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Walkthrough - Lighthouse


(Original Version)


Olga Karkalas and Janet Blackburn

Lighthouse™ is a trademark of Sierra On-Line, Inc.

This Walkthrough is copyrighted (c) by Olga Karkalas and Janet Blackburn.  No part of this walkthrough may be published, reprinted, or distributed on electronic media without the permission of the authors.



We would like to thank Mary A. McBride and Dennis Morrissey for their trailblazing work in this game.  Thanks to George Figge, Dave Canelstein, and Gerald Piper for their advice.  Appreciation is offered to Tim Rooney and Hercules for taking the time to read and edit this walkthrough and for their valuable comments.  We are also grateful to the many other gamers who intentionally or unintentionally contributed to this walkthrough by posting questions and helping us identify the more problematic areas and bugs. 

Lighthouse: The Official Strategy Guide by Corey Sandler (Prima Publishing, 1996) was consulted for terminology. 


Welcome, fellow gamers, to the walkthrough for Lighthouse.

This file consists of an introductory section, a walkthrough with hints, and a solutions section.  Try using the walkthrough with its hints before looking at the solutions. 



Before installing Lighthouse, examine your CD disks, particularly the clear center ring of CD #2, and make sure that there are no obvious defects.  Numerous manufacturing errors have been reported for CD #2.  If you begin having recurring problems with CD #2, obtain a replacement disk and post a message to Sierra (GO SIER for CompuServe members). 

Lighthouse is an engrossing game with challenging puzzles.  To avoid burnout, take frequent breaks between puzzles and particularly between the different locations.  Take an occasional evening off.  This game is more enjoyable if you do not play it in marathon sessions.  Take time to explore the various locations.  After providing more detailed descriptions at the outset in order to familiarize you with the game interface, the walkthrough will only point out necessary details.  There are objects that can be examined such as the framed print on the wall in the player's cottage. These objects are not mentioned specifically in this walkthrough.

If you reach an impasse, it will usually mean that you are either missing an inventory item or may not have made certain associations.  Inventory items and associations if they exist will be pointed out in the walkthrough.  When you reach a puzzle that you cannot solve and want to consult the solution, use your "find" command and type in the puzzle name preceded by two asterisks, e.g., **Puzzle box.  This should take you directly to the solution.

Lighthouse has no text feature.  Although the dialog is limited, much of it is informative.  The game also allows only 20 saves per directory, which is a limiting feature to gamers with a tendency to save up to 100 games.  However, you may create additional directories for saves and access these by using the "Change Directory" button in the Save/Load Game screen.  The additional directories must first be created in DOS, Windows File Manager, or Windows Explorer.  Once created, they will be accessible within the game.  Select "Change Directory", type in the new directory you have created, select OK, and then you will be able to save to the new directory.

Lighthouse does not have a "hot cursor."  You can safely click on anything.  In other words, clicking on everything imaginable will not prove fatal.  In general, if you are shown a particular view, there is a reason for it.  In some early situations, you can actually move objects aside to access other items, e.g., the chair in the cottage to reach the desk drawer.  Periodically, inventory items will appear in an inset.  This generally means that something can be done to the item, usually by using another inventory item.  However, this is not always the case.  You will adjust to this particular game interface as you progress through the game.  Inventory items disappear once they are no longer useful.  Players have reported problems with inventory items disappearing prematurely.  If this happens, try to retrieve them (replay).  At present, we can offer no solution for this. 

In searching drawers, move items aside to reveal other items underneath.  Drawers that open usually contain an inventory item.

At times an action needs to be repeated to achieve the desired result.  For example, a crowbar must be used several times to gain access to another area.  You may also need to pull levers more than once.

Those who played the initial release of Lighthouse noted software-related problems.  These will be pointed out in the walkthrough.  Only one had the potential to prevent game completion but did not recur or could be averted on replay.  We also received error messages in Windows 95.  These did not cause problems other than forcing replay of sections. Some problems are cursor-related; the active cursor (lighthouse) will not disappear thus locking up your game.  The cursor may also become a forward, left, or right cursor for no particular reason.  This can be remedied by exiting and reentering the view.

Lighthouse is not a linear game.  You do begin and end in specific locations, but you can chose different game paths.  Every game begins at the cottage and Lighthouse and ends at the Volcano.  When you enter the parallel world, you will arrive on the beach near Martin's Roost.  Once you have played through Martin's Roost, you can choose to use a submarine to travel to various places or take the plane to one particular location.  You will eventually need to visit all locations, but the order can vary without affecting the game overall.  If certain actions need to be taken in a particular sequence, this will be indicated in the walkthrough.  Decision points where path options are available are pointed out. 

Good luck with the game.  An intricate mechanical world awaits you.  Enjoy the graphics.  But reenter the real world frequently.

Our apologies to any engineers using this file for the descriptive rather than mechanically accurate terminology. 



Observe the professor's actions during the introductory sequence very carefully.  After the introductory sequence, you will find yourself in a cottage. 


Player's cottage

Inventory items:  set of car keys in a drawer; bag (very important), umbrella (can be opened and closed), and lighter.

The game begins in the living room of your rented cottage.  The Lighthouse is visible through a window and its light sweeps the room.  Listen to the answering machine and read the journal in the table drawer.  You need to move the chair to access the drawer.  Click on the large box next to the answering machine.  Click on the lighter to place it in your inventory. Take the other inventory items, open the door, and drive to the Lighthouse.  You need to use the car keys from the open doorway.

Note:  You must listen to the answering machine and read the journal before you can access the view to the left of the table.  The car keys will disappear once used.  There is one right cursor arrow in the room which will not work.



Inventory items:  letter, crowbar.  The two keys will disappear once they are used and the doors will remain unlocked. 

When you arrive at the Lighthouse, check the mailbox and remove the letter.  Examine the letter by clicking on it in the inventory; it should then appear in an inset.  Your next task is to open the door and turn on the lights.  Move items to find the key to the front door.  Also examine the lantern to the left of the door.  The interior of the house is dark.  Proceed to the shed on the right side of the house.  Use the key from the lantern to open it.  Add the found crowbar to your inventory.  Open the fuse box and click on the first small lever in the center and then the second small lever.  You have now turned on the lights in the Lighthouse. 



Inventory items:  letter opener (disappears once used), Professor Krick's notebook, shells, jewels (red tear-drop items), small bird.

Desk:  Examine the desk.  You should find a letter opener and the puzzle box.  Use the letter opener to open the letter.  Click on the letter.  When the letter is in its inset, click the letter opener on the envelope to open it.  The intriguing, ingenious, and exasperating puzzle box can only be solved to a certain point at this time.  You can solve it now to the extent possible or tackle it when you return to the Lighthouse much later in the game.  A safe is hidden in the large bookcase. Place the one item in the safe in your inventory after reading it.  The other item cannot be removed.  You must open the safe to be able to open the lab door.  The professor's notes contain the code for unlocking the electronic lock to the laboratory. There are numerous inventory items in the small bookcase. 

Hint for opening the safe:  You need to turn past zero.  Use smooth motions.  When you have entered the combination correctly, you will once again see the safe.  Click on the handle to open the safe.


Solution:  **Safe


Hints for puzzle box:  Click on sole functional wind-up key on one side of the box and a panel should open to reveal the first puzzle, the wooden inlay puzzle.  After solving this, manipulate the box until another panel opens to reveal a red circle. After a series of sequences, a panel will slide up partially.  Pressing on a specific part of the visible area will open it fully to reveal the sliding tile puzzle.  The tiles need to be arranged to show the attacking hawk drawn on page 118 of the notes found on the desk.  You need to manipulate the key and stud again to proceed further.  You should now be confronted with the infamous fish puzzle.  Solving this puzzle will reveal a panel with a plate.  At this point this is as far as you can progress.

A fellow gamer, George Figge, indicated that if you have difficulty completing the sliding tile puzzle (hawk), the game will take pity on you and complete the puzzle.  A "solve it" button appears if you abandon the puzzle box a number of times while trying to solve this puzzle. 


Solution: **Puzzle box



Inventory items:  additional notes, toy soldier, alarm clock.

You will meet the abandoned Amanda.  There are three inventory items in this room.  A portal to the parallel world will open here at some point.  Amanda can be given her bottle (see Kitchen below) if she cries.


Living Room / Kitchen

Inventory items:  additional notes, baby bottle, compass.

Examine the room.  The large tank was used at one time to store lamp oil for the light.  Do not take the compass until you are certain that you want to enter the parallel world.  Taking the compass triggers Amanda's kidnapping.  You can feed Amanda with the baby bottle to quiet her.

Decision point:  You must decide whether to follow the Dark Being through the portal when he appears or whether to solve the professor's laboratory first.  You can create another portal in the lab.  Both routes will take you to the same place in the parallel world.  One route has a minor highly unpleasant detour, but you will survive.

Note:  Read the professor's notes.  They will introduce you to his theories, the inventor he met in the parallel world, and the Dark Being.  Page 126 states that the Dark Being has stolen the blueprints for the gate device, which creates the portal between the two worlds.  Remember this at the very end of the game.  It will help explain an inventory item.



Inventory items:  modulation tube (these tubes can be removed one at a time), vacuum tube, wire, soldering iron (these 4 are used in the lab and will disappear); additional notes, a second modulation tube.

Enter the code in the electronic keypad.  (The code is the same as the date of the 1-year anniversary of the launching of Windows 95.)

Amanda's kidnapping is also triggered by taking certain actions in the laboratory, e.g., opening the trap door.


In the lab, there will be a large metal box (trunk), stairs that lead upstairs, a large device with red rings, a worktable with tools, a computer, a cage, a control panel, and another device.

Open the large metal box with the crowbar and remove one of the green bottle-like objects (modulation tubes).


Pick up three items from the worktable.  These three items are used with the device to the left of the control panel in the computer area. 

Follow the messages displayed on the monitor.  When you find the main computer and have turned it on (it does not look like any standard CPU), the table-top computer will reboot (click Retry).  It will tell you to turn on the power supply and to repair the modulator.  These are two separate reboots.

Once you have repaired the device to the left of the control panel, you can turn on the control panel. 


The lens needs to be raised in order to replace the modulation tube.  Use the large left lever on the control panel.  Use force again to gain entry to the upstairs area. 

Once the computer tells you to trigger the activation sequence, do so and the portal will open. 


Solution:  **Lab



Inventory items:  note from bottle, rocks (these reappear on the beach after you have used all of them), an oddly shaped metal item.

You will arrive here with or without an unpleasant experience depending on which portal you took.  Examine the bottle and the pier.  After collecting the inventory items, proceed to the tower (Martin's Roost). 


Note:  A lockup may occur when the bottle is clicked; this should not recur on replay.  If it does, avoid the bottle.  It will not interfere with your game.  The message in the bottle refers to Martin's Roost, which is the tower in the distance, and reports that a ship is sinking.  Its last known coordinates were 20 degrees N and 118 degrees W.  Martin is the inventor mentioned in Professor Krick's notes.


Martin's Roost

To enter the Roost, you must lower the drawbridge.  There is an inventory item which works with the slot in the left column.  Examine the drawbridge controls. The key to solving the drawbridge controls is the small movable piece.  The controls have not been used recently and may stick.

Hint:  Focus on the position of the hooks.  We have not provided a solution to this.


Martin's Roost has many levels:  submarine cavern, Birdman's workshop, living quarters, plane hangar, and hawk roost. 

Decision point:  We highly recommend that you leave the submarine for last and use the plane first. The plane's destination will explain the history of this world and clarify your goals.

The submarine cavern is accessed from the hallway leading to the unfriendly Birdman's workshop.  To gain access to the living quarters, use the small bird and the clock pendulum. 


Hint:  If the bird sequence does not work, the bird needs a wind-up key.

You can also use the rocks on the mechanical hawks. Although this action does not interfere with your game, it will prevent you from playing one of the later scenes.  Once the hawks are damaged, you cannot activate them.


Living quarters

Inventory items:  two keys, whistle (flute-like object), T-shaped part, coil (you need to search diligently to find this one), lightbulb-like item, and amulet from the inventor (this is Martin, poor chap).

Desk:  Find the key to lock the window to keep the Birdman out.  If the Birdman steals a part, you will have two opportunities to retrieve it later.  It's simpler to keep him out.  Read the scrolls and notes.

Hint:  Look at the blueprints (you cannot examine them closely) in the drawer where you find the T-shaped part.  This is a clue to the part's function.

Hint:  Move 2 vases to another location.


If you have difficulty finding the coil, consult the solution **Coil.

Ladder:  You cannot do anything with this right now.


Birdman's workshop

Inventory items:  remote control, small wire antenna if you did not prevent the Birdman from smashing the control, multipurpose tool, assortment of metal parts.

To open the gate, use the rocks on the Birdman and the handle (gate lever) in that order.  When the gate opens, go forward immediately.  The forward arrow is difficult to find and appears briefly.  Save your game before you begin this sequence to replay, or use additional rocks.

Hint:  The forward arrow appears in the gap above the lower bar, second from the left. 


Once in the workshop, lock the window with the key you found in Martin's desk.  If you did not have time to do this, you can still proceed.  Find an odd-looking metal item with three switches, one button, and a small display.  This item is the remote control for the ladder and the hawks. It needs to be repaired.  If the Birdman smashed the remote, add the antenna as well.

Hint:  One of the items from Martin's desk is used here.  Place the remote on the black table. 


Solution:  **Remote

When the remote is repaired, go to the living quarters, lower the ladder, and enter the plane hangar. 



You may want to visit the roost (aerie) above first (see Hawk Roost). 

Inventory items:  allen wrench, handle, two gears (all used in the hangar).


The allen wrench (hex key) removes the retaining screw in a box on the wall.  Once you lower the plane, called a Bat, complete its cranking mechanism and power up the Bat.  There have been different reports on the number of crank revolutions needed to power the Bat.  One option is to turn the crank, counting the number of revolutions until it rewinds.  Then re-crank one less revolution.  The other is to keep checking the gauge inside the plane and to adjust your cranking accordingly.  When the gauge is in the blue zone, you have sufficient power to fly.  The small lever on the left inside the plane is the launch mechanism.  It is held in place by a safety latch.  If you can remove this latch, the Bat is ready for takeoff. 

Note:  One of the items found in Martin's desk is the Bat whistle; it can be used to summon the Bat, should you find yourself without transportation.  The whistle only works with the Bat at either the Roost or the Temple.


Hawk Roost

The three hawks rest on perches here.  If the Birdman has stolen an item from the desk, you can play this sequence to retrieve the item.  At some point, the troublesome Birdman will appear.  Quickly activate the attack command.  The Birdman should drop the stolen part.  If you don't act quickly, he will destroy a hawk.  If you miss retrieving the stolen part, you will have another opportunity later.  However, you will need to fly to the Temple.  You will not be able to use the submarine until you return.



Inventory items for the Temple location: shells, circuit board, device part, three parts that combine to form a single item, diagram of device.

The Bat takes you to the Temple.  Examine the area in front of the Temple.  Take the lift upstairs.  There are three rooms.  The room on the right has the flower bud puzzle.  The left room has an alien mechanism.  You will meet Liryl, the guardian, in the central room.  She will provide some answers.  When she begins to repeat herself and no longer asks you to wait, you can leave.  Liryl will also identify various items in the inventory, if she recognizes them.  She likes gifts and will accept items from your inventory. 

Solve the flower bud puzzle. The official strategy guide for Lighthouse calls the flower bud construction a "kinetic sculpture."


Hint:  Move the red levers smoothly to create a single slot in the red area.  Try clicking on the chimes between various actions.

Solution: **Flower bud.


Take the disk and play it on the machine in the left room.  Liryl may appear here or she can be summoned by pounding on the shell-like door.  She will not appear in the room with the flower bud puzzle.

In the central room, examine the machine on the left.  Liryl will tell you what it is.  When you push one of the buttons, you will trigger a sequence.  If you did not retrieve the part stolen by the Birdman earlier, you can do so here.  This is your last chance.   After you have saved Liryl and earned her trust, she will allow you to use the central platform to descend and ascend.  The control lever for the platform can be pulled back to descend and pushed forward to ascend.

The lower chamber, the room of the ancient machines, contains various machines.  You find most of the inventory items here.  Also note the coordinates for the Volcano (22.01 N and 119.11 W).

The upper chamber holds the teleporter.  You need to learn how to operate this machine to teleport back to the Lighthouse.  Liryl will identify most working parts.  Use the question mark cursor.

Hints:  The screen on the right of the machine sets the destination.  Use a small black button on the right dial there to lock in the destination.  If you allow the power to enter the red zone, the machine will short-circuit forcing you to replace a burned-out unit.  The power will reach the proper setting on its own without using the power lever above the alignment screen.

Solution:  **Teleporter


Use the teleporter to return to the Lighthouse and finish the box puzzle (solution:  **Box puzzle).  If you had opted not to deal with the laboratory before, you need to do so now to return to Martin's Roost, your sole destination from the Lighthouse.

Comment:  Gamers have reported different reactions from Liryl.  She may continue to be unfriendly despite gifts and being saved.  This may depend on your game and should not be taken personally.  You can also return to the Temple from the Fortress.  Liryl may again be friendly or unfriendly.  She may or may not allow you to use the platform.  It's best to complete your exploration of the Temple in one visit.


Back at Martin's Roost, you can summon the Bat by using the Bat whistle or leave the Bat at the Temple.  Proceed to the submarine cavern.


Submarine Cavern

Inventory items:  none.

The crane opens the gate blocking the entrance to the cave.  It is controlled by clicking the mouse in the slots the control levers move in, not on the control levers.   The crane will position itself automatically over the scale, if you leave the scene.

Hint:  You need to raise two objects and lower them onto the scale, and to pull up one other object.  The crane will not work unless it is positioned exactly over an object.


Extend the bridge to the sub and lock it in position (black lever).  Walk to the sub, open the hatch, and climb in.

The sub consists of five areas:  a control room with a control panel, a ballast-control area (four tubes with red markings), a navigation area with a navigation screen (large sphere) and a coordinate console, an engine room in the back, and a small submersible attached to the underside of the sub (down the hatch). 

You need to operate the submarine and submerge it.  Ignore the submersible for the time being.  The two feathery levers on the right lock and unlock the waterproof doors.  Use the wheels in front of the doors to open them.  You will see a clip when you succeed in submerging the sub.

Hints:  Use an inventory item here to create a throttle.  Make sure the blue light is on before trying the ballast controls.  The blue line on the two left tubes is significant.  Each key operates one area.  The engines can be powered up when steam emerges from the tubes in the engine room and the blue light is flashing.

Note:  The only location where you need to submerge and refloat the sub is the Roost.  The sub will perform necessary actions automatically at all other locations. 


Solution:  **Submarine.  This solution includes instructions for turning on the submarine at a location other than the Roost and for refloating the sub at the Roost.


Decision point:  If you have visited the Temple, you have coordinates for three locations which can be reached by sub:  the Wreck (coordinates are on the map), the Island Fortress (coordinates on the navigation screen), and the Volcano (coordinates in the lower chamber at the Temple).  It's recommended that you visit the Wreck, Island Fortress, and Volcano in that order.  The Fortress is an "easier" location, which should give you a breather between two difficult sections.

Enter the coordinates for the Wreck from the map (20.67 N, 118.96 W).  Press Enter after each entry.  A red star should appear near the bottom of the navigation screen.

If the gate is open and you have submerged the sub, engage the throttle and your journey will begin.



Inventory item:  device part.

Enter the submersible.  Learn how to operate the controls.  The lever next to the hatch-closing lever releases the submersible from the sub.  Pull the lever (ballast lever) on the far right.  The submersible will now take you to the Wreck.  This is a very complicated location.  Explore the Wreck and enjoy the graphics.  Descend into the rectangular hatch on the deck of the front part of the ship (bow).  You should find and retrieve a metal object (a hook-like part) here.  The keyboard arrow keys control the extension arm more sensitively.  Once you have the hook, enter the back of the ship (stern) from the center.  Find a skull and from there proceed to the safe.  You need to remove a board in front of the safe and then place the hook in the  hole of a metal beam to the left of the safe.  After the safe is open, retrieve the safe contents and return to the sub.

Hint:  The steering lever in the front (knob) is moved by clicking on the slot to its left or right.  In some areas, it needs to be left in the center for forward motion.  The crank handle (throttle) on the left provides propulsion for the submersible.  The ballast lever needs to be actuated in several instances. 


Solution:  **Wreck. 


When you return to the sub with the recovered part from the safe, restart the sub.  Enter the coordinates for the Fortress (read "decision point" below).  These coordinates can be found by clicking on the central red star on the navigation screen.  Reenter the coordinates on the console.  The star will flash if the coordinates are correct.

The solutions for restarting and refloating the sub are included in the section **Submarine.

Decision point:  You can enter a variety of destinations:  the Fortress, Volcano (for purposes of exploration only), or Martin's Roost.  We recommend the Fortress.



Island Fortress

Inventory items:  fish, a metal rod (gear shaft), boards (two small beams and boards), small metal piece, key; device part.  Cannon ball, cotton wad, fuse for cannon.

Examine the pier and obtain an inventory item.


The wood shop has several locations:  the wood shop with two operable saws, a dark area, the window, the wind power room, tower room, and top of the tower. 

Explore all locations.  Be sure to place the fish on the hook.  Turn on the power without breaking the gear shaft.  Boards and beams must be cut to build a bridge.  There are several scenes to be seen out of the window (Dark Being, beast alone, empty yard, 2 views of the beast walking along the walkway between the towers).


Note:  The arrow to exit the dark area back into the wood shop may be difficult to find.

Hints:  Extend the gear shaft before turning on the power.  The dark area leads to the foundry.  Watch the beast.  When it enters the tower with the fish, build your bridge.


Solution: **Fortress power

Use the bridge to enter the foundry.  You can ignore the foundry for the time being and exit to the roof. The cannon can be opened.  Use the cannon. If you miss the first time, try again.


Hint:  The cannon has a hatch on top that you must open to load it.  Make sure the beast is visible or you will miss.

Return to the foundry and make a metal piece.  Create a fire, melt the metal, pour the molten metal into the mold, cool the mold, and remove the part.  

Return to the tower above the wind power room and exit to the other tower.  You will find a plane called the ornithopter.  You also need to find another part of the device.  Repair the thopter with the part you made.


Note:  The forward arrow toward the thopter is not easy to find.  It should appear above and to the left of a hook-like part.  The hook-like part appears in a close-up view.

Hint:  The key will open the base of a statue.


Solution:  **Foundry

Solution:  **Ornithopter


You can fly the ornithopter to the Temple.  As we have already visited the Temple, you can just enjoy the ride.  Revisiting Liryl may be interesting.

Note:  Problems with the thopter will not prevent you from completing the game. 

Decision point:  Return to the submarine and enter the coordinates for a location you have not visited, such as the Volcano (22.01 N, 119.11 W).

Recommendation:  Take a break before visiting the Volcano.  Make sure your family is still alive; pay your bills; replenish low food supplies.



Inventory items:  Bolt cutters, dynamite, wrench, spike puller, hammer, steel rod, piece of track, device part, assembled device (all of these disappear after use); Amanda, captured Dark Being, Professor Krick's blueprints

After you leave the sub, look behind you.  The Dark Being makes another appearance.  Also note the absence of background music in the Volcano. 

Examine the digger (a.k.a. train and boring machine) noting the hook/winch assembly on the rear.  Note the color of the digger and the odd-colored area next to the door, the toolbox.  Use a tool on the locked gate.  Open the gate and enter the digger. 


Flip the power switch at the rear of the digger to turn on the power.  Study the control panel.  The large red button is the ignition and the handle on the right controls forward/reverse movement; motion can be controlled most easily by clicking in the groove in front or behind the handle.  The black and gray lever is the switch control which will work only while moving and before intersections.  It will flip when you click relatively close to or on the base.  Experience will tell you when you can click on the switch control.  Most of the time, click on the switch control fairly far ahead of the intersection.  The red switch in the center turns on the rock-boring mechanism, and the two controls in the upper left control the winch. 

Drive forward into the Volcano; the digger will stop at the turntable.  Note the digger icon and red button that appears in the lower left corner of the screen.  Press the red button in this inset and you will exit the digger.  This particular inset will appear in certain areas.  However, you should not neglect trying to open the doors if the digger stops and no inset appears.

The items of note at the turntable are the motor housing/switch for elevating (lowering) the digger platform and a rectangular wooden box mounted on a concrete base which houses the turning mechanism for the platform. 


Warning:  Attempting to rotate the platform before elevating it causes the game to lock up.  Don't do this.  This appears to be a consistent bug.

Throw the switch on the motor to elevate the platform. Explore the tunnels using the compass to check directions.  The compass will only work outside the digger.  This is not a maze puzzle and there is only one rotating platform. 


East is designated by the chevron over the tunnel.  Proceed E and note the track merging in on the left.  As you travel along the various tunnels, note the nicely handled effects of the digger lights on the tunnel walls.  Continue until you reach an area where 2 tracks come into your track from the left.  Exit the digger (digger inset) and repair the switch box.  Then take the digger down the left track you just repaired (back up and use the switch control).


Hint:  Use a tool from the toolbox to repair the switch box.  The toolbox can be accessed by clicking on it from a distance.


Your next job is to lower the drawbridge.  This is the drawbridge you passed under when you arrived at the Volcano location.  After looking at the drawbridge, return to the turntable and turn the digger around.  Back into this tunnel and then onto the track to the drawbridge.  Use the winch to lower the drawbridge.  Turn the digger around again and return to this location.

Warning:  Save your game before proceeding. 

You will need to repair the broken track.  Before making any repairs, allow the digger to derail to see one of the endings.  Then replay and repair the track and proceed to the end of the line.  Use the boring mechanism on the wall.  The cave you discover contains another part of the device and another door.  Notice the copper pipes here.  You will need to return to this cave to assemble the device once you have all the parts.  At this time, you still need one more part.


Hint:  Everything you need to repair the track is at the site and in the toolbox.


Return to the turntable and take the north tunnel.  The right branch will take you to a gate and the left branch to a large door. You will also have an encounter with the Dark Being.  Use the dynamite (small amount, not from the inset) to blow up the rocks.  You will not be hurt.  Again notice the pipes near the door.

There is nothing of interest in the W or S direction. 

It is now time to find Amanda.  Proceed back to the turntable and drive E.  Back onto the track that merges from the left shortly after the turntable.  This will take you to Amanda. 

At the wooden barricade, exit the digger and investigate the area.  You will find Amanda installed as an integral part of a rock-crushing machine.  We need to rescue Amanda.  Examine the control panel and note the colors of all of the steam pipes, especially the silver pipe on the right.  Also notice the green pipe entering the rock conveyer mechanisms.  First, try to jam the lift gate through which the rocks pass on their way to the crusher. 

Hint:  Use something in your inventory.  It is easier to jam the gate early in the lift sequence.


Examine the area around Amanda and note the gate.  This is the same gate that you encountered blocking the north track.  The gate is opened and closed by the control panel on the machine on the platform.  Play with the controls and determine which one opens the gate.  Also note that there is no steam in the silver pipe and thus no power for the right lever and red button. 

Reenter the digger and proceed forward.  You cannot help Amanda at this time.  Let the digger continue on its own (autopilot); it will pass through the turntable area and take the right branch beyond the previously closed gate.  When the digger stops, proceed to the power control cave.  You will be confronted with a confusing array of wheels and pipes.  These pipes provide steam and thus power to the various parts of the Volcano.  Examine the pipe material and markings and compare them with the pipes you have already encountered.  This should provide clues as to what the various control wheels do.  Do NOT turn all the control wheels at once.  Test your theories of association by turning one wheel and then seeing what has turned off or on.  Some of the settings were "on" when you entered and some of them were "off."  Take notes.

At this point you need to identify the pipe that will provide power to the panel in Amanda's cave.  Turn a possible wheel and return to Amanda's cave to test your theory. Once the panel functions, use the overhead magnet to free Amanda.  Place Amanda in the inventory (Yes, in the inventory) and retrieve the inventory item you used to block the gate.


Note:  The magnet should be over the initial section of the conveyor belt.

Solution:  **Amanda


Return to the power control cave and try to determine the function of the other valves.  One of them you may not be able to determine at this point.  You may want to save your game at various points here.  After identifying the various valves, proceed to the lava crater.

Solution: **Pipes


The small spherical object just below the platform is the bathysphere.  Its control mechanism is across the unlatched walkway.  Fix the walkway, raise the bathysphere, and enter it. 

Hint:  Use an inventory item on the walkway.  Examine it thoroughly; it has a small working part.


The controls are simpler than prior controls you encountered.  The lever on the right raises and lowers the bathysphere.  The control on the bottom left positions the extension arm.  It can also be controlled using the keyboard arrow keys.  There is a small flower-like knob which controls the movement of the tip of the extension arm.  The objective here is to redirect the steam from the mechanisms upstairs into the globe at the bottom of those valves and pipes on the Volcano wall.  The globe contains another device part.  Trace the pipes and determine which valves need to be turned.  Be sure to return the valves to their original position to return power to the main machines.

Note:  You may encounter cursor glitches here.  Save your game.  Exit the sphere to eliminate a persistent forward cursor arrow.

Warning:  Before you begin turning valves, note the positions for all arrow valves and circular valves.


Hint:  Only four arrow valves need to be turned.  Do not let any steam escape through the steam vents.  Make sure you hear something when the valve is turned, as the turning mechanism does not always turn the valve unless properly positioned.  Retrieve the device part by positioning the grab mechanism at the very tip of the part.

Solution:  **Sphere


At this point, you should have all the parts to the device that can capture the Dark Being. 

Make sure that both metal doors are open.


Note:  If you find that the gate blocks the track and none of the wheel controls work, you have forgotten to reset the valves.  The large wheels overhead should be turning.

Proceed to the cave where you found the wooden stock for the device (over the drawbridge) and assemble the device.  Study the main diagram of the device and also the detailed view in the lower right, noting in particular what happens to part #7.


Hint:  Three parts of the device have movable pieces.  The pieces on one of these move only after the device has been assembled. 

Solution:  **Device


Now that you have a weapon, you can deal with the Dark Being.  The scenario will vary depending on which door you use.  Save your game before entering any doors.  When you enter through the small door in the cave, observe the Dark Being at the controls and note the procedure he uses to open the portal.  Replay and enter the room again, this time with the cannon as your cursor. Just before the Dark Being is ready to pull the large lever in front of the gold box, click the cannon on him.  Examine the Dark Being in the bottle.  Whether or not you capture the Dark Being, you will need to awaken and free the professor.  Use the machine on the professor.  Find the blueprints in the trunk.  Operate the machine to open a portal.  The professor will need to see both Amanda and the blueprints before he will use the portal. 


Solution:  **Professor

Solution:  **DB portal


There are numerous endings to this game.  You can set the bomb and escape by yourself, with the professor without Amanda, with Amanda without the professor, with both the professor and Amanda, and all of the above variations with or without the Dark Being.  You can also not set the bomb and go through the same variations as above. 


Solution:  **Bomb




When the inset appears, the needle points to 0.  Turn right (clockwise) one complete revolution past 0 to 5, left past 0 to 18, and right past 0 to 28.  You should see the front of the safe and be able to click on the handle.  To retry the sequence, set the dial to zero again.


**Puzzle box

Side #1

Rotate box 180 degrees (2 panels) and click on the center key.  Only one key can be turned.  A puzzle consisting of various pieces of wood will appear.  Depress each small square beginning with the square at the top.  The squares must stay depressed.  To achieve this, press the top 3 squares counterclockwise, then the central square, and the bottom 4 squares starting from the left.  Click the bottom right rectangle and it will slide to the right.  Next click the rectangle above the vacant square, it will slide down.  Click the L-shaped piece near the center, it will slide down; click the L-shaped piece on left side and it will slide down and right to reveal a red button.  Push the red button.


Side #2

Rotate box 180 degrees to see the open side.  Press the center red circle and the box will rotate slightly.  Press the center of the side that has rotated toward you.  Rotate the box back and press red circle again.  A drawer will slide out, take the key and press the red circle a third time.  The drawer will close and the adjacent side will slide partway up.


Side #3

Rotate the box so that this new side faces you and press the small light-colored square in the lower right corner.  The puzzle needs to be completed to show the bird in the sketch on page 118 of professor's notes.  After rearranging the pieces, the lower right corner will be vacant, and a metal strip will slide out.  Do NOT click on this until you write down the sequence of the shapes:  circle, triangle, square, and cross. If you exit the scene repeatedly, the game may solve the puzzle for you.

Strategy hint:  Complete the top two rows first and then work on the bottom two. 


Side #4

Rotate box 270 degrees (3 panels) and turn the key in center.  Rotate again 270 degrees (3 panels) and press the stud in the center of panel.  Push in all the blue shapes and click on the lower fish.  Click on the slot and the fish will close.  Push in all the gray shapes, click on the upper fish and use the key you retrieved from the drawer.  The box opens to reveal a metal disk.


This is as far as you can proceed at this point.  When you return to the Lighthouse from the parallel world, complete the last puzzle in the puzzle box to retrieve another part of the device.


Last side

Place Martin's amulet in the disk and then the two red jewels.  Click the stud on the lid. 

You now must align the symbols.  First align four symbols of the same shape:  four squares (click should be audible), four circles (top opens), and four triangles (bottom opens).  Then enter the pattern from the metal tab:  circle, triangle, square, cross.  Retrieve the bottle.




The first message on the computer screen is:  "Power surge detected.  System shutdown  successful. Reset system to continue."   The bottom of the screen reads:  "System initialization failure …. Retry."

Turn on the large unit with the red rings.  The computer can then be rebooted.  Click on "Retry" on the screen.


Obtain the wire, vacuum tube, and hi-tech soldering iron from the table.  Open the door to the unit to the left of the inoperative control panel.  Remove and replace the tube, click on the bad wire (it should disappear), place the new wire in place, and solder BOTH ends of the wire.  This unit provides power to the control panel next to it.  To turn on the control panel, click all the small switches so that all red lights flash on and off.  The one operable lever raises and lowers the lens. 


The computer message now indicates that the hardware is enabled.  Reboot.  Computer message:  "Power supply unavailable."  Go and flip the large switch in the small shed with the fuse box. 


Reboot.  The computer message is:  "Lense not engaged.  Power modulator not found."

Raise the lens with the left lever on the control panel. If you already raised the lens, the computer message will only read:  "Power modulator not found."  Go upstairs,  remove the lock with the crowbar by hitting it 3 times, replace the burnt-out green modulation tube with the one taken from the metal trunk, and plug the lens in. 


The computer message should now be:

Hardware enabled.

Power supply - OK

Power modulator - OK

Device ready ... trigger activation sequence.


Pull the right lever on the control panel, which wouldn't work before, and a portal should open.

Note:  The message at the bottom of the screen will continue to be: "System initialization failure … Retry," until the device is ready.



The coil is in the left top drawer with various parts.  Click on the black or large gray gear, then on the larger mass of white wires, and then on the small, gray, donut-shaped gear with the small holes.  This should reveal a small black coil.  Place the coil in your inventory. 



Pick up the remote control.  If the Birdman has damaged the remote, retrieve the antenna from the small table where you found the remote.  Retrieve an odd multipurpose wrench from the tool table.

Place the remote on the black table and open it with the overhead tool.  Place the antenna on top of the remote, if necessary.  Use the wrench on the two circular holes.  Click on the small coil between the two holes and replace it with the new coil from Martin's desk.  Close the remote. 


**Flower bud

There have been problems with this puzzle.  Some players had difficulty in lowering the lever unless the cursor was in a specific position.  Others experienced variations in the number of times the chimes had to be rung.  The disk you receive at the end may not be easy to see.


Click on both chimes to open the eyes.

Click on both chimes to open the bud.

Using a single smooth motion, move the top rust-colored lever to the right and the bottom lever to the left.  A slot should form in the rust-colored area.

Pull down the bud handle. 

Click on the chimes.

Click on the gray convoluted tube.

Place the small disk which emerges from the bottom slot in your inventory.



The teleporter consists of 3 gigantic tubes and a control unit, which you examine in 5 views. 

The left part of the unit consists of 4 screens, a number of red buttons, a switch, and a bell pull.  There is another screen with two dials and two buttons in the far right part of the unit.  This is the destination setter.  The middle part of the machine consists of a top view, central view, and bottom view.  The rectangular hatch opens to reveal an emergency shutoff button and a machine part.  This machine part is damaged when the power is too high and needs to be replaced with the part previously assembled from parts found in the lower chamber.  The toggle switch in the central view does not appear to serve any purpose. 


The lower view is the most difficult one.  The sliding lever at the top is the power booster.  The two identical small levers to the left of the power gauge are locks for the elevator and the door.  You need to make sure that the elevator platform is not locked if you want to use it later.  Both of these levers should be in the up position.  The alignment unit consists of a screen with two sets of lines and four dials to control line location.  The button on the bottom left is the on/off button for the alignment screen.  The switch on the right is the beam activator switch.  The left lever extends the platform and pulpit, and the right lever opens the roof to expose the solar panels.


Do the following to activate the teleporter.  It may be prudent to save your game at this point.


1.  Connect the large three tubes on the right to the power in an inset.

2.  On left part of the control unit with the 4 monitors, push one of the red buttons or throw the switch.  This should light up the four red lights and other lights.

3.  Proceed to the right part of the machine with the one screen.  Turn on the screen by pressing the large button.  Dial in a location and a specific room.  You will only see views of locations you have already visited.  To return to the Lighthouse, dial in the Lighthouse and select the study.  Then push the small black button just to the right of the right knob.  The screen will then have red symbols on it, resembling a target.  The screen will not turn off when you exit this view. 

4.  Proceed to the lower panel in the center:

a) Pull the lever on the left to extend the platform and pulpit.

b) Pull the lever on the right to open the roof and expose the solar panels.

c) You can wait until the power reaches the boundary of red zone on the gauge.  If you use the sliding lever at the top to boost power, slide it back quickly to the left as soon as the needle reaches the top of the white zone.

d) Turn on the alignment panel and align the lines on the central dot.  The four lines should merge into two. The color of the final lines does not seem to have an effect. (You can be doing all this while waiting for the power to increase.)

e) When the power indicator is just at the red, throw the switch in the right bottom corner.

f) You should see a clear column above the platform behind you.  Walk to the platform and step onto the pulpit; you will be transported to the destination you selected.


Note:  In selecting the Lighthouse as your destination, make sure you have transportation from Martin's Roost when you return to the parallel world.

If the machine short-circuits when you move the power booster lever, replace the faulty part in the hatch above by pressing on the emergency shutoff button.  The old part will disappear and you can insert the new part.




The control panel consists of 3 ornate keys on the left, the ignition key below, gauges (only one of which is important), a radar screen, two levers on the right to unlock/lock doors, and the throttle.  Place the T-shaped part you found in Martin's drawer or retrieved from the Birdman in the socket to the right of the control chair.  Turn on the sub.  Flip the feathery levers on the right so that they are both up.

The power indicator, the 9 white and 3 red squares, may or may not affect sub operation.  Sometimes, being in the red will shut down the sub.  At other times, the sub will run smoothly with only 6 white squares showing.  If you follow the procedure below, you should have the sub operational with 6 white squares. 

Number the ornate keys 1 to 3, with 1 being the key closest to you.

Turn key 3.  There should be 9 white squares showing on the power gauge.  Go to the back engine room.  Use the wheel to open the door.  Steam should be rising from the pipes on the left and a blue display should be flashing below.  Pull the lever on the right and the main engines should start.

Back at the control panel, turn key 2.  This provides power to the navigation panel.  The power gauge will show 9 white squares and 3 red squares (be in the red).  The small coordinate console should have a flashing knob.  The sphere to the right of the input device can be opened and will reveal the navigation screen.  The screen will have two red stars marking the location of Martin's Roost and the Island Fortress.  To the left of the coordinate console are various tubes.  There is a map in one of the tubes showing the location of the Wreck, 20.67 N and 118.96 W.  Enter these coordinates in the console.  Click the left top knob until it lights up (red ring).  Enter 20.67 on the left and click on Enter.  Click on the right top knob and enter 118.96.  Click on Enter. A new position should appear on the screen.

Note:  If you wish to take the sub to a destination other than the Wreck, enter the respective coordinates.

Back at the control panel, turn key 1.  This turns on the ballast control.  The power gauge will be in the red.  Go to the ballast control panel.  The blue light should be flashing. Push the two brown levers down.  You should see portions of the sub outlined in orange.  Turn the left wheel and when the water begins to fill the tube but has not yet reached the blue marks, turn the right wheel.  If you have set the ballast properly, you will see a clip of the sub.  The power gauge may now show 6 white squares.

With the engines running, the destination set, the sub submerged, and the gate open, click on the throttle.  The sub will proceed to the Wreck.


Restarting the Sub


Restart the sub with the lower key.  Check the power gauge.  If 9 white squares are visible, you should be able to restart the engines in the engine room without turning key 3.  If the gauge shows less than 9 squares, turn the keys to bring the power up.  Keep checking the engine room to see if steam is rising from the tubes (and for the blue lights).  Then enter coordinates and take the sub to the new location.  There is no need to operate the ballast panel.


Refloating the Sub


When the sub arrives at the Roost, it will shut down but not surface.  Turn on the sub and click on ornate key 1.  The blue light should be flashing on the ballast control panel.  Click on either wheel or the brown knobs.  The red light will go on and an alarm will sound.  You should see a clip of the sub surfacing.




The submersible has several controls.  There are two small levers above on the left.  The right lever opens and closes the hatch and the left lever releases the submersible from the sub.  The small crank with two red lights on your left provides propulsion for the submersible.  The knob in the center can be moved to the left and right (click on the slot); this is the steering lever. There is a large ballast lever on your far right.  A small lever on the right toward the front lowers the extension arm controls.  The position of the extension arm is controlled by the lever on the left in the cross-shaped tracks.  You can also use the arrow keys on the keyboard.  The lever on the right causes the extension arm to extend and retract.


Release the submersible from the sub and click the ballast lever.  This will take you to a view of the back of the sunken ship.  The graphics for the Wreck are particularly well done.  Take the time to enjoy them.


The directions below begin from the first view of the back of the ship.

Go left by placing the steering ball in the left position and pulling the propulsion lever.  Repeat 2 more times.  You will pass a square hatch on the deck.  Go forward by pulling the propulsion lever (leaving the steering lever in the center) to a view of the mast.  You should see a clip.  Click on the ballast lever to descend into the ship.  Go left twice.  The view should show four pegs with a hook-like object in the center.  Position the extension arm in the center, slightly above the lowest position, and retrieve the hook.  (If you have difficulty positioning the arm with the cursor control, try using the keyboard arrow keys.) Do not change the position of the arm.  Go right by placing the steering ball in the right position and pulling the propulsion lever.  Repeat once more. You should see the striped boards again.  Click on the ballast lever. 


From the mast, go right twice to a large pile of boards.  Go forward to a broken mast base.  Go right twice to a view of dark boards.  Go forward to the skull. 


At this point, click on the ballast lever.   When movement stops, go left once to the safe.  Use the extension arm to remove the closest board.  The same position works for both the hook and the board. Go left once to a view of a piece of metal with a hole.  As needed, adjust the position of the extension arm and place the hook in the hole.  The arm should still be in the same position but up further.


Return to the safe.  Position the arm slightly to the right of center and slightly up (extended).  Try not changing the horizontal position of the arm but move it up slightly.  This should open the safe door.  Keeping the arm in the same position, extract the safe's contents.  The submersible will return to the sub automatically.


**Fortress power

Find a metal part, the spare gear shaft, in the wood shop.  You can use the spare if you break the gear shaft already in place.  Proceed to the room with the wind power controls.  First, extend the existing gear shaft using the lever on the first machine to your left as you enter the room.  Next walk to the brick tower with a crank and handle.  Use the left crank to raise the fans to the roof.  Pull the handle on the right.  This should engage the gear shaft and power the equipment in the wood shop.  Cut boards and 2 beams to build the bridge.



Pick up wood, coal, and metal pieces.  Place the wood and coal in the fireplace.  Start a fire with the lit lighter.  Pick up the mold, a large black square item, from a table to the left of the fireplace.  Place it in the center of table between the crucible and the lifting mechanism (forceps).  Place the metal pieces in the crucible.  Use the right lever to move the crucible into the fire.  Keep the crucible in the fire until it remains red when pulled out.  This may take a while.  When the crucible is sufficiently hot, press the button in front of the mold to pour metal into the mold.  Move the lever to the left of the button to the right.  The forceps will lift the mold and immerse it in the water.  Move the lever to the left and the forceps will return the mold to the center of the table.  Click on the mold and remove the part. 



When you enter, leave the thopter in its position.  View the side of the thopter with the hook and metal ribs.  Find the forward arrow just above the hook (position of arrow may vary) and go forward to view the close-up of the hook.  Click with the metal part just above the hook.  The repaired part will disappear into the plane.

Turn the plane around using the large lever by the table.  Provide power to the plane.  There is a small device in back of the thopter.  Set the top lever to the plus sign.  Click on the crank and it will power up automatically.  When the thopter has power, go to the front and climb into it. 

The thopter controls consist of a crank on the left, a lever on the left of the dashboard, a small movable button-like control on the right of the dashboard, and a large handle (throttle) on the right. 

Click on the crank on the left and the thopter will taxi out onto the launching platform.

Click on the movable button-like control and the thopter will open its wings.

Move the lever on the left to set the wings in motion.

Immediately pull the throttle on your right.  This should launch the thopter.


If the wings are not flapping when you pull the throttle, the thopter will not fly and you will need to recharge it. 

To return from the Temple, simply pull the throttle.



Use the umbrella on the hole.  The 2 holes must be aligned for the umbrella to work.  This may take several tries.  Clicking with the umbrella early in the sequence should work.  At the control panel, flip the switch on the left.  Listen for a noise as if something had moved and see the gate near Amanda raised (you need to be near Amanda's cage to see this).  For now there does not appear to be any steam in the silver pipe and thus no power for the right lever and red button.  Proceed to the power control cave as described in the walkthrough section and turn the third lever from the left, the one regulating the silver pipe.  Return to Amanda's cave.  You can simply back up, rotate the digger on the turntable, or continue through the turntable and the intersection and back onto the track again. 

Observe the magnet crane over the rock conveyor and turn back to the control panel.  Continue pressing the red button and checking the magnet crane until it picks up a rock.  Push the right lever forward twice until the magnet/rock is over the large white lever coming out of Amanda’s cage.  Push the red button to drop the rock.  Go back and put Amanda in your knapsack.  Retrieve the umbrella before leaving.

Note:  The position of the magnet crane may vary.  Work the right lever until it is positioned over the conveyor.



Number the pipes 1 to 7 from left to right.


1) Green pipe controls the conveyor.  It's on.  Do not turn it.

2) Black pipe with maroon rings controls the gate across the track. It's on.  Leave it on.

3) Silver pipe controls the magnet crane.  It's off.  Turn it on.

4) Copper pipe (single) controls the door in the cave with the device part.  It's off.  Turn it on.

5) Gray pipe with markings.  This controls the portal device in the Dark Being's lab.  It's on.  Leave it on.

6) Three small gray tubes control the turntable.  It's on.  Leave it on.

7) Three to four copper pipes control the large door.  It's off.  Turn it on.



Do not touch the circular valves.  Number the arrow valves 1-6 with 1 being on top.  Turn the valves so that they are in the following positions.  Only four valves need to be turned.


1    horizontal

2    horizontal

3    vertical

4    (arrow on left)  vertical

5    (arrow in center)  horizontal

6    horizontal


Retrieve the device part by positioning the arm just at the tip of the part.  Return all arrows to vertical position



You should have 7 parts:  

The numbers correspond to the numbers on the diagram.  The names for the various pieces of the cannon were found in Lighthouse The Official Strategy Guide.


1.  Lightbulb (ionizer), found in the inventor's desk.

2.  Shell (barrel), found in the volcano crater.

3.  Part with handles on top (firing mechanism), found at the Wreck; handles move after the device has been assembled.

4.  Mouse (vacuum pump), found in the statue at the Fortress, has movable ears.

5.  Part with 2 arms and yellow lever (power supply), found at the Temple; tentacles move.

6.  Stock, found in the cave at the Volcano.

7.  Crystal bottle from the puzzle box.


Note that pieces 3, 4, and 5 have movable parts.


Click on the stock to begin assembly.  If you leave this puzzle, you will need to start over. 


Place 1 and 2 on the screen and align the bulb with the tip of the shell.  They should snap together if aligned correctly. 

Place 3 on screen.  Examine the back of the shell and note the copper connection.  Examine piece 3 and note the copper protrusion.  Align these two pieces such that the broken handle faces the back of the shell.  Bring 1/2 toward 3 and they should fit together. 

Click on the ears on 4 to make sure they are extended.  Have the notched part facing the rest of the device.  Once these pieces fit together, raise the ears.

Snap the arms open on 5.  Position it so that the yellow lever faces away from the completed device.  Click this into place and snap the arms closed. 

Mount cannon onto the wooden stock. 

Click on the 2 handles of piece 3 and click near the silver portion to open the flip top chamber.  Insert bottle with the mouth pointing to the left.  Close top and flip the handles down to activate the cannon. 



Use the left lever to lower the hat. The left switch should be up and the right one down.  Set the dial at exactly 2 (from the top) making sure you have an electrical impulse line showing on the screen.  Pull right lever 3 times.  The professor says he feels dizzy and doesn’t know where he is.  Proceed with the game. 


**DB portal

Turn the large wheel.  Pull the lever on the floor next to the wheel.  Pull the small lever on the machine.  The lights should come on.  Turn the small crank until the tubes on top light up.  Click on the large lever in front of the box (chute).  If the modulation tube does not rise, you need to turn the crank more. 



Go back to the digger toolbox and click on the dynamite (inset).  Combine circuit board and alarm clock with the dynamite to make a time bomb. 




The authors would appreciate any comments on this walkthrough, particularly corrections.

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