gun jams. Time to bluff your way out of this mess, Nick. Try to shoot The Boss… only to confess that you don’t actually have a gun. Okay then, use CRAB with The Boss. The crab lands on The Boss, making him stumble backwards through the window. The Boss is no more!

Congratulations on solving the case, Nick.

The End!

This Walkthrough was written by Freaky Hobbit.

GAME INFO Nick Bounty: A Case of the Crabs is an adventure game by Pinhead Games released in 2004 for Mac and PC. It has a Comic cartoon style and is played in a Third-Person perspective.


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