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Walkthrough for Catyph: The Kunci Experiment (including Light Edition)


[Original Edition] Tips for the arcade minigame:

- make sure you play in Easy mode if you find it difficult (you can set the difficulty on the left)
- the dark meteorites will always go on the left, the bright ones always on the right...
- you must reach the end of the countdown to validate your points
- to make much more points, play the minigame in Normal mode instead of Easy
- at the beginning, it is better to only focus on avoiding the meteorites than trying to collect blue matter: every time you avoid a meteorite, your score increases. The higher is your score, the faster it will increase in the end, and the more blue matter will appear on screen.
- if you exceed 120 000 points (score), you'll reach the Crazy Score level for a while: there will be so many blue matter balls on screen that you will easily catch them while avoiding the meteorites.
- if you like this arcade game, you can try to unlock the hard version in the bonuses. Using the tips above, it is quite easy: you'll have to reach a score of 200 000.

My best score is 236 000, can you beat this? Image #1

[Original Edition] Blue Matter cheat code:

If you need Blue Matter points and don't want to play the arcade game, you can get points at the blue matter sources... or use this cheat code:

Anytime in the game, press Backspace (return), and type:
Then press Enter to validate. You'll get 9 points immediately.


After the opening movie, go down the large Black Cube where you landed. Follow the spiral stairs in the rock on the right. Listen to the transmission from General Lantier when it is available. You get the Blue Matter System. Read the datalog.

Look at the small striped tower, note the position of the green stones on its sides. Look at the device near the door and change the switch depending on the stones you saw before. Stone up, switch up. This is the final position:
Top: down down up up
Bottom: up down up up
Puch the button near the light bulb. The door opens.

Enter the tower and get the oil can. Go back to the spiral stairs outside, climb and walk to the dunes on the right to find an oil pond. Use the empty can on the pond to fill it.

Go back to the stairs, follow the footbridge on the right to reach a closed gate. Look at the wheel. It's stuck. Add some oil on the axis, but that is not enough, you need more strengh: use the Blue Matter System on the wheel to turn it. The mecanism rotates and you can now reach the handle when you stand next to the gate on the left.

Continue to the ladder and climb until you reach a black surface at the entrance of the Dome. Use the Blue Matter System on it: it reveals a pattern that you should note. Next to this door there is another system of switches but you don't know the code yet.

Go back to the striped tower, look at the book on the left. The pattern you just found is on that page, with number 19. Look at the other book on the right view: a sketch shows that the entrance of the Dome is a kind of box: the black surface you saw earlier. The pattern at the front of that box is coupled with another pattern at the back. You need to find the second pattern.

Look at the wooden "balls" near this book. They are made of several crossed boxes. The outside faces show different patterns, so when you know one pattern, you can find the one at the opposite side. The 3 balls are the same in different views, so try to recreate the perspective in your head to find the good pattern. When you have it, look at the book on the left: it's pattern number 5.

You have just found 2 numbers: 19 and 5. That's the code for the entrance of the dome. In the striped tower, there is a box with glass balls inside. It is a tool that you can use to convert decimal numbers to binary. Convert 19 first. To do that, open as many boxes as needed to see 19 balls. Then count the opened caps: opened = 1, closed = 0. You find that 19 = 10011 and 5 = 00101.

Go back to the dome. Enter the code: 1 = switch up.
Top: up down down up up
Bottom: down down up down up
A path is revealed, enter the dome!


You arrive at level 0, and you can climb to level +1 or go down to level -1. Visit the 3 levels and seek for some spark plugs. There is one at level 0 near the path to level -1. One stuck in the right rail leading to level +1. One at the very end of level +1 when you look down. One at level 0 near the central device, on the floor. And a last one at level -1 near the screen on the left path.

Go at the center of level -1 and look down: you find a map of Tytaah that will be very useful.

Now you have to place the plugs in the generator on the right of level -1. Look at the symbols on the plugs. They should remind you of an entry in the datalog: the moons of planet Catyph. Try to make the link between them in order to assign a number to each plug. The plugs already inserted in the generator can help you find the good match.

In the generator:
The first plug with a side in the shadows corresponds to moon 8
The next plug is all red and corresponds to moon 1
The plug in the middle is Tytaah, moon 5
The last plug is all dark with a light border, it's moon 4

In your inventory:
The plug with a large brown circle is moon 2
The plug with the smallest grey shape is moon 9
The plug with the largest grey shape is moon 3
The plug with a medium grey shape is moon 7
The plug with a brownish/purple round is moon 6

Placing the plugs in the empty spaces needs to think with the ones that you can't move. It's a magical square: all the lines, raws and diagonals, when added, must reach the same sum. In that case it's 15 (the total number of moons represented in the datalog). Place the plugs. Use the Blue Matter System on the black surface of the generator and smile.

The generator is turned on, the screen on the other side turns on too. Go look at the screen and meet Germinal. Read the new datalog entries.
You learn that the password of the central pod is his name. Go to level 0 near the central device, look at the device with letters and enter GERMINAL. Validate with the switch on the right. The door of the pod opens: you can visit the other regions of Tytaah.

Enter the pod, look down and take your first Die!
If you pull the lever in the pod now, nothing happens: it is programmed to take you to region 6, Kynan (where you already are). You need to change this, so climb to level +1 near the steam device on the left. Open the hatch on this device to discover number 6, the number of Kynan. With the rotative lever on the right, you can add or remove 2 or 3 units to the current number. Then turn the wheel for your changes to take effect. Open the hatch to reveal the new region number.

You can look in the kind of telescope near the steam device to discover the name of the region that you have selected.
1: Palak
2: Vysynia
3: Saad
4: Darnaha
5: Raju
6: Kynan (current position)

Choose one of these regions and go back to the teleport pod to pull the lever. From now on, you can visit them in any order: each region is independent and can be finished without completing the others.
Note: it is possible to skip videos with Escape.

In this walkthrough we will visit the regions in numerical order.


Leave the pod, look next to the sailplane. Listen to the story of Lantier and read the datalog. Pull the lever next to the plane. Get in the plane and take the magnetic card.
Go on the right near the device with a lens. Look inside: you can see chimneys in the magma. Insert the magnetic card in the device. Look in the lens again: air streams are now visible. Leave the magnetic card in the device for the moment, and walk to the other side of the plane to find a table.

On the table, a red path has appeared thanks to the magnetic card. This path is defined by the air streams and shows the good path for the plane to follow in order to arrive to the temple. You have to turn on and off the yellow circles of the chimneys: the yellow ones should be along the path, the others should be turned off. All the chimneys linked with a same color wire will switch together.

As soon as you have turned on the yellow lights along the path, and the others off, take back the magnetic card. Insert it on the table device (the red path has disapeared), then use the switch on the left (the one on the right is a reset button!). The magnetic card was updated with the new coordinates. Take it back, get in the plane and insert the card once and for all. Pull the main lever, and land before the temple.

In the hall of the temple, take the Black Die. You're now stuck inside. Visit the temple. From the entrance, take the stairs on the left. Follow the path, climb the ladder to reach the top level. Go on the right to look outside, and obtain a map of the constellations.
In the center of the room, turn on the stars projector. With the map, you can compare the constellations: find the ones that are complete. There are only 2. In alphabetical order: Duck 1 and Pan 3, which allows to create number 13. Convert it to binary (easy with the technique from before): 01101.
Now look at the box on the small table at the end of the room. You can see 5 switches: change them according to the number you found: down, up, up, down, up. Push the button to activate the device.

Leave this room, go down the ladder and stairs. Go on the room on the right from the entrance. You'll see a single lever on a gold mural. With the box activated before, the cylinder is down and you can pull the lever (else it's stuck). So pull the lever to release the lock of the submarine. Before you leave, take the coin on the floor next to the cylinder.

Get in the submarine. Pull the lever on the right to dive. Here you need to find a bell clapper on the ground, and bring it back outside the water. You have the possibility to use the submarine arms to push buttons. Be careful however and use them wisely: when you press a button, it will make some noise and disturb the local monster. After you pressed 3 buttons, the monster will attack you, and you will have no choice but to go back up to the surface. You can increase your number of actions by hiding behind metal grids: even if you have used your 3 actions, if you are behind a grid, you will be safe.
So the purpose is to find a correct order to push the correct buttons and stay safe. The main line of actions is, more or less: place the grids on the right correctly, drop down the propeller, then move the bucket at the top from the right to the left. Turn on the propeller to move up the clapper inside the bucket. You have used all of your actions already and need to hide all the time now. Move the bucket to the right, then catch the clapper and leave.

You're outside the submarine with the clapper. Place it inside the bell in the main room. You have to activate the device under the bell. Look at the eyes of the statues of the monster on each side of the bell. On the left: yellow. On the right: blue. Remember this for the next stage.

Visit the small rooms on each side of the bell. Seek for the dispenser of "mines" (explosives like in the opening movie). Insert your coin to get access to a large number of mines (infinite). They are mines of Yellow Matter: you should place one of them in the big spherical "safe" in the room on the left (remember the yellow eye of the monster? Then you must use a yellow mine here).

Now you need to do the same in the other room but, logically, with a blue mine. Take another yellow mine. Go see the vice around and open it. Place the mine inside. Close the vice and tighten the small wheels. Open the vice again: the mine should be opened. Look closer: there's a black surface. Use the Blue Matter System to modify the mine. Close the vice, loosen the wheels, open the vice... and take your blue mine! Place it in the other "safe" device.

The device under the bell should now be illuminated with blue and yellow matters. If you did it correctly, there should be a white light in the middle, called Resonant or White matter. Ring the bell: it will activate the White matter. Since you're standing on another black surface on the floor, you will be teleported outside the temple. Take the transmission from Germinal, and read the datalog. You can leave Palak and go back to the Dome to choose another destination.


Leave the transport pod, notice the position of the Die and walk until the small spherical building straight ahead. Listen to the transmission of Lantier. Read the datalog.

Get out of the sphere building and take the path on the left until you reach a cave. Before you enter, look on the right where a kind of vacuum emerges from the snow. Use the Blue Matter System on the snow around to create a snowfall.

Enter the cave, look on your left, twice: you should find 2 levers. Continue until the final room with several devices. There's a kind of fridge in the middle: look at the hatch above it and open it to release the snow that you've just gathered in the vacuum. Pull the handle of the fridge to ignite it.
NB: on the left of the fridge, there are 2 other levers (total 4).

Now look at the kind of press on the right of the fridge. There are 2 gauges. One of them is about temperature and the other one about steam pressure. The temperature should be in the green area already, since the fridge was turned on. You have to find the good pressure now: it requires to play with the 4 levers found before. There's no special tip about them, you have to find the good combination on your own. It's quite easy: one of the levers next to the fridge is broken and doesn't change the pressure at all, so you have only 3 levers to play with. Try to change them until the gauge is in the green. One of the levers adds 1 unit of pressure, another one adds 2 units and the last one 3 units. You can check the result everytime on the press.

When the 2 gauges are green, use the Blue Matter System on the black surface to activate it. Go see the result inside the press. If you didn't place any of the metal shapes in the press, you'll obtain an ice plate. Else you can obtain 3 other objects made of ice: in total, you should get 4 ice items in your inventory (one of them will never be used).

Take the ice objects into the shelter outside (it looks like a kind of bunker). Look around, there's a door leading to another room, but it's too dark. To turn on the light, you must use the 4 levers in the main room. You can try to find the solution by luck, but there's an easier way: place the ice plate on the left: it will work as a miror and will reflect the door thanks to the other mirors in the room. Now you can see when the light is turned on! Try to find the good combination of levers methodically, that shouldn't be very difficult.

Visit the new room, look at the black boards: the symbols will be useful. Write down the letters and their equivalent in the other language.

Leave the bunker, go back to the spherical building where you found Lantier earlier. Look at the item on the floor, which is linked to a tablet pc. Use the tablet: choose to open the item. Look at the item, and change the position of the small blocks: you must place them in order to reproduce, when the item is closed, a tesseract cube. A tesseract is often represented by a small cube in a larger cube, like you saw on one of the black boards. Try to reproduce this figure, close the item to check the result. If it is good, the tablet will change of screen.

On the next screen you have to choose a destination for somewhere. You should understand here that there is a link with the huge building outside with a hole at the middle.
You don't know your destination yet, but there is only one available: the others will lead to an error message if you choose them. So the good destination is Izva.

The next screen asks you to confirm the destination. You must enter the translation of IZVA in the other language that you found in the bunker. Despite the display issues of the system, you should be able to find quite easily the correct symbols. Click on the 4 symbols and see if it works. The item should be updated, and you should be able to take it.

Bring the item outside, in the wall of the spherical building where you were (there's a path on your right near the entrance). Insert the item, click again to rotate it until it's completely inserted. Get back inside the sphere and look at the electric board on the right: the yellow light should be turned on. All you have to do is turn on the blue light with the Blue Matter System. It will open a path in the huge building outside, like a kind of stargate.

Climb the ladder, enter the gate and travel to... Izva. Your moves will be limited to a single house though. There's a chest/safe somewhere, but it's closed. Look at the metallic balls until you find the one that can be opened. Use the ice wrench on it to discover a small puzzle. It's very easy, you have to place the blue lights inside the green square area. Push the red button in the middle to open the sphere and take the key. Open the chest, take the scope, and use it on the window. You'll see a stone with engraved instructions. There is no need to translate everything: the most important is to understand that:
the characters found in the bunker correspond to letters, but also to numbers
a number higher than 9 can be lowered by adding its two digits (example 12 = 1+2 = 3)
Keep that in mind to enter the final code.

Look at the minigame with cards. It can seem useless, but there is something important to do: play several times until you know how to sort the cards from the weaker to the stronger one. The order is:
insect < die < press < huge building < snowman

Leave Izva, go back to Vysynia and seek for an equivalent of these cards in the real world. Near each of them, you will find a symbol to translate.
The insect is in the bunker. You'll find the symbol in the white chalks (number 21)
The die is in the bunker too. The symbol translates as 19.
The press is in the cave: the symbol is given by one of the ice shapes in your inventory (number 10)
The huge building is outside. The symbol is the hole, so it's number 1.
Finally find the snowman in a separate path near the Die. The symbol is in the shadows of the wooden sticks and it's number 24.

Remember that numbers higher than 9 can be reduced by adding their digits. You curently found:
21, 19, 10, 1 and 24
Which gives: 3, 10, 1, 1, 6, where 10 is reduced again, so:
3, 1, 1, 1, 6
Enter the code, take the Die, watch Germinal on the screen, and read the datalog. You have finished here!


Leave the pod, accept the transmission from Terra, read the datalog. Follow the main path and go down the stairs. In the crater, turn around the meteorite on the right. Take the path of the small greenhouse, where you will see the Die. Look at the table on the left, look at the bag of red seeds and take some in your inventory. Leave the greenhouse.

Follow the path around the meteorite until you find the entrance of a wood, and a tunnel. Go through, visit the woods and stop on the bridge. Look on the right to see some frogs. Look at the opposite side and throw some of your seeds. The frogs will turn on some lights for you. Save them for later: red, blue, yellow, white, green.

Continue your visit of the woods, stop near the wooden mechanism near the frog totem. It is made of 5 boxes with levers and wheels. Activate them according to the number of stripes:
1 – push the button
2 – turn the front wheel
3 – pull the lever (it will do it 3 times automatically)
4 – turn the side wheel (it will do it twice)
5 – push the button again
You will have to reproduce this sequence.

Leave the woods, search for the small entrance inside the meteorite. Get closer to the device, which also shows some buttons, levers and wheels. Use what you learn in the woods on this machine:
push the red button
turn the small front wheel
pull the lever 3 times
turn the large side wheel twice
push the red button again
A laser will turn on.

With this device activated, you can now travel through time! Climb the pyramid in the meteorite, look on your right to travel to the future of region Saad. You arrive by night, the plants have grown and have covered the whole crater. Simply seek for insects and other creatures around there. You can find:
a red dragonfly
a blue scarab
a yellow ladybug
a white snake
a green firefly
You can see that they have the colors that you found earlier thanks to the frogs.

Go back to the present with the only path available. Then go to the past. Outside the meteorite, there were almost no plants at that time. You can see a system of pipelines made to water the soil. There is a top view on a tablet near the entrance of the meteorite. It shows the whole pipeline and the place of some levers. Write it.

If you walk around the meteorite, you can find a lantern near a stone on the floor. If you look closer, you will find a place where the water pours from the pipeline. Some grass has started to grow here. If you don't stop the water from spreading on the grass, the grass will grow a lot in the coming years. The result is that, in then present, the grown grass hide a stone with some important information. So the idea is to prevent it from growing in the past, which will change the events and you will be able to see the stone in the present.

So to stop the water from pouring, you must turn the levers according to the top view of the pipeline. From the top view:
the lever on the left must be horizontal
the lever at the top must be vertical
on the right, lever close to the meteorite must be horizontal
the lever which is the most on the right must be vertical
You can go check if the water has stopped near the grass.

Go back to the present. Go seek for the stone, which is now visible. It shows the local ecosystem: the snake eats the frogs, etc.
You must now make the link between all the information you have gathered in Saad:
the colored lights in the woods
the colored insects and snake
the stone

The colored lights (red, blue, yellow, white, green) give you the correct order to sort the insects and snake:
1 – red – dragonfly
2 – blue – scarab
3 – yellow – ladybug
4 – white – snake
5 – green – firefly

The stone gives a position to each of these creatures according to their place in the local ecosystem:
Snake is 1st
Scarab is 3rd
Fragonfly is 4th
Firefly is 5th
Ladybug is 6th

Finally if you link the order and the position, you obtain:
1 - 4th
2 - 3rd
3 - 6th
4 - 1st
5 - 5th

Which is the code to open the Die device: 4, 3, 6, 1, 5.
Take the Die, watch Germinal on the screen, read the datalog, and leave Saad!


Leave the pod and walk straight away until the panoramic view. Take the transmission from Lantier and read the datalog. Go to the small temple, enter the main room and look at the board in the middle. It changes all the time: click several times quickly and randomly with your mouse until you luckily hit the black surface. The animation will slow down: click again on the black surface, then again. The animation will stop: look closer at the black surface and use the Blue Matter System on it. You are teleported inside a painting.

This is a painting of region Darnaha in the past, with the local ecosystem. Follow the main path until you go down a ladder and find a cow. Remember its colors: grey and purple.
Continue until there is a cave on your right, where you can find a painted key. Take it.
Continue and you will find a chest on the right: it's closed for now.
Follow the other way and you will reach the small temple. There is a lion before it. Remember its hair colors: a kind of dark pink and yellow.
Look behind you 180°, you will see a strange plant with red flowers. You can see 5 red flowers, save this information for later.
Continue along the path and use the horn to call some kind of hamsters. Use the horn several times: the hamsters will take a different position (randomly). Find the position in "square", and write it down.
Continue until you can use the giant key at the end of the path. It will create another black surface where you can enter. There's a black screen, and the hero says that there is no light: you'll need some light. Then it will take you back to the temple in real life.

Leave the temple, and look around for the first aid box. You need to enter a code: use your writings about the hamsters in "square" position. In the box you will find a 8x5 table with several colored DNA information for different species of animals that used to live in Darnaha in the past. You already have the colors of a cow and a lion. You need the others. Near the pod there was a horn with another path: it leads to small cabins and you can understand now that it used to be the home of the hamsters. On one of these cabins you can see a bottle with a glass ball: it contains 2 colored stripes, red and blue. You now know the colors that symbolize the DNA of the hamsters. The other species to be found were painted in the small temple. Next to the cow, lion and hamster, you can see a bird and a fish.

Next to the first aid box, there is a pond with clear water. If you seek around, you should find another transparent ball with two colors: clear green and pink. Because it is floating on the water, you can deduce that they are the colors of the fish.

Continue on the main path from the panoramic view of the temple. Walk on the right at the crossroads and you will soon find a cave on your left. Enter the cave where you find a place where there used to be birds. One of the pillars - on the left – is terminated with a white cube, and inside you can find 2 shapes of colored glass: white and cyan. They're the last DNA colors, for the bird.
Before you leave, look at the panel with some arrows on a paper. These studies of birds trajectories will be useful, so write down the directions.
The arrows turn right, left, right, left, left, right. Save it for later.

Continue along the path. You will go through a metal gate: you are entering what used to be a field for the cows. Climb the ladder (you are following the same path than in the painting, but in the opposite way). Soon you will see a panel on the left with a thick copper wire. Behind it you have a view on the islands of Darnaha, and a lighthouse on the left.
Look closer at the wire: there's a wooden box but it's locked.

Go back to the temple (you can take a shortcut with a ladder at the end of the main path, or go back on your steps). Enter the painting and follow the path until the chest on the right. Now you can open it: according to the symbols, there is a link with the birds, and so you can use the trajectories found before (right, left, right, left, left, right), which give you the good order to press the 2 buttons. Take the key in the chest and leave the painting already.

You can now open the wooden box near the copper wire panel. Take the stick inside: it's an minigame where you must lead the stick to the other side, without touching the copper. This puzzle is different in the Original Edition and the Light Edition:

[Original Edition]
You have to lead the stick in a limited amount of time: when you start, there are 7 red lights that are turned on. Every 4 seconds, one light will turn off. Happily, when you progress within the copper wire, you will have the opportunity to turn on 1 light, everytime you go through a red area. In the end, you need to have exactly 5 lights turned on: it's the same than the number of red flowers in the painting (this plant has the same shape than the copper wire).
When you succeed to finish this game with 5 lights, it will turn on the lighthouse on the other island.

[Light Edition]
After you completed the wire path with the stick, a new panel appears with 5 red lights that you can turn on or off. They are linked together with white lines representing the lighthouse of Darnaha, and they are also linked with a darker curved line. You can find a similar shape to this dark line somewhere else in Darnaha: visit again the "painting" inside the temple, and look for a kind of vegetal near the lion. Look closely at this plant: the stem has a curved shape similar to the illustration of the panel, and more important, it has several red flowers on it. Copy the position of the red flowers and the dark flowers, and enter these positions by turning on or off the red lights on the panel of the wire puzzle according to what you just found. Confirm the input and it should turn on the lighthouse.

With the lighthouse ready, go back into the painting. Go to the very end and enter the black surface. Now you have some light to guide you: follow the new path and you will find another chest. Take the transparent grid inside and leave the painting once and for all.

You have to use the transparent grid at the 5 places where there used to be some animals in the past. At each correct place where to use this item, you should find a small grid symbol engraved or written. To use the transparent grid item, you must double-click on it.
These are the good places where to use it:
Near the cabin of the hamsters, there is a paper with the sketch of a grid.
Next to the temple, there is a huge bone with a grid at the top.
Near the first aid box, there is an access to the pond with a small grid engraved in the rock.
In the cave of the birds, you can see a small grid on the walls.
In the field of the cows, if you look behind you, there is a tree. The grid is engraved on the bark.
Everytime you use the grid here, you must click at the exact position of the DNA of the good species. For example, we found earlier that the hamsters have the red and blue DNA. According to the DNA table in the first aid box, it is in the first raw and in the first column, that is to say position 1 – 1. So when you display the transparent grid for the hamsters, you have to click in the grid in the very first box of the table at position 1 – 1. This is the complete list of positions where to click:
Hamsters: raw 1, column 1
Fish: raw 3, column 4
Lion: raw 4, column 3
Bird: raw 5, column 6
Cow: raw 2, column 7

Everytime you find the good position, you will discover a secret path with a hidden hole in the rocks. Open them all to gather a device and 4 buttons, that you can combine in your inventory to complete a control remote.

Take this remote, go near the tesseract device (the kind of wire cube of metal). Start the rotation of the tesseract cube with the remote (simply drag and drop the remote control on the tesseract to display it). When it is rotating, find the button to display the faces of the cube. It is a distortion of reality. Stop the rotation with the faces visible. Hide the control remote and look around the tesseract until you find an access to the Die device.

Enter the tesseract cube, you need to enter the code. The keyboard doesn't show numbers but animals. You can easily find the animals from before, you just need the good order. Since we found 5 animals on the island, and that the DNA table has 5 raws, you can assume that the position of the DNA gives the solution. There was the answer above:
raw 1 Hamsters
raw 3 Fish
raw 4 Lion
raw 5 Bird
raw 2 Cow

Which gives, in the end, the keys that you have to press:
1 Hamster
2 Cow
3 Fish
4 Lion
5 Bird

Take the Die, watch Germinal on the screen, read the datalog. Congrats! You have finished Darnaha.


Outside the pod you have 2 possible paths. Listen to Lantier. You should also unlock Forte at that stage of the game (if you followed the same order to visit the regions, else you will see him later), so watch the rebroadcast and read the datalog. Then go on your right. There is a hole in the ground. Ignore the warning of MAIDEN and jump inside. In the room, look at the Cube in the middle. Zoom on the left to see red and black plugs. Note that the red jack is plugged in a black hole and vice-versa. Next to the plugs, there is a yellow symbol of square.

Go see the device on the left. On the very left you can plug it on the wall: it will turn on the screen. Go check closer and play with the various buttons. Whatever you try, it won't work if you don't plug the red and black plugs at the front. As you could see before, they have to be inverted, so place the black plug on the red hole and vice versa. Now on the screen you have to reproduce the yellow square from before. The buttons are separated into 2 channels. When channel 1 is selected, only the buttons at the bottom will work. When channel 2 is selected, only the buttons at the top will work. Change the vertical and horizontal frequencies for both channels until you recreated the square symbol. The Cube will be activated.

Before you leave the room through the teleporter, take the screwdriver on the very right. Then take the teleporter and you will be sent into a wood cabin. In front of you there is the device with the Die, but as usual you need a password. Leave the cabin with the platform on rails. Cross the temple. You can check the black stone in the middle: it used to be all black, but since we turned on the Cube, it shows some alien writings. Impossible to understand now. Go back near the teleport pod, continue towards the giant head in the rock, and look on the right to discover a small metallic object: it's the copper-2 probe that was sent by Terra several years before. With the help of the screwdriver, open the caps. Take the electronic card, and read the paper about resistor values. Try to figure out the corresponding number for each color. As soon as you understand that the space between the letters is a multiplication, it becomes quite easy.
For example, RG B = 35 stands for RG x B = 35
Find the values for Red Green Blue Yellow and Cyan. You should find:
R = 3
G = 5
B = 1
Y = 10
C = 2

Which you can verify easily.
RG x B = 35 gives 35 x 1 = 35

Go back to the wood cabin. Look at the panel on the right of the teleporter, on the wall. Open the hatch to discover 2 big resistors. One is broken. Remove it, and place the electronic card found in Copper-2. Zoom on it.
The symbol on the left says that you need a resistor value of 498 if you want to visit the rusty spaceship outside. The card of Copper-2 doesn't have such a value, but you can update it. The first thing to do is calculate the value of each resistor on the card. With the color code found before it should be easy.
R1 = 35
R2 = 130
R3 = 210
R4 = 1350
R5 = 253

You need a total of 498. You can obtain it with R1 + R3 + R5. All you have to do is guide the electricity in these resistors between the red and black plugs. You must use the small black switches for that: when there is a white dot, the electricity goes through, else it is stopped.
Start with the switches on each side of the resistors. The two ones of R1 should both be ON, the ones of R2 should be OFF, R3 ON, R4 OFF and R5 ON.
The 3 switches on the line at the top, after the red plug, should be set to ON, OFF, ON.
The 2 switches on the line under the resistors should be placed to ON, OFF.
The switch on the very right should be OFF.
The last switch at the bottom is OFF.

Look at the other device near the teleporter, with a rotative switch. Turn it to the bottom, toward the symbol of the spaceship. Take the teleporter, and you will arrive inside the ship.

Visit the spaceship. You can find 4 panels hidden here and there. The last one is behind a hatch: you have to rotate a wheel to reveal it. When you have them all, try to understand their meaning. They show several lines that are crossed to reproduce different kinds of squared shapes. The purpose is to learn you how to multiply 2 numbers and find the result, without using our usual numbers.
Each part of the squares is important. The horizontal lines should give you a 2 digits number. The vertical lines should also give you a 2 digits number. The intersections of all these lines will give the result of their multiplication. Number 1 x Number 2 = Intersections.
Study the panels until you understand exactly how it works.

Then go near the closed door and look at the right: there's a tablet on the old rusty mechanism. The tablet will help you hack the lock, and you need to reprogram it.
Firstly, try to translate the squared symbol of the lock into numbers. If you understood the previous explanations, you should find 41x35 = 1435 (that's what the symbol means, and it is true if you check the result of 41x35).
Now you must enter this operation on the tablet:
choose component 41 in the list
choose "door" x (multiplication)
choose component 35
ignore the "doors" and select the "=" key
and the tricky part. See next.

For the final reprogrammation, you must enter 1435 (since whe have already entered 41 x 35 =).
As you can see, you must enter a binary information. However, converting 1435 into binary gives a very different result. The good idea is to translate separately each digit into binary.
1 = 001
4 = 100
3 = 011
5 = 101
Choose the corresponding key, that is to say 1 100 11 101 (bottom left).
The door opens.

Visit the strange pink room. Take the book, Introduction to the OT language. Yes you will have to use it to translate the texts of the stone. Leave the ship and head to the temple.

The black stone, or OT stone, has 6 main faces. The front face shows an explanation about this stone. It's a kind of bottle thrown at the sea by the OT people. There's nothing important on this face.
Try to read/translate the main ideas on the other faces. You don't have to do a perfect translation: you only need the most important ideas.
One of the faces say that, if you press 3 times the symbol of your planet, then a small ball will appear at the top of the OT stone.
To find the symbol of your planet, look at the face at the back (kind of ladder). You will see several symbols of planets. Find the one of Catyph: according to the datalog, Catyph is often symbolized by a Y. It is on the bottom left. Click 3 times on it (slowly or you may make a mistake). Then take the ladder to climb on the OT stone, and take the small OT ball.

Before you leave, there is another important information on the OT stone. One of the faces say that you'll have to do something with the small ball. It says:
press 3 times on triangle
press 2 times on square
press 1 time on triangle
Save it for later.
The rest of the writings tell of the History of the people of OT, who left their planet with this spaceship after a catastrophe has occured. It is question of toxic gaz and the death of their fellows.

Bring the small OT ball near the giant face in the rock. There is a pedestal for it, so place it inside. Zoom on the ball to discover several buttons with different shapes. You already guess the next step: press 3 times on triangle, 2 times on square and 1 time on triangle again.
That will turn on the OT ball.
The OT stone said somewhere to climb to a high place and watch at the sky. Take the stairs next to the statue, it is the highest place in Raju.
Look at the sky to discover the symbols of the moons of planet OT. Copy the symbols.

Go back to the wood cabin, enter the symbols on the keyboard. Take the Die, watch Germinal and read the datalog. Phew! You have accomplished your main mission! (if you only have 5 Die, you might have forgotten the one in the Dome, inside the transport pod)

White Tower

You're in the Dome with the 6 Die. Go through the small corridor that leads outside. There's a puzzle with yellow and red boxes, drag and drop the Die item from the inventory. You have to find the good place for each of them. The only tip is the small panel above, showing Catyph with number 6 (the number of Die required). If you read the datalog, 6 is also the symbolic number of the planet, such as letter Y. You also saw on Raju that Catyph was symbolized on the OT stone with the Y letter. This is the clue: place the 6 Die in order to form a Y letter. The large Black Cube outside will be activated.

Leave the Dome for Kynan, and go onto the Cube where you landed at the beginning of the game. Here 2 different things can happen:
if you have seen all the transmissions from Lantier and Germinal (including Forte), you will be teleported at the White Tower of Kynan to continue the adventure.
if you missed a part of the story, you will see the alternate ending.
You can easily know if that part of the story is complete or not: open the worldmap, where all the icons should have a green mark.

If you are teleported to the White Tower, follow the way to the door. Open the door, enter, and turn 180°. Close the door, turn 180° again: you are now in a strange place with crossroads. There are 3 stairs to climb, some paths will take you back to the beginning, others will allow you to continue. It's up to you to find the only way to the top of the tower.
The good path is, at the crossroads:
straight ahead

When you reach the final teleporter, you are sent in front of Germinal. Listen to his last explanation. At some point you will have a choice:
take the Cube and continue the quest
refuse the Cube, leave through the door behind, and see the alternate ending
The alternate ending is the "Game Over" in the Bonus Menu, so you'll have to see it if you it to be unlocked. For now we will choose to take the Cube and continue.

After the final words of Germinal, you are sent to the nucleus of Catyph to save the whole solar system of Boh (and Terra).


When you arrive on Catyph, you're in the room of the opening movie: it's the heart of the Kunci. Read the datalog.
Take the path behind the representation of Catyph. Push the button to open the grid and have a look at the seat. It doesn't work for now so go back. At the back of the representation of Catyph, in the shadows, there is a square symbol like the ones of the spaceship in Raju. Copy it and remember its color (a kind of greyish green). Let's call it the "green square".

Leave the corridor and walk toward the Cube visible on the floor. Use the Cube in your inventory on it. It will open a secret door. It leads outside of the nucleus of Catyph, in a violent storm. You have 3 possible ways. Try them all.

Behind the grinder, you can find a pickaxe on a table. Take it. There's also a switch on the floor. Turn it.

Find the place with a lot of red crystals. Use the pickaxe on them to take a fragment. Bring them to the grinder and put the raw fragment in the hole at the top. Start the grinder with the button on the right of the screen. You obtain a red crystal similar to the one at the pyramid of Saad.

Go at the modified reactor from your spaceship. Go down the ladder and place the crystal before the golden plate. While you're here, have a look at the red squared shape around the plate: it's another one of these symbols like on Raju. Copy it, and let's call it the "Red square".

Near the reactor, there's a kind of telescope. Look inside and you'll see Vysynia from the top. You can click on different locations: choose the hole at the top of the huge sphere building.
Next to the telescope, there is a kind of tablet. It shows several pictures, including the "stargate" that sent you Izva. If you don't have a sketch of it already, you should do it now and add some of the names of destinations written all around. The most important now is not Izva but Talifa, the world of the Anterrans where Germinal wants to go. You should be able to guess where Talifa is written: at the very left bottom.

Go visit the last place of Catyph, with another device. Look in the telescope on the left: there is nothing.
Look at the tablet: there's a tesseract where you can choose a destination. All the destinations should be set to a red cross, except for Talifa with a green mark (on the very left, at the bottom).
Look at the main device now. The front panel shows several blue stripes. The ones at the center are crossed and create another one of the squared shapes like on Raju. Copy it and let's call it the "blue square".

Zoom on the device to see the cursors and numbers. There are 3 cursors: blue, green and red.
They have the same colors than the squared shapes, so there has to be a link. You need to place them in front of the correct number between 0 and 9.
You have to convert first the 3 squared shapes found on Catyph. So convert them to numbers.
Blue square: 13 x 11 = 143
Green square: 61 x 11 = 671
Red square: 12 x 22 = 264

You must use the technique found on Izva on the stone: the digits must be added (there was a tip on a tablet near the Cube in the Kunci room). It gives:
Blue = 1 + 4 + 3 = 8
Green = 6 + 7 + 1 = 14 = 5
Red = 2 + 6 + 4 = 12 = 3
Place the cursors according to these values. Look in the telescope again: now there should be a very small star right in the middle of the view. It's planet Talifa (or a relay destination that will lead to Talifa).

Everything is almost ready to ignite the Kunci. Before you try, this is a final checklist.
Talifa must be the only destination on the tablet of the "stargate"
You must have placed the red, green and blue cursors at the correct coordinates
You must change the switch behind the grinder to its original position
There has to be a red crystal in the reactor engine
One telescope must point toward Talifa
The other telescope must point toward the hole at the top of the building in Vysynia

If the checklist is complete, go sit on the armchair in the Kunci room. There are 2 panels with black surfaces. Use the Blue Matter System on the left, and use the Cube on the right... End of the game!

GAME INFO Catyph: The Kunci Experiment is an adventure game by Simon Says: Watch! Play! released in 2016 for PC. It has a Illustrated realism style, presented in Slideshow and is played in a First-Person perspective. You can download Catyph: The Kunci Experiment from: We get a small commission from any game you buy through these links.
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