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Walkthrough - Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places)


                              FAQ/Walkthrough for



Author:   Tom Hayes
E-mail:   thayesguides(at)gmail(dot)com
System:   PC
Updated:  21st August, 2008
Version:  1.1


1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough
     2.1. Los Angeles
     2.2. Cruise Ship
     2.3. Island Resort
     2.4. Airport and Plane
     2.5. Nontoonyt Island
3. Character List
     3.1. Los Angeles
     3.2. Cruise Ship
     3.3. Island Resort
     3.4. Airport and Plane
     3.5. Nontoonyt Island
4. Item List
5. Point List
6. Maps
7. Easter Eggs and Secrets
8. Debug Information
9. Copyright Information


1.1:  21st August, 2008  (Format update)
1.0:  1st May, 2003      (First version)


1.                                Introduction


After being dumped by Eve, the woman Larry met in the hotel hot tub at the end
of the last game, Larry finds his luck steadily begin to improve as he wins the
lottery, a blind date contest and a vacation on a cruise ship. On his way to
the ship, Larry's bad luck begins to return again as he accidentally steals a
microfiche belonging to the KGB. Tracked by agents wherever he goes, Larry must
try and avoid capture as he makes his way through Los Angeles, a cruise ship,
a resort and an island under command of the mysterious Dr. Nonookee.


2.                                Walkthrough


2.1.                              Los Angeles

The game starts outside of Eve's house in Los Angeles. The arrow keys are used
to move Larry around and commands are entered on the keyboard to interact with
the environment. Start off by moving Larry into the garage. There is nothing to
be found in this part of the garage, so move Larry right until he is out of
view and then type LOOK to see a dollar bill. GET DOLLAR bill and it will be
added to Larry's inventory, which can be viewed at any time in the game by
pressing ctrl + I. Larry's score and rank will change with each significant
action that is performed. Nothing happens when the maximum score is reached,
but some scenes in the game will be missed if points are skipped along the way.

With the dollar in the inventory, walk out of the garage and travel north three
screens and east two screens to arrive in an alley. LOOK THROUGH HOLE in the
fence and Larry will see a group of people playing Police Quest. There are lots
of references to other Sierra games that can be found while playing this game.
Another one can be found by looking at the alley: The message says that this
looks exactly like the alley from the original Leisure Suit Larry game. Try
walking behind the green bin as well for a different animation. Refer to the
Easter Eggs and Secrets section for a full list of references and secrets.

Walk east one screen from the alley and enter the Quikie Mart. Walk to the
front of the counter and BUY TICKET from the clerk. Larry inserts the ticket
into the lottery machine and is asked to enter six numbers between 100 and 999.
It doesn't matter what numbers are chosen, so just enter six random numbers to
collect the completed lottery ticket. Exit the Quikie Mart, walk west three
screens and go through the door at the top of the steps to enter the TV studio.
GIVE TICKET to the receptionist. She can't read the ticket as she has lost her
glasses, so she tells Larry the correct numbers so that he can check them
against his ticket. Write down the numbers that she mentions and then enter
them to convince the receptionist that Larry has won the lottery.

The receptionist unlocks the door at the top of the room and Larry walks into
the green room. SIT on the bench. After a few seconds, a man enters the room
and tells Larry that he should be on stage now. STAND up and walk through the
left doorway to enter the Dating Connection TV show. Larry realises that this
doesn't look at all like how a lottery show should look. He decides to sit on
the empty stool between the two other contestants to see what happens. The host
of the show, Biff Barf, introduces Barbara Bimbo as the bachelorette. He then
introduces the other contestants and mistakes Larry as Raguka Singh Soong.

Larry tries to protest but the host ignores him and moves swiftly on. With all
the contestants introduced, Barbara asks two questions to the contestants.
Barbara will hate Larry no matter what response is given to the questions, so
answer them however you like. With the second question answered, Biff tells
Barbara to make her dating choice. Biff says that the audience seem to have
made her decision, and Barbara says that she has made her decision too. Biff
mistakes the word 'too' for being her choice, and despite her protests he says
that she can't go back on her decision. The prize for the winners of the show
is announced as being a one month cruise of the South Pacific on the U.S.S.
Love Tub. Larry returns to the green room to receive his cruise ship ticket.

SIT back down on the bench. After a few seconds, a woman enters the room and
tells Larry to follow him. STAND up and walk through the right doorway to enter
the Lucky Life Lottery show. Larry steps up to the wheel and spins it. Spinning
slower and slower, the wheel eventually lands on the highest prize. The host
calls Larry over to the podium and Lanna Light presents him with a one million
dollar bill. Larry returns to the studio lobby. Walk south to exit the studio
Outside, walk one screen east and one screen south. Enter Molto Lira.

Even with a million dollars in his pocket, Larry can't afford some of the items
in this shop. Fortunately, there is a sale on at the back of the shop and the
swimsuits have been reduced to $100,000. GET SWIMSUIT. Walk to the front of the
counter to BUY SWIMSUIT. Larry hands over his million and after being taxed
gets $893,500 back in return. Exit the shop. Outside Molto Lira, walk south one
screen and wait for the jogger to appear. Although this action is not needed to
complete the game, you can LOOK JOGGER for an extra point. Another reference
can also be found here by looking at the scenery. The message that appears says
that the background looks like it belongs in Space Quest IV.

Walk west one screen and south one screen to return to Eve's house. The garbage
cans outside the house are now full and the garage has been closed. LOOK
GARBAGE cans. Larry will refuse the first time, so LOOK at the GARBAGE again to
see a passport in the pages of a magazine. GET PASSPORT. Walk east two screens
to arrive outside the Hairy Reams barber shop. Enter the shop and SIT in the
chair to have a haircut. Larry ends up looking exactly the same as when he went
in, but pays the hundred bucks to the barber anyway. Exit the shop and walk
north two screens and east one screen. Enter the drugstore.

Walk to the left side of the shop and GET SUNSCREEN from the shelf. Larry won't
die if he tries to walk out of the shop without paying like he did in the
original game, but a message will appear that stops him from leaving. Walk to
the counter and PAY CLERK for the sunscreen. Not having any change for the
hundred dollars, Larry decides to show off his money and gives two hundred
dollars to the unappreciative clerk. Exit the drugstore and walk north one
screen to return to the street outside the Quikie Mart. Enter the shop.

Inside, walk to the giant grotesque gulp cup and FILL CUP. Larry wonders how he
is going to fit the cup into his inventory before realising that this is a game
and puts the whole thing into his pocket. Unlike the clerk in the drugstore,
the clerk here reacts violently if you try to leave without paying. She goes as
far as jumping on top of the desk in a cowboy outfit and shooting Larry dead as
he walks out the door. There are many death sequences in the game, so it's
important to save frequently before trying anything new. PAY WOMAN for the
grotesque gulp and then walk south to exit the Quikie Mart.

Walk west three screens and south one screen to see the music shop, which Larry
notices is finally open. Enter the music shop and TALK WOMAN at the counter.
Larry's attempts at chatting up the woman are actually misunderstood by her to
be secret passwords from an agent. As Larry continues to talk to her, she is so
convinced that Larry is the agent that she hands over a Peruvian onlunk with a
microfiche inside, and says that it must be delivered to Dr. Nonookee. Larry
takes the onklunk and exits the shop. Outside, a man at the side of the car
notices Larry and starts to follow him through Los Angeles.

Seconds after Larry disappears from view, a man that looks identical to Larry
enters the music shop and uses the same passwords that Larry used earlier on.
When it turns out that the onklunk has already been given away to the wrong
person, the man tells her to send agents out to catch Larry. We rejoin Larry on
a street one screen north from the barber shop. You can try returning to the
music shop, but it has already been closed with a sign announcing that there
will soon be an out of business sale. From the street, walk east one screen,
south one screen and east one screen to arrive at the harbor.

Before leaving Los Angeles, it is important to make sure that you have obtained
three of the essential items: The swimsuit from Molto Lira, the sunscreen from
the drugstore and the grotesque gulp from the Quikie Mart. Without these items,
Larry will not be able to progress to the island resort. SHOW TICKET to the
purser behind the gate and he will tell Larry that his cabin is on the bottom
deck at the rear of the ship. Larry passes through the gate and moves east to
the gangplank. Continue north-east to the top of the screen to board the ship.

2.2.                              Cruise Ship

After the cutscene where Larry stares out to sea wondering if he will ever find
his true love, the scene changes to a map. Larry visits locations on the ship
by moving around this map. For now, walk east to enter the cabin on the bottom
deck of the ship. Walk to the right door and OPEN DOOR to visit the next cabin.
The woman sitting on the bed says that she is Barbara Bimbo's mother. Barbara
decided not to go on the cruise with Larry after his terrible performance on
the dating show, so her mother decided to borrow her ticket and go on the
cruise herself. Mama is more dangerous than she appears, and it is a good idea
not to go near her unless you have saved your game first. I would recommend
making a series of saved games at this point and keep saving on a different one
each time, as there are many places where Larry can die on the ship.

Walk west to Larry's cabin and then walk back into Mama's cabin to see that she
has left the room. She can return at any time, so Larry will need to be quick
in here. Walk to the nightstand drawer at the side of the bed and OPEN DRAWER.
GET KIT from inside. Return to Larry's cabin and GET FRUIT from his nightstand.
Walk behind the closet and WEAR SWIMSUIT. This is one of three essential items
that must have been obtained in Los Angeles, as Larry will not be able to
progress further without it. Restore a previously saved game in Los Angeles if
you don't have it. Exit Larry's cabin to return to the map. Climb up the first
two sets of steps by pressing the Page Up key. At the top of the second set,
walk east to the end of the deck to enter the swimming pool area.

The sunscreen from Los Angeles is the second essential item that is needed on
the cruise ship, and you will need to restore a Los Angeles save game if you
didn't pick it up from the drugstore. USE SUNSCREEN on Larry and then LIE on
the empty deck chair. After a few seconds, a blonde will walk into the pool
area to talk to Larry. The chances of any beautiful woman walking up to Larry
and inviting him back to her place without some other motive is very low, so
decline her offer by staying on the deck chair until she leaves.

If you do decide to follow the blonde, save the game first and be prepared for
a long death scene on Nontoonyt Island. Once the woman has left the area, STAND
up from the deck chair and walk into the pool. Larry has adapted the typical
classic Sierra approach of not swimming until you tell him to, so quickly type
SWIM before he drowns. DIVE into the water and swim down to the bottom-left
corner of the pool to GET BIKINI. Larry only has a few more seconds before he
runs out of air, so quickly swim back up to the surface of the pool. CLIMB OUT
of the pool and USE SUNSCREEN again. Exit the pool area and return to Larry's
cabin at the bottom-right corner of the ship.

When climbing down the stairs this time, use the End key to walk diagonally
down them. Now hopefully when you return to the cabin, Larry will stand still
awaiting the next command. If a message appears that nighttime has fallen, then
Larry has not been quick enough since arriving on the ship and one of the many
cruise ship death scenes will occur. Walk behind the closet, WEAR SUIT and then
exit the cabin for the last time. This is, fortunately, the last time we will
ever be at risk from Mama in the game. Providing you have got the sewing kit
from her room and have already changed into the leisure suit after returning
from the pool, there is now no need to return. If you haven't yet done both of
these things, make sure to do them now, as the longer you leave it the more
chance there is of the nighttime cabin death scene occurring.

When ready to continue, walk up the three sets of steps to the restaurant at
the top of the ship. You can try sitting on the bar and talking to the woman
and the bartender, but Larry gets no helpful response from either. Yet another
cruise ship death scene can be seen here by buying a drink from the bartender
as he is secretly a KGB agent in disguise, but as usual make sure you save the
game first before trying this. GET DIP from the left side of the bar and then
exit the restaurant. The next location we need to travel to is the barber shop,
which can be found by walking left from the bottom of the steps. SIT in the
chair and wait for the barber to give Larry the $10,000 wig. Larry only wears
the wig for a few seconds before taking it off, but fortunately for him he
keeps it in his inventory as it will soon become a very important item.

Back on the map screen, climb up the steps just outside the barber shop and
walk left at the top to enter the bridge. The captain of the ship won't notice
Larry, so walk behind his chair and MOVE SWITCH on the right to start the
lifeboat timer. Don't walk to the north doorway, as a KGB agent will enter the
room to try and shoot Larry. He misses Larry, but his bullet hits the captain
instead and the cruise ship crashes into a reef. Exit the bridge and go down
the steps, then walk east along the top deck and go up the next set of steps.
About quarter of the way up the steps, walk west to arrive on the upper deck of
the ship near the lifeboats. Larry started the lifeboat drill by moving the
lever in the bridge, which has caused the cruise ship to come to a standstill.
JUMP INTO LIFEBOAT and it will be lowered into the water. As soon as Larry
starts to drift away from the ship, WEAR WIG and THROW DIP.

This next small section of the game shows Larry's ten days adrift on the
lifeboat. You have no control over the game at this point, so Larry's survival
depends on things that you have done previously. On the fourth day, a message
will appear saying how hot the sun is. If you remembered to use the sunscreen
on Larry after he left the pool area, the game will continue. On the fifth day
the sun is even hotter, but Larry will be fine as long as he is wearing the
expensive wig that he purchased from the barber shop. On the sixth day, Larry
becomes thirsty and drinks the grotesque gulp that he bought from the Quikie
Mart in Los Angeles. On the seventh day, Larry becomes hungry. If he has the
spinach dip at this point, Larry will eat it and die. Without the dip, Larry
will use a safety pin and thread from Mama's sewing kit to catch fish. Three
days later, Larry survives a storm and arrives on an island resort.

2.3.                             Island Resort

After a long message congratulating us on having survived up to this point in
the game, Larry stands up with a much smaller inventory than he had before the
lifeboat ride. Luckily, he managed to keep a hold of the remaining money, and
also still has the bikini top, onklunk and passport. Walk south from the beach
to enter the jungle. Each time that Larry arrives in the jungle, he will spend
some time exploring before eventually appearing in a set location. The order to
the locations is the restaurant, guest room, barber shop and the beach. It is
possible to skip the jungle exploration from the second time that Larry visits
the jungle. For now, just GET FLOWERS in the middle of the area and wait for
Larry to explore. Larry eventually finds his way to the restaurant.

TALK MAITRE D' and he will tell Larry to sit in the chair while he finds a
place for him. SIT in the chair and wait while the Maitre d' welcomes ten other
guests before returning to Larry. As all of the tables are now taken, the
Maitre d' sets up a much smaller table for Larry. Larry will die if he eats the
food from his own table, so have a look at the buffet toward the bottom-left
corner of the room instead. Larry can safely eat the food from here GET KNIFE
and then leave the restaurant. Back in the jungle, you can now skip the
exploration sequence by typing EXIT. This time, Larry travels to a guest room.

GET MATCHES from the nightstand at the bottom-left corner of the bed and GET
SOAP from the bowl in the bathroom. Around this time the maid will enter the
room to check with Larry if everything is alright. You can tell her that
everything is not alright by saying no, but oddly you can't tell her that
everything is fine as the game doesn't understand it. If Larry says no, she
will ask him if he wants something that is not on the room service menu. This
definitely sounds like another death scene invite, and sure enough, it is. Test
it out by saving the game first and then typing LAY MAID. In this case, it is
not the KGB that Larry is in danger of but the maid's brother, who shoots Larry
when he finds him in the bed. Providing you now have the matches and the soap,
exit the room and skip the jungle to enter the barber shop.

SIT in the chair and Larry will ask the barber if there is anything he can do
about his receding hairline. After pouring laundry detergent over Larry's head,
Larry stands up from the chair with long blonde hair. Exit the shop to return
to the jungle. From this point on, Larry will spend a lot less time exploring
the jungle and finds the exit after only three wrong turns. It is still a lot
quicker to exit the jungle however. After returning to the beach, walk west one
screen to the nudist beach and GET BIKINI bottom on the rock. You can talk to
the sunbathers on the beach but there is nothing else to do in this area, so
walk east one screen and then go south to return to the jungle. Skip to the
restaurant, then go to the jungle and EXIT again to return to the guest room.

Walk into the dressing area at the top-right corner of the room and WEAR
BIKINI. PUT SOAP IN BIKINI to make Larry look like he has fake breasts and then
exit the guest room. Skip past the jungle scene to return to the barber shop.
Larry now has long blonde hair, a bikini and fake breasts, but at this point he
will still be caught by the KGB agents on the beach when he tries to leave the
resort. It's time to add the final addition to Larry's disguise. SIT in the
chair and Larry will ask the barber to remove his body hair. After a painful
waxing session, exit the barber shop and skip the jungle to return to the
beach. Walk east two screens to pass by the agent and arrive at the cliff.

Despite the dangerous look of this area, it is not possible for Larry to die
here. He will even get an extra point each time that he falls, although these
will all be taken away when he arrives at the airport. Continue down to the
bottom of the path and SAVE the game when Larry is on the final section. Walk
around the corner and watch the messages that appear. As soon as the second
message appears saying that Larry has escaped from the wonderful tropical
resort, quickly press enter and then WEAR SUIT before the next message appears.
If this is not done quickly enough, Larry will arrive outside the resort in the
bikini and will not be able to return to the cliffs to change into his suit. If
this happens, the guards will arrest him when he gets near.

2.4.                           Airport and Plane

Having successfully escaped the resort and avoiding the guards standing next to
the pillars by wearing the disguise, Larry can still manage to die outside the
airport by walking toward the dancing agents at the door. Stand one tile away
from the agents and GIVE FLOWER from the jungle. They will be so confused by
Larry's gift that they both exit the area. Walk through the doors to enter the
airport, where it seems that Larry won't be buying a plane ticket in a hurry
due to the large queue of people. We will find a way to shorten the queue
later, but for now just walk west one screen and enter the barber shop.

LOOK WOMAN in the shop to see Rosella from King's Quest IV. SIT in the chair
and she restores Larry's hair to its original form. Larry is upset that he has
lost his long golden hair, so Rosella gives him a bottle of highly flammable
hair rejuvenator as a consolation. Exit the barber shop and walk east two
screens to the customs inspection station. SHOW PASSPORT to the customs agent
behind the counter and go through the right gateway to enter the x-ray area.
Watch the screen in front of the sleeping man. The contents of various cases
pass by that Larry can open. When you see the green suitcase pass by, OPEN
SUITCASE. The people waiting for the tickets will leave.

BUY TICKET from the agent and wait while Larry is asked lots of questions about
his flight. After the agent finally gives him his ticket, walk east one screen
and SHOW PASSPORT again to the customs agent. Pass through the gate and walk
east one screen to see the snack bar. As with the cruise ship, it is very easy
to miss an essential item here and continue on with the game only to find
yourself completely stuck later on. You are also timed, and the game will end
if you don't make it to the departure lounge before the plane leaves, so it is
a good idea to SAVE the game now in case you need to return here.

BUY FOOD from the waitress to order the Blue Pate Special. She returns with
Larry's food, which has a bobby pin in it. GET PIN from the plate and leave the
food alone. Walk to the red machine and BUY PARACHUTE from it. There is nothing
else to do in this room, so walk onto the right moving walkway to make the long
journey to the waiting room. GET PAMPHLET from the left side of the counter and
then SHOW TICKET to the flight attendant. She tells Larry to hurry as the final
call for the flight has been made. Walk along the jetway to enter the plane.

Inside the plane, the stewardess warmly welcomes Larry to the plane and asks to
see his ticket. Noticing Larry's ticket, her attitude changes and she tells
Larry to sit on the left side of the second compartment. As Larry walks through
the plane, the seating ranges from lots of space in the first cabin to being so
cramped that Larry can barely squeeze into the seat. The stewardess appears to
give a safety talk and the plane then takes off. A man sitting next to Larry
turns to him and says that he recognises him from Lefty's Bar, which was a
location in the original Leisure Suit Larry game. Larry refuses to listen to
any of his jokes and so the man turns back to the front and sits in silence.

LOOK to see a crumpled airsick bag in the pocket of the seat in front of Larry.
GET BAG. If Larry attempts to stand up now, a stewardess will appear on either
side of the room and Larry will be unable to leave. GIVE PAMPHLET from the
airport waiting room to Ken and the stewardesses will stop serving their
drinks. STAND up and walk east one screen to enter the smoking cabin. Walk to
the bottom-right corner of the room and USE PIN ON DOOR. You can't see the door
from where Larry is standing, so you may have to move him around before he is
able to interact with it. MOVE HANDLE at the side of the door but don't open it
yet. WEAR PARACHUTE and then OPEN DOOR to be sucked out of the plane. While
falling through the sky, USE PARACHUTE to float down to Nontoonyt Island.

2.5.                            Nontoonyt Island

After surviving the fall from the plane, Larry finds his parachute caught high
up in the branches of a tree. USE KNIFE ON ROPE and Larry will fall to the
forest floor far below, breaking the onklunk when he lands. GET STICK at the
top of the area and then start walking down to the path at the bottom of the
area. SAVE the game at this point, as Larry needs to walk down far enough to
CRAWL UNDER BUSH, but must make sure not to go so far that he makes the swarm
of killer bees aware of his presence. Walk south one screen from the other side
of the bush to see a snake in the middle of the tree. SAVE the game again and
then walk toward the tree. As soon as the snake is about to strike, USE STICK
to put it in the snake's mouth. Walk east one screen.

Larry enters the quicksand area just in time to see a monkey disappear off the
edge of the screen. The monkey was walking on the light path through the area,
which is the only safe place to cross the quicksand. Be prepared to save and
restore frequently, as even though the light path is visible it is still easy
to step off into the quicksand. In the next area, a brook is running below the
canopy of the jungle. Though it looks peaceful, there are piranhas in the brook
that will kill Larry if he stands in it. Set the speed to slow and SWING VINE
in the middle of the rock. As soon as Larry starts to swing on the vine, SWING
VINE. If Larry doesn't reach quickly enough, he will fall into the brook. SWING
VINE twice more and Larry will land on the ground on the other side of the
brook. GET VINE and walk east to exit the area.

Larry arrives on a beach and sees a beautiful woman waving to him from a pool.
She walks closer and after introducing herself as Kalalau, tells Larry that
she lives in a small village near the beach and that she would love to go out
on a date with him, but can't as they have to get married first. When Larry
mentions that she get married tonight, she tells him that the village elders
have stopped all marriages from taking place until Dr. Nonookee has left the
island. According to Kalalau, Nonookee has set up in his base at the top of the
volcano and has created a glacier that prevents anyone from visiting. Setting
out the background for Leisure Suit Larry 3, Kalalau tells Larry that Nonookee
has stopped her people from completing a deal with a large hotel business that
had planned to turn the entire island into a tourist trap. After a brief pause,
Larry tells Kalalau that he will rid the island of Nonookee's presence.

Kalalau takes Larry back to her village where he is introduced to her father.
Chief Keneewauwau, who seems to instantly have a passionate dislike for Larry
that continues into the next game, says that Larry must prove himself to be a
real man before he can marry Kalalau. Larry must first prove himself by writing
a short program on a PC in assembly language. Seconds later, Larry shows his
working operating system to the chief and passes the first part of the test.
Keneewauwau then takes Larry to a secret path that leads to the base of the
volcano. After telling Larry once more that he will allow Larry to marry his
daughter if he defeats Nonookee, the chief leaves to return to the village.

After that long sequence, we are finally in control of Larry again. Walk south,
east and south to return to the beach where Kalalau was first seen. GET SAND.
Walk west one screen to return to the village and GET ASHES from the middle of
the area. Walk west and then north to return to the chasm. USE VINE ON BRANCH
of the tree. If you didn't get the vine, you can still return to the jungle by
walking south from the beach. Larry will automatically swing across this vine
and jump off on the other side. Walk north one screen to see the walls of the
glacier on either side. The steps are too slippery to climb, so we need to melt
them first. USE ASHES ON ICE. Walk north to the volcano summit.

Stand at the left side of the crevice and SAVE the game. You need to put the
bag in the bottle of hair rejuvenator, but the game is extremely picky about
how you type it. If you tell Larry to PUT BAG IN BOTTLE, Larry will correctly
put the airsick bag in the bottle and hold onto it. If you tell Larry to PUT
BAG INTO BOTTLE, Larry drops the bottle into the crevice and the game will end.
USE MATCHES ON BAG and Larry will now be holding a bottle with a burning wick.
If you wait too long, the bottle will explode and Larry will die, so quickly
DROP BOTTLE IN CREVICE. After a few seconds, the bottle will explode and the
elevator door will be blasted open. Enter the elevator to complete the game.

In the ending, Larry falls down the elevator shaft and lands in Dr. Nonookee's
piano bar. In the room are four of the KGB agents that have tried to capture
Larry throughout the game. Larry rolls into the room, spins around on the
chandelier and accidentally presses the self-defense control panel on the wall.
As Larry is about to stand up, he falls onto the auto-fire button and causes
laser beams to fire around the room. One of the lasers hits a marble column and
falls onto the grand piano, which causes it to launch off its base and land on
Nonookee. Larry recovers the women from their hypnotic trance and quickly asks
them where the phone is. Dialling for help, Larry gets in touch with a crew of
people down on the Nontoonyt beach that are filming for their magazine. They
agree to help Larry if he can send a signal to show them where he is.

Remembering that Nonookee used to create a cloud around the volcano, Larry
presses everything he can on the fog machine and is carried off to the by the
native women. Before he leaves, Larry notices one woman sitting alone on the
chair where the piano used to be. She says that her name is Polyester Patti and
that she will play a big part in the next game. After being dropped to the
bottom of the stairs by the native women who decide to find an alternate route
out of the volcano, Larry boards the helicopter and is flown to the beach where
he is reunited with Kalalau. Larry returns to the village to be married. The
witch doctor invites Larry into his barber shop and creates a preparation for
Larry's hair that makes him look young again. In the final scene, Larry and
Kalalau run along the beach while the volcano erupts in the background.


3.                              Character List


  After one date with Eve, Larry moved into her house and is mowing the lawn
  when she pulls up in her car and tells him to leave. Larry's luck changes
  when he wins a cruise ship ticket. On the way to the ship, he accidentally
  steals a microfilm and is followed throughout the game by KGB agents, ending
  with a confrontation with the evil Dr. Nonookee on Nontoonyt Island.

3.1.                              Los Angeles

  The agent appears outside the Scurvy Dog Saloon after Larry has been given
  the onklunk. He offers Larry a drink, which Larry should walk away from. If
  he accepts, the onklunk extraction specialist death scene will be shown.

  Found on The Dating Connection show in the TV studio, Barbara accidentally
  chose Larry to be her date on the cruise ship. Barbara never shows up for the
  cruise, and her dangerous mother, Mama, appears in her place.

  The first barber that Larry visits in the game gives him a standard haircut.
  He charges Larry a hundred dollars and Larry ends up looking the same.

  Larry can buy sunscreen from the clerk after he wins the lottery. Larry will
  not be able to survive the lifeboat ride to the resort without this item.

  Seen only in the introduction at the start of the game, Eve was the girl that
  Larry met in the hot tub at the end of the first game. She discovers that
  Larry has moved into her house after their one date in Lost Wages and orders
  him to leave, starting his quest for love in all the wrong places.

  Only a few pixels in height, the jogger in Los Angeles is one of the main
  reasons why players complete the game without the maximum point score. He is
  found one screen south from Molto Lira. Look at him to receive one point.

  The clerk of the highly expensive Molto Lira shop sells Larry a swimsuit for
  over $100,000! This can only be purchased after Larry wins the lottery.

  The clerk at the music shop accidentally mistakes Larry for a KGB agent and
  hands him an onklunk containing a microfiche. After realising her mistake,
  she quickly shuts down the music shop and sends agents after Larry.

  Larry buys the lottery ticket and the grotesque gulp from the clerk at the
  Quikie Mart. Be prepared for a death scene if you leave without paying.

  The purser appears behind the gate at the harbor after Larry has been given
  the onklunk from the music shop. Larry shows him the cruise ship ticket.

  The receptionist has lost her glasses and can't read Larry's lottery ticket.
  She remembers the winning numbers. When she tells them to Larry, write them
  down and enter them as Larry's choices when she asks him for his numbers.

3.2.                              Cruise Ship

  After Larry has used the sunscreen and is lying on the sunbed near the pool,
  the agent will appear to Larry back to her place. Stand up and follow her for
  a death scene or stay on the sunbed to continue with the game.

  This agent is the man wearing the trenchcoat from Los Angeles. He appears
  when Larry walks toward the middle of the bridge. Although his dart misses
  Larry, it hits the captain and the cruise ship hits the coral reef.

  The barber offers Larry a wig for $10,000. Larry has to get the wig from the
  barber or he will be unable to survive the lifeboat trip to the resort.

  Found in the restaurant. Larry can buy a drink from the bartender, who is
  an agent in disguise, to start the onklunk extraction specialist death scene.

  After noticing that her daughter Barbara had won a date on a cruise ship with
  a man who had just won one million dollars, Mama stole her tickets and came
  on the ship in her place. She has moved into the cabin next door to Larry.

3.3.                             Island Resort

  This agent only appears if Larry walks west one screen as soon as he arrives
  on the island. Larry can talk to her and she will ask him to come back to her
  place, which will lead to a death scene if you decide to follow. If Larry
  explores the jungle first, the bikini bottom can be found in the area.

  Found on the east beach, the agent will catch Larry unless he is disguised.
  Larry needs to have long blonde hair, soap in his bikini and a waxed body.

  Found in the barber shop in the jungle, the barber uses laundry detergent on
  Larry's hair which makes it grow long and blonde. When Larry visits the
  barber wearing a bikini, he can be waxed to fool the agent on the beach.

  Carlos only appears if Larry sleeps with the maid. He is furious to find his
  sister in bed with Larry. Carlos points a gun at Larry and the game ends.

  Found in the restaurant in the jungle, the maitre'd refuses to let Larry have
  a seat in the restaurant until all of the other tables have been taken. When
  the maitre'd eventually allows Larry in, he can take a knife from the buffet.

  Found in the guest room in the jungle. The maid appears to ask if Larry is
  happy with the room. If Larry doesn't say anything, she will leave after a
  few seconds. Larry can sleep with the maid for a death scene.

3.4.                           Airport and Plane

  Found one screen east from the ticket desk, the agent asks to see Larry's
  passport and will let him through to the x-ray area when it has been shown.

  The dancing agents will only appear in front of the entrance to the airport
  if Larry has changed into his suit. If Larry steps too close, the onklunk
  extraction death scene will be shown. Give them the flower to confuse them.

  Found behind the counter in the waiting room. Get the pamphlet from the desk
  first and then show the airline ticket to the attendant to board the plane.

  Found on the plane. Ken is the man from Lefty's bar in the first game. Larry
  will be unable to leave the cabin unless he has given the pamphlet to Ken.

  Found in the barber shop. Rosella is jealous of Larry's long blonde hair and
  cuts it all off. She gives Larry a bottle of flammable hair rejuvenator.

  The guards outside the airport will arrest Larry if they see him wearing the
  bikini. Wear the suit at the bottom of the cliff path to prevent this.

  Found on the plane. She asks to see Larry's airline ticket. When he shows it
  to her, he is sent to the cramped middle cabin where he sits next to Ken.

  The ticket agent is extremely serving lines of people when Larry first enters
  the airport and Larry will not be able to talk to him no matter how long he
  queues for. Get the green suitcase from the x-ray area to clear the queues.
  Larry can then buy the ticket from the agent after answering his questions.

  Found behind the snack bar, Larry can order a Blue Pate Special from the
  waitress. Get the bobby pin from the plate and leave the food.

3.5.                            Nontoonyt Island

  Found in the jungle landing area. The swarm of killer bees will kill Larry if
  he touches their bush, so he must crawl under the bush to avoid them.

  Found on the Nontoonyt Island beach after Larry has crossed the piranha
  lake. Kalalau falls instantly in love with Larry and says that she would like
  to marry him, but only if he can first rid the island of Dr. Nonookee.

  The father of Kalalau, Keneewauwau is the Chief of the Nontoonyt Village. He
  tells Larry that he can marry his daughter if Nonookee is defeated.

  Dr. Nonookee has made his base inside the volcano on Nontoonyt Island, which
  is surrounded by a mysterious glacier. He has a group of agents under his
  command who are all sent out to find Larry after the onklunk is taken.

  The piranhas in the river will attack Larry's legs as he walks through the
  water. Swing on the three vines above the river to avoid the piranhas.

  Found in the piano room in Nonookee's base. She introduces herself as Patty
  and tells Larry that she will return in Leisure Suit Larry 3.

  Found one screen south from the jungle landing area. The anaconda will drop
  down when Larry walks under the tree. Use the stick to prevent the attack.


4.                                Item List


  Bought from the ticket agent in the airport after the crowd have left. Larry
  can board the plane after the ticket has been shown to the flight attendant.

  Found in the pocket of the seat in front of Larry in the plane. It is put in
  the bottle of hair rejuvenator at the top of the volcano on Nontoonyt island.

  Found on the campfire in the village on Nontoonyt Island after Larry has met
  Chief Keneewauwau. They are used on the ice at the bottom of the volcano.

  Found on the west beach of the island resort. Larry wears it in the guest
  room. It is one of the items needed to pass the agent on the east beach.

  Found at the bottom of the pool on the cruise ship. Larry wears it in the
  guest room on the island resort and puts the bars of soap in it. It is one of
  the items needed to pass the agent on the east beach of the resort.

  Found in the food ordered from the waitress at the airport snack bar. It is
  used to unlock the door at the bottom-right corner of the plane.

  Found after winning The Dating Connection show from the TV studio in Los
  Angeles. It is given to the purser behind the gate at the harbor.

  Found at the right side of Eve's garage at the bottom-left corner of Los
  Angeles. It is used to buy a lottery ticket in the Quikie Mart.

  Found while Larry is exploring the jungle on the island resort. It is given
  to the agents that are dancing outside the entrance to the airport.

  Found on the nightstand in Larry's cruise ship cabin. A note on the fruit
  from Barbara says that she has decided not to come on the cruise with Larry.

  Found by filling the giant grotesque gulp cup in the quikie mart. It is used
  on the sixth day of the lifeboat trip after Larry escapes the cruise ship.

  Rosella will give Larry the hair rejuvenator in the airport barber shop. It
  is used with the airsick bag at the top of the volcano on Nontoonyt island.

  Found on the buffet in the restaurant on the island resort. It is used to cut
  the parachute rope after Larry lands in the tree on Nontoonyt island.

  Bought from the clerk in the Quikie Mart. It is given to the receptionist in
  the television studio. Larry can convince the receptionist that the numbers
  on the ticket are correct by entering the numbers that she tells him.

  Found on the nightstand in the guest room on the island resort. They are used
  on the bag in the bottle at the top of the volcano on Nontoonyt island.

  Found after winning The Lucky Life Lottery show from the TV studio in Los
  Angeles. It is given to the woman in Molto Lira to get the wad o'dough.

  Found after Larry enters the music shop in Los Angeles. It contains a KGB
  microfiche, and is the reason why agents are following Larry throughout the
  game. Larry eventually breaks the onklunk after falling to Nontoonyt Island.

  Found on the desk in the airport waiting room. Larry will be unable to leave
  the middle plane cabin until he gives the pamphlet to Ken.

  Found in the red vending machine near the airport snack bar. It is worn
  before jumping out of the plane and is used while Larry is falling.

  Found in the trash outside Eve's house after Larry wins the dating show. It
  is shown to the purser at the harbor and the passport agent in the airport.

  Found on the beach one screen east of the piranha-infested river on Nontoonyt
  island. It is used on the ice at the bottom of the volcano.

  Found in the drawer of Mama's cabin on the cruise ship. It is used to catch
  fish on the seventh day of Larry's journey on the lifeboat.

  Found in the island resort guest room. It is put in the bikini top in the
  guest room. It is one of the items used to fool the agent on the beach.

  Found on restaurant bar on the cruise ship. It is thrown away as Larry
  leaves the cruise ship to prevent him from eating it on the lifeboat.

  Found on the ground in the jungle after Larry falls from the parachute on
  Nontoonyt island. It is used on the snake in the jungle.

  Found on the left shelf in the drugstore. It is used before and after
  cruise ship pool and is also used on the lifeboat ride to the island resort.

  Found at the back of the Molto Lira shop. It is worn by Larry behind the
  wardrobe in his cruise ship cabin and is needed to swim in the pool.

  Found after swinging to the other side of the piranha-infested river on
  Nontoonyt island. It is used on the tree branch to cross the chasm.

  The woman in the Molto Lira shop will give Larry the wad o'dough when she is
  given the million dollar bill. It is used to buy the sunscreen, the grotesque
  gulp, the Blue Pate Special and the various haircuts at the barber shops.

  Found after visiting the barber shop on the cruise ship. It is worn after
  leaving the ship to prevent Larry from getting sunburnt on the lifeboat.


5.                                Point List


             LOS ANGELES
3      3     Get the dollar bill from Eve's garage.
4      1     Look through the hole in the fence.
7      3     Buy the lottery ticket.
17     10    Win the lottery at the studio.
18     1     Sit on the bench in the green room.
38     20    Win The Dating Connection show.
44     6     Get the cruise ship ticket.
56     12    Win the Lucky Life Lottery show.
63     7     Get the million dollar bill.
68     5     Get the swimsuit from Molto Lira.
71     3     Buy the swimsuit from Molto Lira.
72     1     Look at the jogger.
77     5     Get the passport from the trash.
80     3     Sit on the chair in the barber shop.
89     9     Buy the sunscreen from the drugstore.
94     5     Fill the cup in the quikie mart.
97     3     Pay for the grotesque gulp.
104    7     Get the onklunk from the music shop.
113    9     Give the ticket to the man at the harbor.

             CRUISE SHIP
119    6     Get the sewing kit from the drawer.
122    3     Get the fruit from the nightstand.
125    3     Use the sunscreen before swimming.
128    3     Lie on the deck chair.
135    7     Get the bikini at the bottom of the pool.
138    3     Use the sunscreen after swimming.
140    2     Get the spinach dip from the restaurant.
143    3     Sit on the chair in the barber shop.
151    8     Move the switch in the bridge.
153    2     Jump in the lifeboat.
158    5     Ride away from the cruise ship.
163    5     Wear the wig on the lifeboat.
165    2     Throw the spinach dip off the lifeboat.
190    25    Ride the lifeboat to the resort.

             ISLAND RESORT
193    3     Get the flower from the jungle.
194    1     Sit in the chair at the restaurant.
195    1     Enter the restaurant.
198    3     Get the knife from the buffet.
200    2     Get the matches from the guest room.
202    2     Get the soap from the restroom.
205    3     Sit on the chair in the barber shop.
209    4     Get the bikini bottom from the rock.
214    5     Wear the bikini in the guest room.
226    12    Put the soap in the bikini.
229    3     Sit on the chair in the barber shop.
241    12    Avoid the agents on the resort beach.
247    6     Wear the suit at the bottom of the path.
254    7     Give the flower to the agents.

257    3     Look at Rosella in the barber shop.
260    3     Sit on the chair in the barber shop.
265    5     Show the passport to the passport agent.
270    5     Get the green luggage in the airport.
285    15    Clear the crowd from the airport.
290    5     Buy the ticket from the ticket agent.
297    7     Get the pin from the plate.
300    3     Buy the parachute from the red machine.
311    11    Get the pamphlet from the waiting room.
314    3     Show the airline ticket to the attendant.

319    5     Get the airsick bag from the plane.
327    8     Give the pamphlet to Ken in the plane.
332    5     Use the pin to open the plane door.
336    4     Wear the parachute.
342    6     Open the plane door.

350    8     Use the knife to cut the parachute rope.
354    4     Get the stick from the jungle.
360    6     Crawl under the bush to avoid the bees.
370    10    Use the stick on the snake.
375    5     Walk to the other side of the quicksand.
381    6     Swing to the other side of the river.
385    4     Get the vine from the branch.
395    10    Talk to Kalalau on the beach.
420    25    Arrive at the chasm.
423    3     Get the sand from the beach.
429    6     Get the ashes from the campfire.
440    11    Use the vine on the branch.
450    10    Use the ashes to melt the ice.
455    5     Put the airsick bag in the bottle.
460    5     Use the matches on the bag.
470    10    Drop the bottle in the crevice.
500    30    Enter the elevator to defeat Nonookee.


6.                                   Maps



 _______    _______    _______
|Dating |  | Green |  |Lottery|
| Show  |--| Room  |--| Show  |
|_______|  |___ ___|  |_______|
            ___|___                          _______
           |Studio |                        |Quikie |
           | Lobby |                        | Mart  |
           |___ ___|                        |___ ___|
               |                                |
            ___|___    _______    _______    ___|___
           |       |  |       |  |       |  |       |
           |Street |--|Street |--| Alley |--|Street |
           |___ ___|  |___ ___|  |___ ___|  |___ ___|
               |          |          |          |
            ___|___    ___|___    ___|___    ___|___
           | Music |  | Molto |  |Burger |  | Drug  |
           | Shop  |--| Lira  |--| Shop  |--| Store |
           |___ ___|  |___ ___|  |___ ___|  |___ ___|
               |          |          |          |
            ___|___    ___|___    ___|___    ___|___
           |       |  |       |  |       |  |       |
           |Street |--|Jogger |--|Street |--|Saloon |
           |___ ___|  |___ ___|  |___ ___|  |___ ___|
               |          |          |          |
            ___|___    ___|___    ___|___    ___|___    _______
           |       |  |       |  |Barber |  |       |  |       |
           | House |--|Street |--| Shop  |--|Harbor |--|Walkway|
           |_______|  |_______|  |_______|  |_______|  |_______|


                                     |       |
                                        / /
     _______                           / /
    |       |_______     _______      / /
    |Bridge |____  /    |       |____/ /
    |_______|   / /     | Pool  |___  /
 _______       / /      |_______|  / /               _______
|Barber |_____/ /_________________/ /_______________| Life  |
| Shop  |_______________  __________________________| Boat  |
|_______|              / /                          |_______|
                      / /______________________
                     /______________________  /
                                           / /       _______    _______
                                          / /_______|Larry's|  |Mama's |
                                         /__________| Cabin |--| Cabin |
                                                    |_______|  |_______|


 _______    _______    _______    _______
|Nudist |  |Middle |  | Agent |  | Cliff |
| Beach |--| Beach |--| Beach |--| Path  |
|_______|  |___ ___|  |_______|  |_______|
            ___|___    _______
           |       |  |       |
           |       |--|Restrnt|
           |       |  |_______|
           |       |
           |       |   _______
           |       |  | Guest |
           |   J   |--| Room  |
           |   u   |  |_______|
           |   n   |
           |   g   |   _______
           |   l   |  |Barber |
           |   e   |--| Shop  |
           |       |  |_______|
           |       |
           |       |   _______
           |       |  |Middle |
           |       |--| Beach |
           |_______|  |_______|


                                             _______    _______
                                            |       |  |       |
                                            |Jetway |--| Plane |
                                            |___ ___|  |_______|
                                            | Area  |
                                            |___ ___|
 _______                                     ___|___
|Barber |                                   |       |
| Shop  |                                   |Wlkways|
|___ ___|                                   |___ ___|
    |                                           |
 ___|___    _______    _______    _______    ___|___
|       |  |Ticket |  |Customs|  | X-ray |  | Snack |
|Window |--| Desk  |--|Station|--| Area  |--|  Bar  |
|_______|  |___ ___|  |_______|  |_______|  |_______|


                      |Summit |
                      |___ ___|
                      |Mountn |
                      | Path  |
                      |___ ___|
                      |       |
                      |___ ___|
                      |       |
                      |Jungle |
                      |___ ___|
                      |       |
                      | Chasm |
                      |___ ___|
 _______               ___|___    _______    _______
|       |             |       |  | Camp- |  |       |
|Jungle |             |Village|--| fire  |--|Village|
|___ ___|             |_______|  |___ ___|  |_______|
    |                                |
 ___|___    _______    _______    ___|___
|       |  |Quick- |  |Piranha|  |       |
|Jungle |--| sand  |--| River |--| Beach |
|_______|  |_______|  |_______|  |_______|


7.                         Easter Eggs and Secrets



1: In Los Angeles, look through the hole in the fence one screen west from the
   Quikie Mart to see people playing Police Quest I. You will be unable to
   complete the game with the maximum score if you miss this secret.

2: In Los Angeles, look at the alley one screen west from the Quikie Mart.
   Larry says that it looks exactly the same as the alley from the first
   Leisure Suit Larry game. The message mentions Larry's friend, who was the
   mugger that would kill Larry if he went too far into the alley.

3: In Los Angeles, look in the area one screen south from Molto Lira. The
   message says that the background looks like it belongs in Space Quest IV.

4: On the cruise ship, look under the closet in Larry's cabin. Nothing is
   found, but a message says to try this if you ever play King's Quest III.

5: On the island resort, look under the bush while Larry is exploring the
   jungle. A message will be displayed which says that Larry has discovered Jim
   Walls testing Police Quest II when he should be on holiday.

6: In the airport, walk into the barber shop to see Rosella from King's Quest
   IV. Look at her and she will ask Larry if he has played King's Quest IV.


You can skip the photograph copy protection screen by entering the number
555-0724. This only works on version 1.002.000 of the game.


8.                            Debug Information


The debug menu is only available on version 1.002.000 of the game. After using
the 555-0724 code to skip the copy protection at the start of the game, type
"help me" to display a message that lists the following debug options.

TP (teleport)
Get (name of object)
pitch (name of object)
make note
show timer
show ego
show grid

Alt-C: show control
Alf-F: show fragmenting
Alt-I: regain typing
Alt-M: show memory
Alt-P: show priority
Alt-R: show room number
Alt-V: show normal
Alt-Z: quits
Control-click: moves ego
Shift-click: shows mouse location


Airline ticket   Cruise ticket      Knife            Passport       Sunscreen
Airsick bag      Dollar bill        Lottery ticket   Sand           Swimsuit
Ashes            Flower             Matches          Sewing kit     Vine
Bikini bottom    Fruit              Onklunk          Soap           Wad o'dough
Bikini top       Grotesque gulp     Pamphlet         Spinach dip    Wig
Bobby pin        Hair rejuvenator   Parachute        Stout stick


11  Los Angeles TV studio exterior    61  Plane west side
12  Los Angeles Hollywood sign        62  Plane middle
13  Los Angeles alley                 63  Plane east side
14  Los Angeles Quikie Mart exterior  64  Fall to Nontoonyt top screen
15  Los Angeles music shop exterior   65  Fall to Nontoonyt bottom screen
16  Los Angeles Molto Lira exterior   70  Nontoonyt Island parachute scene
17  Los Angeles burger shop exterior  71  Nontoonyt Island north jungle
18  Los Angeles drug shop exterior    72  Nontoonyt Island south jungle
19  Los Angeles street near park      73  Nontoonyt Island quicksand
20  Los Angeles jogger area           74  Nontoonyt Island piranha river
21  Los Angeles street near bar       75  Nontoonyt Island beach
22  Los Angeles bar exterior          76  Nontoonyt Island west village
23  Los Angeles Eve's house exterior  77  Nontoonyt Island middle village
24  Los Angeles studio exterior       78  Nontoonyt Island east village
25  Los Angeles barber shop exterior  79  Nontoonyt Island chasm
26  Los Angeles harbor                80  Nontoonyt Island path to volcano
27  Cruise ship gangplank             81  Nontoonyt Island glacier
28  Cruise ship dream scene           82  Nontoonyt Island volcano summit
31  Cruise ship map                   83  Nontoonyt Island elevator shaft
32  Cruise ship Larry's cabin         84  Nontoonyt Island piano room
33  Cruise ship Mama's cabin          85  Nontoonyt Island helicopter room
34  Cruise ship pool surface          86  Nontoonyt Island ending scene
35  Cruise ship restaurant            90  Title screen
36  Cruise ship bridge                91  Introduction
37  Cruise ship barber shop           92  Introduction
38  Cruise ship lifeboat area         93  Introduction
40  Island resort jungle              95  Landing pad death scene
41  Island resort west beach          96  Onklunk extraction death scene
42  Island resort middle beach        99  Los Angeles Eve's house exterior
43  Island resort restaurant          101 Los Angeles TV studio reception area
44  Island resort guest room          102 Los Angeles TV studio green room
45  Island resort barber shop         103 Los Angeles TV studio dating show
47  Island resort east beach          104 Los Angeles TV studio lottery show
48  Island resort cliff path          114 Los Angeles Quikie Mart interior
50  Island resort airport exterior    115 Los Angeles music shop interior
51  Airport barber shop exterior      116 Los Angeles Molto Lira interior
52  Airport ticket desk               118 Los Angeles drug store interior
53  Airport customs station           125 Los Angeles barber shop interior
54  Airport x-ray area                131 Cruise ship lifeboat scene
55  Airport snack bar                 134 Cruise ship pool underwater
56  Airport walkway                   152 Nontoonyt Island volcano death scene
57  Airport waiting area              178 Nontoonyt Island barber shop interior
58  Airport jetway                    181 Nontoonyt Island volcano path


9.                           Copyright Information


This file is Copyright 2003-2008 Tom Hayes. As it can be difficult to keep
track of websites that haven't posted the latest version of this file, please
do not distribute it without my permission. Send an e-mail to me if you would
like to post this file on your website and you will likely receive a positive
response. If you do post the file, please keep it in its original form with all
of the sections intact and credit the author (Tom Hayes) as the writer of the
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