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Walkthrough - Bone: The Great Cow Race


                               FAQ/Walkthrough for
                            BONE: THE GREAT COW RACE



Author:   Tom Hayes
E-mail:   thayesguides(at)gmail(dot)com
System:   PC
Updated:  19th June, 2008
Version:  1.1


1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough
3. Item List
     3.1. Fone
     3.2. Phoney
     3.3. Smiley
4. Copyright Information


1.1:  19th June, 2008     (Format update)
1.0:  8th November, 2006  (First version)


1.                                Introduction


Based on the second in a series of comics by Jeff Smith, The Great Cow Race is
a point and click adventure game involving three Bones from Boneville. In the
first game, the Bones were separated in a mysterious valley and were separated
from each other. The three Bones are reunited in the town of Barrelhaven at the
start of this game, although they don't see much of each other as each Bone has
its own different quest to complete. Phoney is constantly plotting his return
to Boneville by scamming anyone he can out of money and items. Smiley tends to
follow his cousin Phoney, even though it normally gets him into trouble. And
Fone has his own troubles when his love interest Thorn takes an interest in a
honey seller from the fair. A longer and more difficult game than the original,
Telltale has exceeded all expectations with this excellent sequel.


2.                                Walkthrough



The game starts in the tavern, where the locals are discussing last years cow
race. Their conversation is interrupted when Phoney Bone enters the room and
demands a drink. Unfortunately, the bell to call the bartender is too high for
Phoney to reach, so we'll need to find an object to ring the bell. Walk to the
right side of the tavern to see three men sitting at the table. That bone on
the table could definitely be a useful item to ring the bell with, but Euclid
refuses to let Phoney have it until he has finished chewing it. Talk to the man
at the right side of the table, Jon Oaks. Say "Tell him it's disgusting to
chomp on a bone with no meat.". Say "What's this soup you mentioned?". Jon and
Phoney continue to talk about the Pawanian soup until Euclid is put off his
food. Get the bone from the table and use it to ring the bell above the bar.

Phoney's cousin Smiley Bone appears at the bar. The two were separated after
the locust chase in the first game. After ordering a drink, Phoney wants to ask
some questions about the cow race. Continue talking to Smiley about the cow
race until Phoney mentions that he has a plan. He tells Smiley that he wants
him to be the Mystery Cow, and that it's his job to work on making a cow suit.
Say "This is gonna be easy as pie! Serve up another beer!". As Phoney is about
to drink his beer, the owner of the tavern, Lucius, enters the room and tells
Phoney that he'd better be able to pay for his beer. Although Phoney has money,
it turns out that the currency in Barrelhaven is eggs, which he doesn't have.
Lucius tells him that he will have to mop the floor to pay off his bar tab.


The aim here is to clean all the footprints from the floor. Phoney can mop in
three different areas of the floor before he returns to his bucket. Every time
he returns to his bucket, Jon or Wendell will walk across the floor to create
more footprints. The order is Jon arrives, Wendell arrives, Jon leaves, Wendell
leaves, so try and leave areas where the characters are about to walk. To solve
the puzzle, clean the footprints nearest the bucket and the middle of the area,
then the left side of the room and then the footprints in front of Lucius.


Fone Bone, Gran'ma Ben and Thorn are standing outside of the barn that the rat
creatures wrecked. While Thorn leaves to put out the fire on the roof, Gran'ma
Ben demands to know why the monsters were after them, or if Phoney Bone may
have had anything to do with them. Select any option to both of her questions.
Satisfied that the Bones know nothing about the rat creatures, she tells Fone
to pack the luggage away in the cart. Select the cart behind Twinkle the cow to
view the four items that Fone has to pack. Put the rectangle luggage at the
bottom-right corner, the L-shaped luggage at the top-right corner, the crate at
the top-left corner and the sphere at the bottom-left corner. With the cart
packed, Gran'ma Ben tells Fone to check on Thorn. Walk over to the right side
of the area and talk to Thorn. Select any options when talking to her. Thorn
eventually tells Gran'Ma that she is ready and they head off to Barrelhaven.


This dream involves Thorn when she was a child. Move the camera left and right
to view different characters talking to her. After four characters have talked,
the dragon becomes visible in the background. A hooded figure tells Thorn that
she must go into Deren Gard with the dragons. Thorn is seen following the
dragon. Roars are heard in the background. The dream ends with Thorn following
the dragon into the cave. After waking up, she wakes Fone and tells him about
her dream, mentioning that the map that he carries with him is important. She
tells Fone that she remembers drawing the map when she was with the dragons.


After waking up the next morning, Fone and Thorn travel to the fair. Select any
options in the argument with Tom the honey seller. Eventually Thorn will grow
tired of the argument and she leaves to sit in the forest by herself. You now
have the option of switching between the three characters by selecting them
from the top-right corner of the screen. In this part of the game, all three of
the cousins have separate adventures that must be completed. Walk to the top of
the screen and then head east at the games sign to arrive at the midway.


Talk to Alvie at The Great Cow Race game. Say "You have an interesting accent.
Where are you from?". He says that he is from Upper Pawa. Say "Oh, I'm not a
local.". Select any option when he asks where Fone is from. Seeing that he has
met a fellow traveller, he decides to let Fone try the cow race game for free.
The aim in the game is to shoot the green cow on the middle line. The catapult
is wobbly and the mouse cursor will keep moving, but try and aim as close as
you can for the middle of the target. The closer you get to the middle of the
target, the further the cow will move along the line. Fone will win a stuffed
chicken if his cow crosses the line first. Walk east past the Burly Barbarian
game and get some hay from the cart. Walk west and return to the fair.


Give the stuffed chicken to Cecil the soup seller. A scene will play where the
two rat creatures are questioned about the Bones. After the scene, walk west
and use the hay on the flames under the cauldron. Walk east to the midway.


Get some more hay from the cart behind Bossy. Use the burning hay on the cart
and give the unlit hay to Bossy to make her move. Walk east to the clearing.


The smoke from the cart rises up and makes the bee fall asleep. Climb up the
tree and get the honey. After Fone falls, another cutscene is played where the
rat creatures say they know where Fone is. After the cutscene, walk west to the
midway. There is nothing else that Fone can do for now, so switch to Phoney.


Phoney is trying to convince people to bet on the Mystery Cow. Talk to Jon at
the bar and say "So, have you considered who you're betting on?". He says that
he is betting on Gran'ma Ben. Say "Tell me about yourself, Jon". Say "Do you
have goals, Jon, dreams?". Say "Why don't you tell me about your goals?". Say
"Noble ambitions! An' you're willing to give them up...". Jon asks if Phoney
means that he shouldn't bet on Gran'ma Ben. Say "Ya know, Gran'ma Ben is
getting kinda old....". Say "Sooner of later Gran'ma's gonna be passed up by a
faster cow.". Say "If Gran'ma loses this year, you'll lose your whole bet!".
Say "Ya know, Jon, I gotta line on a real fast cow!". Select any speech option
when Jon asks how fast the cow is. Select the other two speech options. Say
"So, what'dya think, Jon...ya still wanna bet on Gran'ma Ben?" to convince Jon
into betting on the Mystery Cow. That leaves Euclid and Wendell.

Walk over to the right side of the tavern and talk to Wendell. Say "Have you
decided on whom you will be betting this year?". Say "Don't you care about th'
race anymore?". Say "Uhm, is there a problem here?". Wendell explains that his
cow can't run in the race. Say "I'm assuming Maude is a cow.". Say "Gentlemen,
let's get our thoughts back on the betting...". Say "Ok, what's going on
here?". Wendell explains that Euclid made one of the shoes for his cow the
wrong size. Say "What th' heck are cow shoes?". He gives Phoney the small cow
shoe. Say "Where's your cow, Maude, parked?". Exit the Barrelhaven.


Use the shoe on the barrel of metal poles and Lucius will bend it into shape.
Walk east and talk to Maude. Say "I don't suppose you know how to do anything
interesting....". Say "Sit!". Say "Roll over!". Say "Speak!". Say "Shake!" and
Maude will raise her leg. Say "Hold that pose!". Use the cow shoe on Maude's
raised foot. Phoney will call Wendell and Euclid outside to show them that the
cow shoe does actually fit. With the argument settled, return to the tavern.


Walk over to the window at the right side of the bar. Switch to Smiley.


Smiley is busy trying to finish the cow suit. He still needs to find a tail,
an udder and some horns. Use the coffee pot on top of the barrel and Smiley
will knock it onto the floor. Lucius appears and gives Smiley a mop to clean up
the mess. Use the mop on the cow suit to create the tail. Exit the kitchen.


Walk past the chicken shed and continue east to the next area.


Talk to the man wearing the hat and say "I might have a idea how you could bet
on th' cow race.". Say "Maybe th' guy in th' bar would take an I.O.U?". Say
"You could get a chicken t'lay you some eggs!". Say "Maybe you could find some
eggs just lyin' around.". Say "Why doncha sell your hat to someone else for
some eggs?". Say "Lemme think on it some more.". Say "Whad'ya say we talk more
later?". Walk west to return to the garden behind the Barrelhaven.


Walk to the left side of the area and enter the Barrelhaven.


Walk to the left side of the kitchen and use the window to talk to Phoney. Say
"D'you want me to hang on to th' eggs people are bettin'?". He says that he has
the key to the chicken coop under his hat. Get a potato from the table and use
it on the plate next to the bell on the counter. Use the bell and wait for
Phoney to pick the plate up. When he turns around to face away from the window,
quickly get the hat and then take the key on top of his head. Exit the kitchen.


Walk to the right side of the area and use the key on the chicken coop lock.
Open the door to take all of the eggs. Walk east to the barn yard.


Give the eggs to the man to get the udder hat. Walk west to the back garden.


Walk to the middle of the garden and wait for Gran'ma Ben to appear. Talk to
her and say "You look kinda thirsty.". Enter the Barrelhaven.


Use the udder hat on the cow to create the udder. Switch to Phoney.


Because Smiley asked Gran'ma Ben if she was thirsty, she will now be at the
bar. Talk to her and say "I wanted ta ask ya somethin' about yer history with
th' race.". Say "I was wonderin' ... how long have you been running in this
race?". Say "I was just talkin' to th' guys here an' we were wonderin'....".
Say "Couldn't you tell us exactly how many years?". Say "Are you afraid we'll
figure out how old you are?". Euclid overhears Gran'ma Ben say that her age is
none of Phoney's concern and he becomes interested in the conversation. Say
"Let me ask ya somethin' about this year's race.". Say "So Gran'ma, who d'you
think is th' fastest cow out there?". Say "A lot of good lookin' cows, huh? Are
ya nervous at all?". Say "So you'd say you race for fun, and not to win.". Say
"You're not gonna try to win th' race this year?". Euclid becomes even more
interested when she says that she is only racing for fun.

Say "Actually, I had some questions 'bout your farm.". Say "I heard somethin'
'bout some kind of scuffle at your farm.". Say "It must've taken a lot outta
you.". Say "You sure you're feelin' all right? You seem a bit edgy.". Say
"Okay, that's all I wanted ta ask for now.". Talk to Euclid and say "Who did
you say you were gonna bet on?". Say "They call it th' mystery cow!!". After
Euclid agrees to bet on the Mystery Cow. Fone Bone enters the tavern. Keep
talking to him until he leaves. Get the pepper shaker on the table. Walk to the
window at the right side of the tavern and use the pepper shaker on the punch
bag. When Gran'ma Ben hits the bag, the pepper makes her sneeze, convincing
Wendell that she might have a cold. Talk to Wendell and say "Who did you say
you were gonna bet on?". Say "This is th' fastest cow that ever lived!".
Wendell agrees to bet on the Mystery Cow. The game switches to Smiley.


The horns are the final item needed for the cow costume. Exit the kitchen.


Get an iron bar from the barrel on the left. Walk east to the barn yard.


Enter the barn.


Quickly use the iron bar on the watering can, the washtub, the anvil and the
pan. Phoney appears outside the barn with Euclid, Jon and Wendell as Smiley is
making all of the noise in the barn. They become convinced that Phoney really
has got a cow in the barn and leave. Return to the tavern. Switch to Fone.


Play the cow race game to win the small cow doll. An additional scene can be
seen in the ending of the game if Fone manages to collect the large cow doll by
winning twenty small dolls. Talk to Dirk, the man at the Burly Barbarian game
and say "Your game looks like fun.". Say "How much does it cost to play?". He
lets Fone have a go for free. Walk east to exit the area and then return to the
Midway to see Jon Oaks talk Dirk into betting on the Mystery Cow. While he is
gone, move the lever and then play the game again to hit the bell. The helmet
is knocked off the top of the game and falls onto the floor near the possums.
Dirk returns and gives Fone the Strongman's Guild certificate. Walk south from
the Burly Barbarian and then follow the path east toward the races area.


Fone arrives in the area to see Thorn and Tom talking. He meets Ted the bug,
who tells Fone that if he likes Thorn so much he should write her a poem.


Say "You mean like a love poem or somethin'?". Say "I don't really know much
about poetry.". Fone now has to make a love poem using words that are overheard
from people at the fair. At the moment he only has Moby Dick, a harpoon and
Herman Melville as words to use. Talk to Ted. Walk west to the midway.


Talk to the Burly Barbarian owner and say "I don't suppose you know anything
about love poetry, do you?". Say "I'm trying to think of something smooth. Got
any ideas?". He mentions silk. Say "Well, I'll see you later.". Talk to Alvie
and say "I'm working on a poem ...". Say "Got any more images for poems?". He
says milk. Say "Have a nice day.". Walk west to the fair.


Talk to Cecil and say "You wouldn't happen to know anything about poetry,
would you?". He mentions mutton. Say "Have you got any other ideas for my
poem?". He says turnips. Say "Have you got any more ideas for my poem?". He
tells Fone about a drop of dew. Say "See ya, Cecil!". Walk east to the midway.


This is the last time in the game that Fone can play the cow race game to win
the big cow doll needed for the small extra scene in the ending which shows
Fone giving the doll to Thorn, so spend some time winning the cow race game if
you want to see this extended ending. After winning the twenty dolls, give them
all to Alvie to get the big cow doll. Walk east to the clearing.


Use the poem next to Ted to see all of the imagery that has been collected from
talking to the stall owners. Put the milk on the teeth, the silk on the skin
and the drop of dew on the eyes. Talk to Ted to complete the poem. The rat
creatures appear and start to chase Fone. The game switches to Smiley.


Get the dish rag on the hook near the door. Walk over to the left side of the
kitchen and use the bottle of red spice on the cooking pot. Use the dish rag
on the water in the cooking pot to make it red. Exit the kitchen.


Walk to the middle of the area to see the possums under the helmet. Talk to
them and say "I'll play with you guys. What d'ya want me ta do?". They say that
they want Smiley to be a bullfighter, but he needs to have a red cape. Say
"Okay, I'll go find a red cape.". Use the red dish rag on the tree branch and
the possums will play. After they have finished, return to the kitchen.


Use the helmet on the cow suit to complete the costume.


The aim in this section of the game is to find different methods to pass the
sets of cows. One of the trees at the left side of the screen has a branch
extending from it. Wait until you see the branch and then pull the tail of the
left cow to make it lift its head. It will hit the branch and fall, allowing
Phoney and Smiley to pass. Maude is the left cow in the second set of cows.
Talk to her and say "Is that you, Maude?". Say "Shake!" and she will fall.
To pass the third set of cows, pull the tail of the middle cow and then pull
the tail of one of the other cows to make it hit its head on the horns. For the
fourth set of cows, wait for one of the cows to move its head. When it does,
jump to that cow and wait for it to run ahead of the others. Phoney and Smiley
next have to pass Gran'ma Ben. Say "Go left!". Say "This isn't workin'!". Say
"Let's play "opposite day!"". Say "Go right!" to pass Gran'ma Ben.

The rats start chasing after the Bones in this part of the race. Throw the bone
at the left rat creature, the pepper twice on the middle rat creature and the
eggs on the right rat creature when it roars to complete the race.


Walk east through the fair and the midway to the clearing. Use the hay cart and
the bee will appear. Say "Okay, I'll just be taking this cart now.". Give the
honey to the bee and he will fly off. Get the hay from the cart and give it to
the cow to make her move toward the fair. As Smiley, walk east to the bread
stand and get the mallet. Return to the soup stand and use the mallet on the
lock. Use the knife on the beam next to the cauldron to complete the game.


3.                                Item List


3.1.                                Fone

  Found by giving twenty small cow dolls to Alvie at the cow race game in the
  midway. A small extra scene in the ending is shown when Fone has this item.

  The Moby Dick book is available at the start of the game. It is not used.

  Found on the cart at the right side of the midway. It is used on the cauldron
  at the left side of the soup stall. Fone can return for a second bunch of hay
  which is used to make Bossy move after the hay on the cart has been lit.

  Found after winning the Burly Barbarian game in the Midway. It is not used.

  Alvie gives the stuffed chicken doll to Fone when he wins the Great Cow Race
  game for the first time. It is given to Cecil at the soup stall in the fair.

  Found at the top of the tree in the clearing while the bee is sleeping. After
  the bee wakes up, the honey is returned to him in order to get the cart.

  Available at the start of the game. It is not used.

  Found by winning the Great Cow Race game after the chicken doll has been won.
  Up to twenty small cow dolls can be won from the stall. Individually they are
  not used, but twenty small cows they can be traded in for the big cow doll.

  Found by using the hay from the cart on the cauldron at the left side of the
  soup stall in the fair. It is used on the hay in the cart.

3.2.                               Phoney

  Found on the table in the tavern after Phoney makes Euclid lose his appetite
  by talking about the Pawanian soup. It is used to ring the bell. It is thrown
  at one of the rat creatures after they appear in the cow race.

  While Euclid and Wendell are mad at each other in the tavern, the cow shoe is
  found by asking Euclid about the problem. It is given to Lucius outside the
  tavern. The shoe is then used on Maude the cow after telling her to shake.

  Available at the start of the game. Phoney tries to give the dollar to Lucius
  to pay for the beer, but Lucius tears it in half as he only accepts eggs.

  Found when the Bones are all running at the end of the cow race. It is used
  on one of the rat creatures when it roars after they appear in the cow race.

  Found on the table at the right side of the tavern. It is used on the punch
  bag outside the window to convince Wendell that Gran'ma Ben is unwell. It is
  used on one of the rat creatures twice after they appear in the cow race.

3.3.                               Smiley

  Found on the hook at the side of the door in the kitchen. It is used on the
  cooking pot after the red spice has been added to it. After Phoney tells the
  possums that he wants to play, the red dish rag is used on the tree branch.

  Found in the chicken coop after Smiley has used the key on the lock. They are
  given to Alvie outside the barn to get the udder hat from him.

  Found after playing with the possums by using the red dish rag on the tree
  branch. It is used on the cow suit in the kitchen to create the horns.

  After Phoney has convinced Euclid, Jon and Wendell to bet on the race, the
  iron bar is found outside the tavern. If Smiley hits the objects in the barn
  quickly enough, he will convince people that the Mystery Cow is in the barn.

  After discovering that Phoney keeps the key under his hat, the key can be
  found by putting a potato on the plate, ringing the bell and then getting the
  key when he removes his hat. It is used to unlock the chicken coop.

  Found by using the mallet on the lock on the front of the soup stand. It is
  used on the beam at the left side of the cauldron to save Phoney.

  Found leaning on the bread stand after Phoney has been tied up by the
  villagers. It is used on the lock on the soup stand to unlock the knife.

  Lucius will give the mop to Smiley after he knocks the coffee pot onto the
  floor. It is used on the cow suit in the kitchen to create the tail.

  Found on the table at the left side of the kitchen. It is used on the plate
  on the counter. When the bell is rung, the key can be found on Phoney's head.

  Available at the start of the game. It is not used.

  Found by giving the eggs from the chicken coop to Alvie outside the barn. It
  is used on the cow suit in the kitchen to create the udder.

  Found on the rack at the left side of the kitchen. It can be used to hit
  objects in the barn, but it is not strong enough to make anything happen.


4.                          Copyright Information


This file is Copyright 2006-2008 Tom Hayes. As it can be difficult to keep
track of websites that haven't posted the latest version of this file, please
do not distribute it without my permission. Send an e-mail to me if you would
like to post this file on your website and you will likely receive a positive
response. If you do post the file, please keep it in its original form with all
of the sections intact and credit the author (Tom Hayes) as the writer of the
GAME INFO Bone: The Great Cow Race is an adventure game by Telltale Games released in 20062007 for PC. It has a Comic cartoon style and is played in a Third-Person perspective.


We get a small commission from any books sold.
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